The Best Affiliate Marketing Course In 2021 For Affiliate Marketers To Make Money Online From Multiple Steams Of Income

Step-by-step guide for affiliate marketers to discover:

How To Earn Passive Income From The Best Lucrative Online Side Hustles

Did you know that affiliate marketing is a fast-growing global industry that is worth well over $12 billion, and that revenue number keeps growing?

There has never been a better time to start and grow your affiliate marketing business so that you can gain freedom and live the life of your dreams.

Here are the top 3 reasons why this is a good business model to start:

  1. High-income potential for hard-working affiliate marketers.
  2. Unlike other online gigs, it requires minimal investment.
  3. Lots of options, work from anywhere, doing what you love.
Affiliate Marketing Business SB
Affiliate Marketing Business SB

Affiliate Marketing Business Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

Most of the leading fortune 500 companies, like Amazon, Walmart, and Apple offer an affiliate program that any qualified affiliate marketer can join, start promoting and earn affiliate commissions.

But, before you run off and sign up for any of those affiliate programs, there is a big, persistent and widespread problem.

Most affiliate marketers struggle to set up profitable campaigns. They waste time, lose money, and finally, in despair, they quit.

You see, because it is so simple, easy, and cheap for anyone willing to become an affiliate marketer, many people try to make money online with affiliate marketing, and unfortunately...

Most people who try to become affiliate marketers fail.

Lucky for you, because you've found this page, you don't have to face the same problems that most affiliate marketers run into that keep them from succeeding with their online side hustle.

You don't have to make the same old mistakes.

Take the affiliate marketing challenge. Follow the simple step-by-step guide to build a wildly successful online marketing business empire.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work?

Ask any stranger on the street "what is affiliate marketing" and you are likely to get as many different answers from as many people as you ask. 

So, what is affiliate marketing, and how does it work?

Most importantly - can you earn money running your affiliate enterprise in this day and age and with this economy?

Let's answer this last question first.

YES you can.

You can make money - as in, real money - through affiliate programs.

Now, there are some affiliate marketers (Tim Ferriss of The 4-Hour Work Week comes to mind here) who make it sound oh-so-easy.

Four-hour work week making millions?

Heck, yeah. Sign me up for that!" No wonder so many people think affiliate sales and marketing sounds too good to be true.

Truth - it takes a lot more than four hours per week to get your affiliate business set up and running, and it is likely to take more than four hours per week if you want to grow your income over time.

How To Start A Blog, Increase Website Traffic And Make Money Online

How Do Affiliate Programs Work?

Although the big established companies and start-ups have massive marketing budgets to spend on marketing and sales funnels, they prefer to partner with affiliate marketers to promote their products and services.

Through affiliate marketing programs, companies share a portion of a product's revenue with affiliate marketers when promotional efforts result in a sale. 

How Do Affiliate Programs Work?

At its core, this is simply a revenue sharing agreement between two or more parties to collaborate to sell products, whether one or many, for mutual benefit. 

No matter how your business is structured, the process itself always involves one common denominator: mutual benefit. 

After all, this is how this business model gets its name. 

The word "affiliate" means "to connect." The term "marketing" means "to promote and sell." "Affiliate" plus "marketing" then means "to connect to promote and sell."

The key players in affiliate programs are the merchant, affiliate, and consumer. Each one plays an essential role in the success of affiliate programs.

1.) The merchant.

The merchant is the person or company that creates, manufactures, or sells the products or services. Another name for the affiliate merchant is the vendor, creator, brand, retailer, and seller. 

2.) An affiliate who promotes the merchant's products.

An affiliate marketer will implement a variety of marketing strategies to highlight the value of products or services to the customers.

Affiliates earn commissions from products sold as a result of their affiliate marketing efforts. Many affiliates are individuals like you and me. However, companies of all sizes can become affiliates.

Companies that earn money through affiliate programs include Nerdwallet, Making Sense of cents, The Wirecutter, RetailMeNot, Huffington Post, and Marie Claire Magazine.

Your affiliate income depends on the amount of time that you invest in promoting the products. In the affiliate marketing industry, there is an opportunity to earn as much income as you want.

Affiliates make anywhere from zero to $10 thousand or million per year.

Many merchants allow affiliates to sign up for their affiliate programs on their websites. Other companies hire a network to manage every aspect of their affiliate programs.

3.) The customer.  

The customer who buys the product or services makes it possible for merchants to generate sales and affiliates to earn commissions through their affiliate link.

Customers don't pay extra money when they click an affiliate link and buy a product or service. In a a nutshell, affiliate business is supportive selling. It is sales as a service. 

A successful affiliate marketer understands this core principle that affiliate marketing is all about helping your customers to achieve their dreams. At the same time, your customers help you to achieve your goals.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners
How To Start Affiliate Marketing Guide 1

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money and love what you do to make that money. Don't you think it will feel good to earn and help other people gain at the same time?

With affiliate marketing, running your affiliate business is not like sitting in a cubicle under fluorescent lighting that makes you look and feel a hundred years old.

Instead, running your affiliate business is:

  • Running your own marketing channels,
  • Creating your unique work and lifestyle from scratch,
  • Managing yourself and your schedule, when and how you like it. 

This last point, is also why using affiliate programs in marketing has become so popular. That is why it is expected to grow even more popular in months and years to come.

In this guide, we are going to focus on the steps you need to take to build an affiliate business marketing other people products and services. 

We are also going to assume you are at step zero right now. 

So you are going to start doing something to get started right here, right now, starting with step 1 and you're accepting the simple but true fact that:

Affiliate marketing requires three key elements: time, knowledge, and sweat equity.
Affiliate Marketing Business SB

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Let's say that one day you are shopping around online, and you notice an advertising ad asking you to enroll in an online course teaching you about affiliate marketing.

You hesitate because you've seen so much BS, but reluctantly, you click on the ad, watch the video, and you then decide to enroll in the affiliate marketing course.

You start watching the video tutorials and take  notes.

You quickly realize that this course is different. You learn new ways of marketing. You start to see affiliate marketing from a different angle and perspective.

You're now all excited. 

You complete the training program and start to implement your new skill.

You start by selecting a profitable niche. You then find the best affiliate programs to promote. And because you're a go-getter, you quickly create your landing pages, format your ads, and start running your advertising campaign.

Before too much time has passed, people see your ad, click on it, and buy the product you are recommending. When that happens, the affiliate program credits you for sale.

Slow, but sure, you repeat and rinse the process. You earn more affiliate sales.

In a few days, or weeks, or months depending on how the affiliate program you joined works and how often it pays you, you get a small commission from those sales.

Over time, as more people see your ads and use your affiliate links to buy the products or services, you earn more commissions, and the cents and dollars start to add up. You continue refining your affiliate marketing channels.

And before you know it... 

You're earning enough passive income to replace your day job!

Sounds simple enough, right? What's the big deal?

Well, as you might have guessed, there can be a heck of a lot more to it than that.

After all, it is one thing to earn a little extra coffee money here and there. It is another thing to turn your affiliate income side gig into a full-time, independent passive income stream.

Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners - The Big Picture

Invest in Yourself
1.) Invest in Yourself

Very few people are born talented.

Affiliate marketing is like any other skill, career, or sports that you have to learn and acquire new knowledge to succeed.

Find Products and Services
2.) Find Products and Services

The most important step is to find a profitable niche.

Promote and recommend only the products and services you believe in, care for, and are relevant to your niche and audience.

Invest in Your Business
3.) Invest in Your Business

To earn money, you spend money.

To start a real business, online or offline, you invest in it. Otherwise, it's a hobby, and hobbies eventually cost money.

Nurture Your Audience
4.) Nurture Your Audience

Love others as you love yourself.

It's the second commandment in the new testament. When you love and care for others, it boomerangs back!

Affiliate Marketing Summary Overview

Hand Like Icon
What We Like
  • Low-cost investment. To get started, you only invest in a few essential tools, like a website or web hosting, and you grow your business from there.
  • No experience or college degree required. You can take it as on the job training. You train, learn, and acquire new skills as you progress.
  • Flexible and convenient. You can work from anywhere, anytime, and how hard or little you want.
  • Source of passive income streams. The more you succeed, the more lucrative deals you're able to secure with the affiliate networks and vendors with high paying affiliate programs.
  • Unlimited earning potential. Income is only limited by you, your goals, your work ethics, your skill level. It's all you. 
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What We Don't Like
  • Total BS. and easy to lose money. I have seen videos of young kids, probably living in their parents' basement, wanting to teach unsuspecting people how to succeed with affiliate marketing.
  • Can take a few months to generate income. If you're a total beginner, please don't expect to see your first paycheck commission A.S.A.P. It probably will be weeks, if not months.
  • Rule and Competition. You have to follow and comply with the rules on top of the stiff competition from other affiliate marketers.
Summary Report Icon
  • More people and businesses are increasingly becoming dependant on the internet. Internet traffic will only keep growing in the foreseeable future.
  • There has never been a better time to take a stand and claim your share in the growing $12 billion global affiliate marketing business.

1. Find a Mentor - Educate Yourself

Find a Mentor - Learn About Affiliate Marketing

In the 1980s, 90s, and heck, in the early 2000s...

If you talked to an experienced salesperson or read the best marketing books at the time, you'll quickly realize that marketing meant that you had to travel door-to-door to find new customers. 

The best salesperson talked to more people that made the buying decision. 

That means you had to know the right people. To know the right people, you had to make the right connections. And when you did, you started making sales.

And with sales, there were bonuses! When you got one, it was the moment.

 Not every salesperson received a bonus. If you did, you'd get excited. The referral money came in handy. And in that instant, you became motivated. You became a sales rockstar!

  • You knew you were on top of your game.

 Other salespeople looked up to you. It was your dream job. 

But those are the old ways of marketing. 

When is the last time you opened the door, and lo and behold, someone was standing there, starting to make a sales pitch? 

These days, because the salesman's pitch seems to run deep in your family, you've noticed that there is a different way of marketing. 

It is the new way.

If you try to figure it by yourself, sooner or later, you'll find it to be pretty complicated. 

Of course, you can try and err and make a few mistakes here and there. You are also going to waste time, probably lose some money, and if you're married, you'll have some explaining to do.

With the Internet, digital marketing seems to be effortless when you know what you're doing.

For most people like you and me, it will take time, know-how, and a lot of optimizations to refine the best digital marketing strategies to win over customers and make new sales.

Top 3 reasons why it's smart to find a mentor and invest in yourself
Get Started To Earn Passive Income
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You know someone who knows someone who knows someone. That is how the world goes round.

A mentor has walked the journey you're beginning and has invaluable connections. We live, breathe, and die making connections.

Do I need to explain this further? I have this feeling that I'm beginning to sound like a broken record! 

Icon Number 2

Borrow Experience.

Sooner or later, you're going to create a landing page, and you'll need to connect it to your autoresponder.

You'll then need to build your URLs using UTM parameters to track your advertising campaigns to boost your conversions.

A mentor will come in handy to explain to you how that whole process works.

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Icon Number 3
Affiliate Marketing Product Or Service

Personal Growth

Sometimes human nature dedicates that we all need someone to lean on.

With affiliate marketing, I can't tell you how many times you're going to get frustrated with your affiliate marketing efforts, and the only thing you want to do at the moment is to give up and quit. 

A mentor can be like the light at the end of the tunnel, and it's easier to lean on, look up to, and take advice from someone you know has gone through what you're experiencing. 

Affiliate Platforms Email List Conversion Rate

2. Select A Profitable Market Niche

Profitable Market Niche For Affiliate Marketing

The first step requires careful consideration. It's a good idea to select a specific niche that excites you. However, the niche that you choose should have the potential to generate income. 

This is especially true for aspiring affiliate marketers because you have vested interests in achieving your financial goals.

I'm not going to get into the "how to find a profitable niche" at this juncture. There are affiliate marketing courses that goes into granular details on how to find a niche market.

Select A Profitable Market Niche
  • Once you choose a niche

You would spend your time promoting products for which you would earn a percentage of the sale. The more sales you make, the more commissions you earn.

The real question is, with all the potential niches available, 

Which are the most profitable affiliate marketing niches?
Get Started To Earn Passive Income
Icon Number 1

Dating And Romance

Dating has changed immeasurably throughout the years. Once upon a time, people went out to bars, movies, and restaurants to find their soul mate who happened to be living in close geographical proximity.

Dating is different now; there are no borders or boundaries. Online dating, dating apps, and social media platforms have created a vastly different dating world than that of our parents.

Dating is very competitive, but it's a moneymaker for those affiliate marketers who know their game.

Icon Number 2


Many people choose entrepreneurship as their path to financial freedom. A lot of people want to change their financial future.

Creating a business means more control for them, not only over their financial aspects but the direction that their life takes as a whole.

Affiliate programs in the financial niche are sure to create a residual income stream quickly and reliably.

Search Engines Conversion Rates Per Click
Icon Number 3
Affiliate Marketing Product Or Service

Survival Niche

Some believe the end is nigh, and still, others believe that the world is primed-up for chaos and anarchy. 

Regardless of what you think, the more likely situation is one of a natural disaster than complete collapse. Given all that is happening to the world of late, the survival niche is growing exponentially. 

That is why survivalist affiliates are poised to continue earning affiliate commissions through their affiliate links for the foreseeable future.

Affiliate Partners Name Email Address And Sales Funnel In The United States

3. Invest In Your Business

Invest In Your Affiliate Marketing Business

The affiliate marketing is very competitive.

In the beginning, there is minimal capital required to start an affiliate marketing business. 

For starters, it is always wise to register your business entity and be legal with your local, state, and federal agencies. You will also need to get the necessary essential tools that include but not limited to:

  1. 1
    A domain name
  2. 2
    Web hosting
  3. 3
    An autoresponder
  4. 4
    Some tracking tools
  5. 5
    A website builder of your choice
  6. 6
    A few plugins and apps, and much more.

Some tools and resources might be free, but when you start to grow, and scale-up, your financial aspect of running and managing your business starts to get complicated pretty fast.

Like any other business, it's smart to plan and understand:

  • Your personal finances
  • Your business' finances

You'll find yourself spending considerable amounts on paid advertisements. You might also be paying for freelance work and services. You'll find it necessary to pay for essential tools that require a substantial monthly recurring cost. 

And don't forget, Uncle Sam will be waiting for his cut when the tax bill is due.

Take time to plan your personal and business finances. Hire an accountant and financial planner when your business dictates so.

Above all, remember, in the bad and good time, you are in charge, only you can decide which financial plan and option are right for your affiliate marketing business. The buck stops at you.

3 Of the best affiliate networks to join

Get Started To Earn Passive Income
Icon Number 1

CJ by Conversant Affiliate Network

Commission Junction is a conglomerate of companies that reach millions of customers worldwide through their affiliate program.

The organizations attached to them include ValueClick Media, Dotomi, Mediaplex, and Greystripe. The extensive database offers them distinction and marketability.

It doesn’t matter the type of products that you want to promote as a publisher; this affiliate network has all kinds of product categories. 

Icon Number 2

ShareaSale Affiliate Network

ShareAsale performance marketing network is another established leading affiliate program that provides nothing but the best.

ShareAsale are renowned for their significant technological advancement in web hosting that offers no downtime and astonishing speeds that enhance the effectiveness and efficiency required with type of online business. 

Search Engines Conversion Rates Per Click
Icon Number 3
Affiliate Marketing Product Or Service

Flexoffers Affiliate Network

Flexoffers is a cost-per-sale (CPS) backed network that creates a mutually beneficial relationship between capable publishers and merchants to enhance flexibility in their operations.

Flexoffers' affiliate network has constant updates and dynamism that allows them to accomplish incomparable tasks. 

You can benefit widely from their ever-growing portfolio of over 12,000 affiliate programs and mounds of experience they possess. 

Affiliate Platforms Email List Conversion Rate

4. Build A Website Or Start A Blog

Start A Blog For Affiliate Marketing Business

Most affiliate marketers start here because, in today's turnkey digital world, this is the most logical,and arguably the easiest of all the steps in starting with affiliate marketing! 

Unfortunately, it's also the last step that most affiliate marketers get to do.

  • For starter's, don't build your business on someone's property!

You don't own that property. You don't change and make rules in someone's property. 

And if the owner asks you to leave, no questions asked, you leave and go!

I know that sounds corny, but stories abound of ordinary people who've worked hard to build an audience on some of the most popular networks, only to end up losing it all. 

Within the last 10 years, blogs have transformed from personal hobbies to profitable businesses. It isn't unusual for popular blogs to generate a six-figure revenue per month.

While it's true that blogs have limitless earning potential, success isn't guaranteed.

The three things that a high-earning blog requires are:

  • Time commitment.

When it comes to building a profitable blog, there is no such thing as an overnight success. 

You'll have to commit countless hours to create content, implement marketing campaigns, and building your blog community.

  • High-quality blog design.

You don't have to hire an expensive website developer to build your site. However, it's a good idea to buy and install an attractive blogging theme that is user-friendly.

  • Effective promotion strategies

After you set up your blog, you'll have to promote it to attract readers. 

Paid promotion sources include ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, there are free ways to promote your blog. 

Top 3 traffic sources for affiliate marketing bloggers

Get Started To Earn Passive Income
Icon Number 1

Social Media Traffic

Social media isn't just a place for organic traffic sourcing.

You could invest in paid advertising through platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Social networks make it incredibly easy to promote products, with high levels of flexibility for audience targeting.

Social traffic sources are cost-effective and often deliver impressive results when your campaign is best-aligned with the platform user base.

Icon Number 2

Native Ad Traffic

Native ads are increasing in popularity and are going to be the dominant source for driving traffic to a blog for successful affiliate marketing bloggers.

Unlike the intrusive banners, native ads try to replicate the platform where they are displayed, and they tend to feel as much a part of the page content like everything else on the publisher's page.

There are strict rules when creating native ads.

Ads need to be worded and designed in a specific way to comply with the rules of the content discovery platform. 

Search Engines Conversion Rates Per Click
Icon Number 3
Affiliate Marketing Product Or Service

Search Engine Traffic

It's not possible to talk about the best traffic sources for driving traffic to your affiliate marketing offers without mentioning organic search traffic.

Organic search traffic is still one of the leading sources of traffic for digital marketers.

Organic traffic is free. Okay, I will strike that. It's free as long as, and during the duration, your page is ranking on the first page of the search engine queries, especially when you rank in positions 1, 2, or 3.

You achieve positions 1 to 3 when your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills and knowledge is at a level like none other.

Google controls well over 74% of the search engine market.

If you manage to rank in position 1, 2, or 3 for an affiliate marketing keyword of your choice, on Google search engine results, then you are playing on a different level, and your bank account will be smiling all day long.

Affiliate Partners Name Email Address And Sales Funnel In The United States

5. Join The Best Affiliate programs

Best Affiliate Marketing programs

At this stage, you want to start identifying the types of affiliate marketing offers you want to represent, review, market, and sell to your audience.

Now, some of you may be reading this and thinking to yourself, "but I don't have an audience!"

You don't have an audience, yet; however, we will get to that part here shortly.

Right now, you are going to select some actual products or at least brainstorm some product categories that your audience will be interested in learning more about and - ideally - buying through your affiliate link.

  • For example, let's say you're a cyclist, and that's the affiliate niche you have selected.

To find affiliate programs related to a cyclist, you can start by doing a quick Google search for the phrase "cyclist affiliate programs" and you could see results like this:

cyclist affiliate programs

You can then continue brainstorming for a list of other affiliate products to market to a cyclist. That includes cycling safety gear, training courses, training workouts, personal training programs, energy drinks and snacks, and, of course, bicycles. 

This is not to say that an audience comprised primarily of cycling enthusiasts would not be open or even eager to buy non-cycling related products through your affiliate links as well. 

  • Join the best Affiliate Networks

In addition to doing manual research, you can join affiliate networks that can at least partially automate the process of discovering other affiliate marketing programs that are ideal for your niche. 

Here is a list of 5 of the most well-known and popular affiliate networks you can join:

  1. 1
  2. 2
    Commission Junction (now CJ Affiliate).
  3. 3
  4. 4
    Affiliate Window (now AWin).
  5. 5
    LinkShare (now Ratuken Marketing that includes Walmart Affiliates).

There are many more. Each one represents a bank, or group, of merchants. There are networks for software, networks for big-box retailers, networks for digital products, etc.

Each affiliate marketing program is set up a little differently. The most important factors to consider when choosing one or more affiliate marketing programs to work with include but not limited to, the following:

  • Cookie duration (how long your affiliate link will stay valid for a user).
  • Minimum payout amount and frequency.
  • Average commission rate per participating merchant.
  • Product types (online, brick and mortar).
  • Ease of use (website dashboard, navigation, etc.).

3 little-known top paying affiliate marketing programs you can join

Get Started To Earn Passive Income
Icon Number 1

Teachable Affiliate Program

The teachable affiliate program is perfect for education or career bloggers, but it can be profitable for just about any affiliate marketer.

Teachable offers a three-month sales-tracking cookie for customers interested in creating and selling online tutorials.

In addition to offering a 30-percent commission on sales, Teachable offers a lifetime cookie. That means that once a customer signs up to Teachable, that customer is yours-for life as long as they keep their subscription. (Of-course Teachable might change that provision in the future)

Icon Number 2

Jane Affiliate Program

For fashion bloggers, Jane represents one of the most respected affiliate programs around and has above-industry performance when it comes to returning shoppers.

A whopping 66 percent of buyers remain loyal to Jane, and this repeat shopping can add up to highly profitable commissions for any blogger focused on a variety of home and personal goods.

Commissions are capped at 11-percent. Additionally, unlike many affiliate programs, Jane pays a 10-percent commission on purchases made by current customers.

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Icon Number 3
Affiliate Marketing Product Or Service

TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

TripAdvisor affiliate program is ideal for any travel affiliate marketers. The two most convincing reasons to add this to your partners' list is twofold. 

  1. 1
    Traveling costs tends to be expensive.
  2. 2
    TripAdvisor pays a minimum 50-percent commission.

Very few affiliate programs offer this type of mix: high product price along with generous commissions. 

Additionally, it is not just travel that results in high payouts. Purchases of rental cars and hotel reservations made through your affiliate links also qualify. 

You can sign up for the TripAdvisor affiliate program via Commission Junction Affiliate, formerly Commission Junction. Payments are issued monthly via check or to an affiliate PayPal account. 

Do you want to join the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners?
Affiliate Platforms Email List Conversion Rate

6. Start Building Your Audience

Build And Nurture Your Affiliate Marketing Audience

You may already have an existing audience, perhaps from a past or current business, blog, podcast, YouTube channel, or another social media platform. If you do, that is great.

If you do not, then this is the time to identify your ideal customer persona or avatar. 

A persona is a person who is most likely to consume the content you put out and is most likely to click your affiliate links and shop with you. When coming up with an ideal customer avatar, consider these factors:

  • How old are they?
  • What is their background, gender, other identifying characteristics?
  • What social media platforms do they use?
  • What do they care about? And so forth.

Be as detailed as you can. 

You want to keep your customer avatar in mind as you begin building your audience, connecting your online marketing platform to social feeds. You want to use your customer avatar when you start marketing so that you can reach people who are most likely to be your ideal audience.

A good affiliate marketing course goes into greater detail, explaining the whole concept of structuring an affiliate business that serves the needs of the ideal audience.

3 Common affiliate marketing myth you should be wary about when building an audience

Get Started To Earn Passive Income
Icon Number 1

All The Good Affiliate Niches Are Taken

The internet is full of opportunities to promote products and services. There's always going to be room in a niche for someone to compete.

The trick is finding out how to get your foot in the door. If a niche seems too crowded for you, then don't jump into it. It's that simple.

There's always another opportunity waiting around the corner. There's still going to be a way for you to reach untapped target audiences.

Don't let anyone discourage you because they couldn't do it. 

Icon Number 2

It Requires Lots Of Technical Skill

You'll probably need a decent website to start an affiliate business.

Most affiliate marketing programs are going to require that. It doesn't mean you need to have the best website in the world to make a few bucks online.

It just means you need to show some credibility for affiliated companies to consider you into their affiliate marketing program.

A lack of skills is not going to stop you from getting the job done. You can dive headfirst into it without any experience. It will just take more effort on your part.

There are plenty of affiliate marketing courses you can take that will make you an expert at any technical skill you want. 

Search Engines Conversion Rates Per Click
Icon Number 3
Affiliate Marketing Product Or Service

Affiliate Marketing Is Completely Passive Income

Passive income is the greatest key to wealth creation.

That all sounds great, but it's not all passive.

As an affiliate marketer, you are probably going to spend countless hours researching, building websites, creating new content, running ads...

It can take weeks of market testing to find your golden-ticket. If you weren't outsourcing, then you're going to have a lot of personal investment put into it.

It may not seem like a big payoff in the beginning. Just keep your eyes on the prize. The work that you put in now is going to pay you over the long-term. 

Affiliate Partners Name Email Address And Sales Funnel In The United States

7. Build A Personal Brand

Build Your Personal Affiliate Marketing Brand

Remember how, in the beginning, we said that the word affiliate means "to connect?"

Step seven on your journey is to build a personal brand that connects and serves. 

People are much more likely to buy from other people than from nameless, faceless websites.

  • Why build a personal brand?

The more your audience can personally connect with you on an emotional and intellectual level, the more they will come to trust you. The more your audience trust you, the more likely they are going to click your affiliate links to buy the products or services you are marketing. 

Building a personal brand might sound daunting. But it doesn't have to be.

  • Here are four, "getting to know you" questions that will help you tell a story:

Who are you? What are you all about? 

Why have you decided to get started with blogging or podcasting or whatever you are now doing? As in, what are your values, and how does what you are doing now support those values?

How to start telling your personal story

In my case, I decided to tell my personal story on our about us page. We include a link on our header so that new visitors can easily access that page.

Let's return for a moment to our original evergreen definition from the introduction. The word affiliate means "to connect." And the word marketing means "to promote and sell." 

You want to share your story in a way that will later allow you to:

  1. 1
    Organically (i.e. naturally) connect with your audience.
  2. 2
    And only then promote and sell affiliate products or services.

Here is an example of how this might work:

You have always loved cycling. You learned to ride a bike almost as soon as you learned to walk. 

You got so good at it and started to participate in the cycling event. You even met your soulmate at a cycling event. You and your partner love cycling with a passion.

This is your point of connection. 

You love cycling, and so do many other people. Given your cycling experience and adventures, you and your partner want to share what you've learned. Those other people are likely to read your words and trust you because you do know about cycling. 

Now you can use that newfound connection to recommend and sell cycling-related and non-cycling-related products and services you are using to your audience of potential customers. 

Sound good? Now you try it! Just start writing out your story. 

3 Affiliate marketing website to model around when crafting your brand

Get Started To Earn Passive Income
Icon Number 1
Just a Girl and Her Blog

When you know about the organization and DIY projects, you have the basis for creating a $40,000 monthly affiliate marketing website.

At least, this is what Abby Lawson did, thanks to her knowledge and the vast array of Amazon products, Abby can live her best life now. 

In addition to providing product recommendations, she also offers solid advice on how to organize and beautify your life.

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Lucies List

No, Angie's kid sister is not trying to compete! is a website created by the first-time mother who was frankly having a miserable time and decided she wanted to help other mothers avoid her experience. 

It turns out you can earn quite a bit of money by assisting people in preventing pain in their life.

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Affiliate Marketing Product Or Service

Making Sense of Cents

You might be thinking it would be easy to create a profitable finance affiliate site if you have plenty of money, but what about the average blogger?

Just ask Michelle Gardener, a personal finance affiliate blogger who last posted over six figures monthly from her efforts.

 Michelle discovered what her target audience wanted and needed, then set about providing the information and the products in question.

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8. Refine Your Marketing Strategy

Refine Your Affiliate Marketing Conversion Rate

Digital marketing isn't an event. 

It's a continuous process that requires commitment and consistency.

Successful marketers are always improving their conversion rates. The key is to keep testing.

For new internet marketers, if success is taking longer than expected, keep going. It's okay to get discouraged at some point throughout the process if you're not making money. However, abandoning the process isn't the answer.

Track your progress to determine the strategies that are moving you toward your passive income goal. Develop new marketing strategies if the old one isn't working. 

  • Survey your audience frequently

Another way to improve conversion rates is to survey your audience. 

You'll be surprised at how your audience is willing to tell you what is essential for them.

You can use Survey Monkey or another survey and quiz tools to ask your audience what they care about, what they are curious about, what questions they have, and what products or services they would like you to review or try out for them. 

This will give you a rich source of evergreen niche segmented ideas you can tap into again and again to grow your online marketing business over time!

3 Affiliate marketing tools to help you refine your marketing strategy

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Bitly - More Than Just URL Shortening

Bitly is the top name in link shortening, and with Google pulling its link-shortening service, it is now one of the only ones that matter.

When you publish your blog post and share your blog post link on social media networks, it's wise to track and measure your efforts.

Bitly will help you get in-depth tracking and analytics on all your links, allowing you to monitor performance and better manage any campaign. 

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Google Analytics and Keyword Planner

Do I need to say anything here!

If you have no idea what Google keyword tool and Google Analytics is about, stop the scrolling right here.

You can Google around, watch some YouTube videos, and carry on with some research.

A better, smarter decision you can make is to join the best affiliate marketing course that will bring you up-to-date.

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WhatRunsWhere will give you a back door to get inside the campaigns of your competition and learn more about your audience and the most effective ways to engage.

They offer competitive research explicitly aimed at affiliate marketers that will help you discover what type of ad copy and creatives the top brands in your niche market are running. 

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9. Deliver Unbeatable Value

Deliver Unbeatable Super Affiliate Marketing Value

We are almost there - you have made it to Step 9. Wow. 

You are doing great!

Laying the groundwork as you have done by following the previous eight steps has set your online marketing business up for long-term success. Now you need to keep it going. 

Believe it or not, this is the step where newbie affiliate marketers often start to slack off. 

It isn't time to head off to the Tim Ferriss four-hour workweek beaches and Margaritaville yet. Remember, just a handful of steps ago, you were a young and hungry aspiring affiliate marketer. 

Every morning, hundreds, if not thousands of new marketers decide it's time to start making money and so they launch their online marketing business. 

  • Keep pressing forward

Remember two things with each new piece of content you create: 

  1. 1
    The new marketers nipping at your heels.
  2. 2
    And your ideal customer avatar.

With these nine steps under your belt, you genuinely have a chance to build a business where you call the shots and not the other way around. 

Don't compare yourself to others. Instead, compare yourself to your own best day and aim to beat your highest achievement. 

  • For example,

Let's say your landing page, generated 50 leads yesterday. Going forward, you're want to aim for 100 leads. Therefore, you'll set up a split campaign to improve your ad copy and offer page.

When you get 100 leads, again, you aim higher.

The same view holds to everything you do to run your affiliate business. That can be your videos, review posts, Search Engine Optimization campaigns, autoresponder messages, anything!

Top 3 areas you want to continue to deliver unbeatable value

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What Products Or Services To Recommend?

Most people, who are new to affiliate marketing, mistakenly try to sell products that they love or think that most other people will also like to buy.

In reality, affiliate marketing is not about what you like; instead, successful marketers only sell items that are high in demand at a particular moment in time.

The golden rule for making money as an affiliate is to buy the product or service that is in high demand, use it, and if it's of good quality and delivers value, then only do you recommend it.

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Content Creation

Try to focus on creating useful content that will provide practical value and information to your audience.

The kind of content you should write depends on the type of affiliate product you're promoting.

The key here is quality. Quality. Quality.

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Affiliate Marketing Product Or Service

Understanding The Affiliate Business Model

Most affiliate businesses fail because they don't understand that the affiliate marketing channels are different from other business models. 

For instance, it is usually not a good idea to promote Amazon affiliate marketing offers on (PPC) pay per click networks if you are getting $5 to $10 from selling your Amazon affiliate product. 

Your return on investment will generally be detrimental.

You can not also buy cheap web traffic from unscrupulous sources to get clicks-through on your affiliate links. 

Often that type of web traffic does not convert for the publisher, which makes them unhappy with your affiliate traffic resulting in the closure of your account. 

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10. Don't Give Up - Don't Quit

Don't Give Up On Affiliate Marketing - Don't Quit

I used to work in the night shift in a gas station, and every night at about 3 A.M, the newspaperman will stop by and drop the newspaper for the day.

That was way back in 2005.

And every morning, as soon as the newspaperman left, I could grab the USA Today newspaper. I could skim through the breaking news, but the section I wanted to get to was the business news.

It became a routine.

I was looking for an affordable franchise that I could invest in; unfortunately, the kind of franchise that seamed reasonable and financially feasible all required a sizeable down payment, which I didn't have.

One day, I was skimming through the business section, hoping to find something.

  • Then I saw an ad about starting a website that caught my attention.

I took the website address, and when I got home, I logged in to the internet and pulled the website. I read the content and kept going back to it. 

At the time, I was going to college and working full time. So, I kept putting off the idea of starting the website for 3 years; eventually, in 2008, I launched my first website.

In 2009, I got my first affiliate check from Bluehost and Google Adsense. 

And so, my affiliate marketing journey started.

Over the years, I have made meaningful progress and seen some success. I have also committed a lot of mistakes. There are some days when I have wanted to quit affiliate marketing for life, so many times, but somehow I kept coming back and pushing forward, one step a time.

One step-by-step at a time.

One step a time is all you require to succeed in your affiliate marketing channels and efforts. 

No matter what happens, don't quit. Just regroup, reassess, and then take one step a time.

How not to quit affiliate marketing when you desperately want to quit

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Find You Why?

What is your "why"? Why are you doing this? Why is it important to you?

The why must be concise, specific, and achievable.

For example, I wake up in the morning, go to work 5 days a week so that I can get paid every 2 weeks and be able to pay my bills.

So what happens if I quit.

In 2 weeks, there won't be any check coming, I won't be able to pay my bills, and all I can see around me is trouble.

Find your "why" for being part of the affiliate marketing industry.

It will keep you from giving up so soon, too quickly.

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Beat The Shiny Object Syndrome

My goal for the day was simple and straight forward.

Publish a blog post. It generally takes me 8 hours to write and publish a good post. I needed to do some research on the topic.

The first 3 hours went by okay, on schedule, on target. Then this video popped up! I watched it, this is interesting, so I clicked.

Just like that, I was into a webinar, and 3 hours had gone by, I don't have 5 hours to finish the post, now I am running behind schedule.

My mind is debating about the product I just saw in the webinar presentation, should I buy it, should I not. I'm getting overwhelmed.

And that is the life of an affiliate marketer.

All I can say, train yourself to tune off those shiny objects. 

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Find a Different “How”

I know it sounds like a cliche, but insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to see a different result.

If a particular strategy, tactic or technique is failing time and again, maybe it's time to take a different approach.

Better still, find someone who is succeeding in the same thing you're trying to do and keep them close to you. Don't be surprised if you shade off and bend the learning curve by half the time it would have otherwise cost you.

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