How To Make Money Blogging

The Top 10 Myths Debunked


Top 3 Reasons Why it's a Smart Idea to Make Money Blogging

  • Job Security

    In today’s corporate climate, job security is wishful thinking. With downsizing, lay-offs, mergers and bankruptcies happening, your cushy job is constantly on the firing line.

    Blogging can provide ultimate job security. Once your blog gain traction and becomes profitable, you’ll work according to your potential and you’ll be in control of your future.

  • Work on Projects You are Like

    Deloitte University Press found that 87.7% of employees fail to live up to their potential because they do not have passion for their work. They call it a “passion gap”.

    Blogging is your opportunity to write about the thing you cherish most. Create a blog in a niche you are passionate about and you’ll wake up energized, ready to share your passion with readers of like mind.

  • Low Startup Costs

    Startup costs for starting a blog are ridiculously cheap, but don’t expect your blog to be an overnight success.

    It takes patience and perseverance. Just keep creating great content in a niche you are passionate about. Help a few people along the way and you’ll cultivate a lucrative lifestyle.

How To Make Money Blogging

So once upon a time, you had this great idea,

A revelation with life changing potential.

Because you believed,

You quickly went to work and kept yourself busy.

You put in some hours. You cut off your sleep time. You locked yourself in a room. You stopped going for dates. Friends and family parties became a no go zone...

And then it happened:

  • You managed to build your own blog

It was exciting. You bragged. You twitted. You shared. You announced it to your family, friends and to the entire world.

You knew it, you believed that,

You were just about to start making money your blogging.

Well, how is that working now?

Really, do people even make money from that, a blog! Seriously, how much money are you making from your blog?

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Most bloggers who are interested in learning about how to make money blogging quickly discover that they have to invest in good blog design, reliable hosting, SEO, training courses and more.

Let me share the top 10 blogging mistakes you must avoid today!

The theme of your blog and the topics that it discusses are two of the most important prerequisites for bloggers to make money blogging online.

In this day and age, anybody that has a device that connects to the internet can make money blogging online.

Trust me you can do this even if:

  • You've been struggling in the past.
  • You hate writing and promoting content online.
  • You have no idea what in the world this is all about!

Look, before I continue let’s make one thing clear: Making money blogging online probably isn't for you.

I’m not going to sit here and insult your intelligence by claiming that this is a one click push button system.

  • Blogging, is not a set and forget system.

Push bottom system that claim to earn you a pile of money, on autopilot 24/7 while you sleep and without you ever lifting a finger, those are scams... There, I said it.

Because of bad misconception and misleading myths . . .

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10 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Make Money Blogging

  • 1

    Going the FREE Route When Starting a Blog

Free is a hook to get you. Free, has its use and place.

Free is for the savvy marketers.

The big boys love to use free as a hook, to get you.

Smart bloggers like you ought to use free, to your advantage.

Why do most bloggers use free blogging platforms?

Because almost every Romeo and Juliet that I know and their dog and cat loves FREE!

Listen up my friend,

When setting up your main blog, avoid free blogging platforms. Avoid free blog hosting services. Avoid free blogging services at all cost. Use free blogging services wisely.

Free blogging platforms serve a different purpose and use. And they have their place.

9 out of 10, your main blog doesn’t belong there!

  • 2

    Ignoring The 80/20 Rule

So you want to download and install your own blog.

You are now learning html and css3 because you want to design your blog template the way you like it. Next, you will be creating and publishing blog posts. You'll then build links.

Then you'll guest blog.

After that you plan to write and publish your eBook.

Oh, there is that WordPress plugin (still a work in progress) you’ve been planning to release. And did I almost forget about that whiteboard video that has been in production like, for ever!

Stop. It’s a waste of energy. It’s a waste of time.

You can only be as good as, what you are good at.

Find that 20% that you are good at and then, stick to it. Get the desired results.

Be good. Be perfect. Be the best. Be great at it! 

The rest, the 80%, delegate. Outsource or get rid of it.

That’s what smart people do. It's what successful bloggers always do.

  • 3

    How to Choose a Profitable Niche [Catch 22]

For most bloggers,

Choosing a profitable niche for a blog is a catch 22.

99.9% overshoot, undershoot or forever stagnate in the...

Aim shoot, aim shoot-mode and never at once. . .ever get to fire!

Remember, people have problems.

People have fears and most people I know of, are passionate.

Tap into peoples' problems, fears and passions.

Don't worry about the competition. In fact love it.

Competition is good. Be excited. Analyze it. Your goal. . .

Identify weaknesses and strengths. Find that unfair advantage and then bring your own uniqueness to it. Get to work. Go that extra mile. Knock that competition out. You can do this.

There is nothing like untapped niches, get over it!

You either compete to win or someone else will knock you out, real bad!

Can You Make Money Blogging About Life Experience, Skills And Knowledge? 3 Simple, True Facts You Need To Know Today
  • It Takes Time and Effort

    A successful blog that earns money must have an audience.

    To build a big audience, you have to post high quality content on a regular basis. You also must be committed to do online promotion and interact with your audience.

    In the very beginning, it will be a lot of hard work and absolutely no return. Some bloggers need months or even years in order to monetize their efforts.

  • Most Bloggers Don't Make Money

    An overwhelming majority of bloggers do not make money!

    It’s not possible to launch a blog and begin monetizing it in the absence of a solid, targeted audience. Advertisers have strict criteria for choosing their partners.

    Making money with a blog is far from easy and it requires a lot of work. This is why the overwhelming majority will give up within a couple of months of starting a blog.

  • Most Blogs Have No Traffic

    Because of lack of traffic, Low-traffic blogs have a limited number of monetization options and therefore cannot be utilized to start a sustainable legitimate online business.

    Premium opportunities are solely available to the top bloggers and to become one of the big players, you need to have a pretty good idea about a wide range of blogging tactics.

  • 4

    [Fallacy] That Quality Content is King

Yes content is king, but under whose territory?

The world as is, the internet is moving real fast.

The last time I checked,

England is still a Constitutional Monarch and so are. . .about 45 other sovereign monarchs.

The rest, the vast majority of countries' leadership is a blend of free and mixed democracies.

Now, at this day and age,

There is still quite a number of countries that are under brutal dictatorship regimes.

Listen; Use your content to build your list. That is your territory.

Your list, is the main source of gold and money for your kingdom.

Then Rule with your content. Wisely. Honestly. With respect and fair judgment.

And by that I mean quality, timely and relevant content.

  • 5

    No Sales Funnel in Place

Blogging is fun. You get to travel, visit friends and relatives whenever and wherever. You even get to go to new places around the world shopping, eating and sleeping. How cool is that?

Welcome to New York City, the most populous city in America!

Right from the airport there are signs and billboards.

There are tunnels and bridges. And people. And more people.

New York City, what a city?

So much to explore. So much to learn. So much to discover.

And you know what is easy? To get lost. To become overwhelmed. To quickly despair. To give up, pack and go back home. To what we are accustomed to!

Look, don’t be the next New York City! You must and, can do better.

Always keep this in mind, the bigger your blog gets and the more popular it becomes, the easier it is for you to lose focus and so are your blog visitors.

Guide your blog visitors. Lead them. Show them the way.

Right from the onset, set up links, opt-in forms and banners in strategic places to grab your visitors’ attention and direct them to your sales offer, to a freemium or the next logical step.

The earlier you do this, the better it is for you and everybody.

  • 6

    Incoherent and Inconsistent Marketing Campaign Plan

You tweet on Twitter. You post, like and share on Facebook.  You blog comment

You Google+ pages and add people to your Google Circle. You Stumbleupon.

You are on LinkedIn interacting and building relationships.

You guest blog. You pin it. You submit articles to article directories. You do search engine optimization. You buy banner ads. You buy solo ads and everything in between.

Yes, I get it. You are marketing.

Most bloggers I know, like to jump from one marketing strategy to another. They specialize in an inconsistent and incoherent blog marketing strategy that never gets any viable results.

Tweeting, sharing, commenting, posting...

That is not marketing; it is what it is – Tweeting. Posting. Sharing.

So, what is the best blog marketing strategy? Here is my 10 cents take...

Carefully choose only one web traffic getting strategy custom to your niche. Then, test it. And test some more, till it works for you. Then don’t be good at it. Be great. The very best!

Split test and optimize that traffic strategy like crazy. Milk it, till it runs almost dry!

Then choose another blog marketing strategy. Rinse and repeat again.

Never stop rinsing and repeating because the day you stop, that’s the day I’ll beat you.

Everything You Need To Know Today About How To Make Money From A Blog

  • Never Stop Acquiring New Knowledge

    Blogging is a very competitive niche.

    If you stop learning and perfecting your skills, another blogger will seize the opportunity and appeal to your audience.

    You have to focus on learning new advanced blogging techniques. The more curious and willing to evolve you are, the easier you’ll find it to keep your audience engaged.

  • Get Help From Mentor

    Learning through trial and error is a good approach but it can be very time consuming. Instead of struggling on your own, find someone to guide you through the process.

    Having a blogging mentor or someone to look up to will make it much easier to figure out which strategies deliver results and which ones are costly and fail miserably.

  • Invest in Your Blog

    You can’t just start a free blog and expect to make money.

    Even if the investment in starting a blog is minimal, if you want to make money blogging, you may have to invest in your blog to make it professional and appealing.

    Approach blogging as a business and come up with a budget.

  • 7

    Dancing to the Tune of Search Engine Optimization

Warning, be careful.

You need Google. You need Bing and Yahoo. You need their traffic. The search engines need your content. They need you. Google needs you. Yahoo and Bing need you.

It is a love hate cordial relationship!

The search engines and their loads of traffic is great!

Black hat, grey hat and white hat they all belong. They all have a use. And they each have a place. What is the one and only one thing that all SEO strategies have in common?

Search engines optimization strategies are all the flirting techniques and tactics that search engines experts use to woo the search engines. And yes thank you, when it comes to search engines optimization you are entitled to your own opinion.

But I must warn you,

Don’t listen and take to heart all that Matt Cutts tells you. Never ever, ever fall in love with Matt Cutts. The search engines will leave you for another, when you need them the most.

How do I know, you ask? Experience . . . my friend SEO experience!

  • 8

    Free Social Media Web Traffic Myth

You know you want it. You know you need it and everyone else and their cat is using it!

How effective is free Social media traffic?

Look, social media is great. I love it. But when it comes to free social media traffic, I do have my own reservations and here is why! Free Social media traffic is unpredictable. Free Social media traffic is complicated.

Social media traffic is so much fun. It is growing exponentially. I'll bet your #1 competitor is already in it and on it and using it. And please, social media traffic is not free!

Let us now take a minute of silence and be real for once.

Don’t believe all the PR, BS out there about free social media traffic.

Social media is not for all bloggers. Social media is not for all businesses.

Done right, social media is money making machine. Done wrong, social media can end your career, bring havoc to your small business and it's a major relationship and time killer.

Next time you log in to your favorite social media platform...

Always remember, it’s good to interact, be social and feel good.

And it’s good to build a list. Because every minute you spend there, it is costing you either time or money and you need an ROI, right? Be strategic.

  • 9

    Mobile Ready Dysfunctional Websites

Woe unto you if math causes you to have headaches.

To spare you and I from the looming math agony, how about I only shallowly dive into and highlight the top 3 mobile statistics. The statistics are in no particular order of prominence (statisticians and math lovers can carry on!)

  1. Did you know that right now, at this very moment there are more mobile devices in the world than all PCs combined?
  2. 92% of people that watch a video on a mobile device are more likely to share that video compared to PC users who watch that exact same video!
  3. Out of the more than 1 billion Facebook users, 73.44% active users access Facebook from their mobile device.

Heck, you might be reading this post from your mobile device!

So, what about your blog, is your blog mobile optimized?

Mobile traffic is going to be your #1 source of traffic.

Capitalize on mobile traffic. Invest on it and Tap into it.

Mobile traffic is a winner.

  • 10

    Ditching Basic Offline Business Concepts

You start a blog today;

You want to make money blogging yesterday!

You are selling and pitching the wrong product. You advertise to the wrong prospects using the wrong source of traffic...

Oh, it’s cheap. It’s free. It’s less time consuming.

For heaven’s sake, stop. There are real people with feelings and desires on the other side of your screen. And they need solutions not more problems on top of their own problems!

Listen, everything you are doing is wrong.

A careful look at what’s wrong with what you are doing wrong reveals one fundamental flaw. It’s a flaw that runs deep on the internet.

Ladies and gentlemen, that flaw is as simple as it gets: 99% of internet marketers prefer to ditch basic offline business concepts that have worked before, are working now and will continue to work in the foreseeable future.

Marry the two concepts together, offline and online marketing concepts. What you get after the marriage is an unstoppable force.

A force so strong, your competitors won’t have the time nor the knowledge to fathom what kind of force was it, that knocked them out of business!

How To Start A Blog And Make Money Blogging About Your Passion

  • Start a Blog that Matters

    A profitable topic for your blog caters to a specific audiencet.

    Start a blog that presents unique, niche information in an interesting way. If you start yet another generic blog, you’ll find it incredibly difficult to make money blogging.

    It should be something that you’re passionate about but it should also appeal to a relatively big audience.

  • Build Audience and Relationships

    Blogging is about building and nurturing relationships.

    When people know that they’re being heard, they’ll start feeling like a part of a community. That’s why they’ll keep on returning to your blog time and time again.

  • Promote Relevant Products

    Successful blog monetization is all about relevance and strategic ad placement that appeals to a given niche.

    You can attempt advertising expensive products and you can participate in dozens of affiliate programs. Unless the products are ones that your audience has a particular interest in, however, chances of successful monetization are slim.

When I started blogging and earned my first two affiliate checks, I became desperate.

I knew I had stumbled on something good and I wanted to learn everything about affiliate marketing and  how I could take this affiliate marketing opportunity to the next level.

  • Was this the Holy Grail Of Internet Marketing?

I made a decision and a commitment to do whatever it takes to take this new opportunity to the highest level possible. Little did I know what I was about to get myself into.

I started to ask a lot of question, and to fantasize...

  • What if I started to earn $1,000 per month online?

Is that even possible? I would ask myself. Then, I’d think, if others are doing it, why not me...I then convinced myself: If they can do it, I can do this.

  • The more I thought about earning $1,000 per month online,

The more excited I became.

What if then I reinvested that $1,000 back?

Would I be able to turn that $1,000 and start earning $5,000 per month?

How about then reinvesting that $5,000 and go to $10,000 per month?

That would be $10,000 X 12 which equals to $120,000 per year income. . .

  • Wow, finally I could see a way I was going to quit my day job!

The more excited I was,

The more questions I needed to get answers for. . .

Making money with a blog is about quality rather than quantity. Quality is measured in relevance and audience engagement. If people aren't paying attention to ads and products you're promoting, it may be a good idea to refine your approach.

How to Make Money Blogging Online in 3 Steps

  • 1

    Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

    It's not enough to have a great internet marketing blog. If you're not driving traffic to that site, you're not going to make money blogging. Work on driving more traffic to your website so you have the chance to sell to your visitors.

  • How can you drive more traffic to your blog? Be proactive. Focus on SEO optimization for your site, use Facebook to drive traffic, promote your blog posts, use YouTube to drive traffic, and get involved with LinkedIn industry groups.

  • 2

    Capture and Acquire New Leads

    In many cases, you won't sell to first time visitors on your website. However, you should still have a way to capture those leads when they show up on your blog. It often takes up to seven times of contacting a lead to make your sale.

  • Make sure you have lead capture forms in strategic places on your blog. Your goal is to be able to capture and acquire new leads and not let prospective customers leave your site without providing you with their information.

  • 3

    Boost Conversions and Sales

    Once you have those leads, you need to focus your efforts on boosting conversions and sales. To boost conversions and sales, make sure you're connecting with your audience emotionally.

  • Most people make their decisions based upon emotion. Sell solutions and solve problems by increasing the perceived value of what you're offering. This will increase your conversion rates, close more sales and help you make money blogging online.

How To Make Money Blogging

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