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12 Things To Know Today +, Complaints, Scam, Pricing, And Success Stories

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New beginners wanting to start their own affiliate websites keep asking, "Is Wealthy Affiliate a pyramid scheme, or does it really work, and how much can you make," etc. so, to answer these pressing questions based on first-hand experience and hundreds of hours of research, here are the:

12 Things Every New Affiliate Marketer Needs To Know About Building Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites...

In 2008, I received an email from a well-known internet marketing guru that, at the time, I trusted, recommending the Wealthy Affiliate website by Kyle and Carson.

  • Without hesitation, I signed up for their free starter membership plan.
  • A week later, I became a premium member. The following year I dropped off.

◬ 2 years later, I decided again to start their annual membership subscription plan.

Then, a year later, I canceled my membership again. I tell you, I've lost track, but I think I was on and off this training platform about 4 or 5 times.

But I kept coming back. Suppose you're wondering why I kept renewing my membership and then dropping it off; Spoiler alert! It was because of the shiny object syndrome. I couldn't help but keep falling for the latest "get rich quick scheme."

  • And it cost me time and money and for that reason:

I'm publishing the Wealthy Affiliate review detailing, to the best of my knowledge, 12 different ways; this affiliate marketing course for beginners may help you save money, improve your affiliate marketing skills, and stop wasting time chasing shiny objects.

What is Wealthy Affiliate and how does it work?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community started by Kyle and Carson that provides members with training and tools to help them succeed in affiliate marketing. 

Since 2005, the Wealthy Affiliate marketing course has been helping new online entrepreneurs from over 195 countries around the world to build their websites.

▣ Wealthy Affiliates course promises to teach new, intermediate, and advanced marketers how to build successful affiliate websites, make money online with affiliate marketing, or sell their own products and services.

☑ Kyle and Carson, are two regular guys who found success by helping others.

Kyle and Carson saw a need for quality training and education in online marketing. So they set out to create a comprehensive and easy-to-follow course that would provide people with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in online marketing. 

Over the years, they worked hard to grow it into an incredibly supportive community. 

As a result, what started as a simple affiliate marketing training program soon became one of the best platforms for average and advanced affiliate marketers to collaborate, network, and help each other grow their online income.

🔹Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate online company that has been around for over a decade. It provides online training and tools for people who want to start and grow an online business.

The services offered by Wealthy Affiliate include a website builder, web hosting, keyword research tools, and more. With these resources, members can build successful online businesses and earn revenue through affiliate marketing programs.

🔹Can you make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Some people make money with Wealthy Affiliates. There are numerous success stories from people who have been able to generate full-time incomes by implementing what they learn through the Wealthy affiliate program. 

☒ However, it's important to remember that not everyone will be successful and that a lot of work is involved in building successful affiliate websites.

To make money with Wealthy Affiliate, one must put in the time and effort to build any successful online business. That means researching and identifying profitable affiliate opportunities, creating quality content, promoting your site, and providing value.

If you can do all that, you'll be well on your journey to start making money as an affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Summary:

Product Name:

Wealthy Affiliate

Product Type:

Affiliate Marketing Course.

How Much Does It cost To Join Wealthy Affiliate?


Starter Membership is free to join. Premium Membership starts at $19 first month, and then members are billed $49 per month. They also offer discounted annual plans for additional savings.


New affiliate marketers may find interactions and engagements with intermediate and advanced marketers in the community as beneficial and the online training to be valuable.

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Is The Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Training Program A Good Course For Beginners In 2024...

Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim started Wealthy Affiliate with the primary goal of bringing together a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who wanted to earn passive income on the internet.

Over the years, Wealthy Affiliate has evolved to become one of the top affiliate marketing courses for beginners new to digital online business. 

It is one of the leading affiliate platforms that give new affiliate marketers everything they need to start a successful online marketing website.

  • Is the Wealthy Affiliate going to be a one-stop-shop that will teach you everything you need to know about internet marketing?
  • Of course, not. 

But, for someone completely new to online marketing, I think, in my own opinion, this is an excellent place for newbie marketers to start learning about the intricate working of online businesses.

As we may very well know by now, but still, the question is:

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Pyramid Scheme?

There's a lot of debate over whether or not Wealthy Affiliate is a pyramid scheme. The quick answer is that no, it's not.

A pyramid scheme is typically an illegal and fraudulent business that promises participants large profits based on recruiting others to join the system.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam, pyramid scheme, or a shiny get-rich-quick project because there is no requirement to recruit others to make money.

Some members may join the free intensive affiliates bootcamp training out of their free will and learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate to earn recurring affiliate commissions.

And people who join Wealth Affiliate through them are not required to become affiliates or recruit other members to the program.

  • So what is Wealthy Affiliate all about?

Wealthy Affiliate is a viable online platform that provides training and tools to help new affiliate marketers create and transform any passion or hobby and then turn it into a profitable and successful online business.

Members can make money through affiliate marketing (i.e., by promoting products and services online) whether they recruit anyone else into the program or not.

It's not like other affiliate marketing courses that tend to be shallow and only exist to enrich the course creators.

Read the comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate review

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The Wealthy Affiliate Review Guide

Wealthy Affiliate platform and trainings offers a comprehensive set of tools, videos, in-depth training content lessons, tutorials and how-to guides for all level of affiliate marketers.

When you sign up for free, you also will get access to an active, helpful community of advanced and average Wealthy Affiliate marketers who can lend a hand 24/7, especially when you need that kind of help the most, like uncovering low competition keywords.

750 is the average number of training updates done per year inside the members area.

Today,  once you create your free account, you too can be counted as one of the 10,000 new members that join the Wealthy Affiliate every single month!

The 4 Pillars Of Wealthy Affiliate's Core Training By Kyle And Carson And Suite Of Website Building Tools


 Choose A Profitable Niche

Learn how to turn your hobby or any idea that excites and motivates you into a lucrative affiliate marketing website.


Create Your Own Website

Creating your own authority site with wealthy affiliate state of the art system is not only simple but also intuitive.


Attract New Customers

Discover how to attract highly targeted visitors, potential customers or new clients to you affiliate marketing website.


Optimize And Increase Sales

Discover how to use Pay-per-click ads to promote affiliate products and services to generate more revenue and profits.

Is Wealthy Affiliate The Best Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners?

Below is our unbiased Wealthy Affiliate Review based on our 14+ years of experience as an online entrepreneur

  • What This Review Is About: Wealthy Affiliate Program
  • Why You Need It: The Best Affiliate Marketing Training

Everything you need to know to turn your passion into a profitable and thriving affiliate website


It's free to start a free trial today and test drive Wealthy Affiliate for the first 7 days before you join.

Ease Of Use

Instant access to a wide range of affiliate marketing courses for advanced and average affiliate marketer.


Wealthy Affiliate provides support for members like private 1-on-1, live Q-and-A, live chat sessions, etc.

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What We Like
  • There are no up-sells or any other hidden fees other than your monthly subscription
  • Training lessons are ideal for new internet marketers who want to learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing
  • You get access to the WA support system and a super active WA community of other marketers when you need it
  • The discounted annual price of $299 is relatively cheaper compared to separately buying all the individual modules in the course in other marketplaces like udemy.com
  • Free membership comes with 2 free websites and hosting and a premium member gets state-of-the-art Cloud Hosting for 25 websites
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What We Don't Like
  • Some members have complained that some of the training materials are out of date and lack clarity.
  • Not a one-off, one-time purchase.
  • To get access to all the tools and training, you have to upgrade to premium membership plan by choosing to pay per month or yearly subscriptions
  • It is not a set-and-forget system. You have to work to make sure that it happen
  • Some of the training lessons need better planning
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Wealthy Affiliate Summary
  • This affiliate marketing program is not going to make you an overnight millionaire.
  • Heck, you won't discover everything about affiliate marketing but, compared to other affiliate programs...
  • It is the best affiliate marketing course for beginners to start a successful affiliate site
  • Kyle and Carson, and their team are genuinely lovely people who are passionate and genuinely want to help people who want to become a successful affiliate marketer
Starter Membership

It will cost you $0 per month for as long as forever. Free membership comes with 2 websites and free hosting.

For the first 7-days free trial, free membership gives one access to 1-on-1 Coaching and live help to get started.

Premium membership

Premium membership costs $49 per month, and you can cancel anytime, no questions asked.

There is a 59% discount for the first month payment if you subscribe to Wealthy Affiliate during the first 7 days of your free trial.

Annual Upgrade Option

Annual discounts may vary anywhere from 15% - 50% off depending on the active Wealthy Affiliate discount available to new members.

With an annual Premium plan, members get access to all tools and hosting for up to 50 affiliate websites.

1. Find A Niche Market And Buy Your Own Domain Name

In the world of affiliate marketing, you have to know your niche. 

You need to target something specific to which your audience is interested and engaged in everyday lifestyle. There are tens of hundreds of profitable niche markets available for you to choose from.

Unfortunately, because the internet allows virtually everyone to jump on board and start selling their products and services in just about any niche online, and given that the barrier of entry to affiliate marketing business is somehow low,

That means regardless of the type of niche market idea you choose, You're going to:

  • You're going to face a stiff-cut-throat competition. 

That in turn means that making money online is not going to be as easy as a vast majority of people think! Choosing a profitable affiliate niche isn't always the easiest thing to do.

  • So let me make one thing clear to you...get used to it. Nothing good is easy.

Most people who spend their time trying to avoid choosing the wrong niche and want to find a niche market that is not saturated, without doubt, end up reaching a dead end.

  • They become frustrated.

Consequently, most affiliates end up spending and wasting a lot of time searching for profitable niches with low competition. Finally, they end up quitting!

Choosing a profitable niche market isn't always the easiest thing to do. To help you get started, below are the top 10 popular niche ideas that have plenty of demand.

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The Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Niche Ideas That Are Popular And The Most Profitable


Profitable Niche Market 1 - Losing Weight

More people are overweight or obese than ever before. So naturally, many of these individuals are looking for a solution to that problem that will not go away any time soon.

What's more, is that there are plenty of products to promote and directions to take.  Some online entrepreneur prefer to approach from the dietary side and others like the exercise side.

In any event, this is about as evergreen of a niche as you'll ever be able to find.


Profitable Niche Market 2 - Depression Help

We live in a society where plenty of people have plenty of reasons to feel depressed. Once again, we have a widespread problem that creates plenty of demand, and you get to help people in the process.

Outside of that, another thing that's cool about targeting this audience is that you have many promotional options. 

Everything from social media image posts to motivational videos and long-form written content can convert well.

You'll also have plenty of products and approaches to promote. Also noteworthy is that the people who recover using the methods you've promoted will be glad to spread the word, extending your reach even further.


Profitable Niche Market 3 - Work From Home 

The first thing we look at with any of these niches is whether there is enough demand. Millions of people would love to quit their jobs and work from home. That number increases each year, so you don't have to worry about that demand drying up.

Products exist for teaching people how to create different work from home businesses; for instance, the Wealthy affiliate teaches people how to start successful affiliate marketing websites.

Many of work from home courses are about making money online, but some are about other approaches. 

In any case, you'll have no problem finding what works for you with so many promotional options.


Profitable Niche Market 4 - Dating and Relationships 

No matter who you are, chances are that you could get better in some area of dating and relationships. That's what makes this niche so great: People will never stop wanting to improve in this area.

There is also an extensive range of products, services, classes, and other things for you to promote in this space.

 It may have more sub-niche areas of interest than any of the others on this list. That's great if you're the type of online entrepreneur who likes to get in-depth with how online business marketing works.


Profitable Niche Market 5 - Survival And Prepper 

If you aren't familiar with survivalism or prepping, the idea is pretty straightforward. Many people are concerned with what would happen if society were to crash in some form or fashion. These people want to learn how to prepare and survive in those potential types of situations.

Understand that this is a hobby that many people will put a lot of money into prepping and survival products. 

While the audience isn't as large as some of the other niches on this list, they tend to spend more individually, which balances things out.


Profitable Niche Market 6 - Cryptocurrencies

With the popularity of cryptocurrencies exploding, more and more people want to find out how to buy and sell them. What's cool about this from a marketing perspective is that there are many different reasons people are interested.

Some think that the global banking system is going to crash. Others want to try to make a profit. There are also plenty of people who are just curious and are looking for a hobby.

The target audience is constantly growing in any event, and you'll have tons of different products with different aims available for affiliates to promote.


Profitable Niche Market 7 - CBD 

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a chemical found in the Cannabis sativa plant. What's important about it is that it has a lot of legitimate medical benefits. 

This chemical has exploded in popularity due to deregulation in many parts of the world, and reliable studies have shown how effective it is for chronic pain and anxiety.

The only drawback to this niche is that it might take a bit more research on your own to do well in it.

However, it's more than worth it because of how much growth is available and how few super affiliates promote CBD because few are willing to do in-depth research to comply with various local and federal rules.


Profitable Niche Market 8 - Forex Trading 

Foreign currency exchange, also known as FOREX, has been popular for decades. The idea is to learn to take advantage of the changes in the relative value of currencies. 

As a result, tons of Forex trading courses and other information-based products exist in this space.

Unlike some other similar niches, FOREX never really seems to drop in popularity in the face of new developments and markets like cryptocurrencies. 

That makes it an excellent evergreen option for online marketers who are in the Forex trading niche for the long haul.


Profitable Niche Market 9 - Debt Consolidation 

More people have a credit card and personal loan debt than ever before. They can easily find themselves in a situation where they can't make enough money to get it paid off with all of the fees and interest.

There is great demand for debt relief services.

Personal debt is only increasing, so the need for these products will continue to grow with it. 

Along these lines, you'll have many different types of personal debt consolidation products to market. 

That means affiliates who enter the debt consolidation niche have plenty of room to test to see what works for them and the particular traffic they drive.


Profitable Niche Market 10 - Bodybuilding 

While this isn't as popular as the weight loss niche, there is a definite demand for people who want to learn how to build muscle. In addition, they're often willing to spend more money on average to achieve that goal, which is excellent for internet marketers from a marketing perspective.

If you enter this space, you'll want to drill down in terms of finding sub-niches within the bodybuilding niche. 

More specifically, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the significant divide between the personal training and workout tutorial side of things compared to the supplements side. 

Unfortunately, not as many people in the bodybuilding audience are interested in both sides, so that's something to keep in mind when promoting bodybuilding products.

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The above 10 affiliate marketing niche ideas are some of the most popular you can find anywhere. You don't have to be an expert to get into most of these niches, making them a perfect fit for affiliate marketing. 

However, because of the strong consumer demand for products and services in these niche markets, all ten of the profitable niches mentioned above are super competitive amongst veterans in the affiliate marketing world. 

So if the most popular and in-demand niches are competitive, what in the world are you supposed to do to make money with affiliate marketing?


  • First, identify and fill a void in a niche market you'll be able to compete.
  • Secondly, do your research well. Make use of your cognitive abilities hand-in-hand with the best keyword research tool. Know your strength and weakness. Know the limits of your resources like capital, inventory, advertising budget, the time you have available for your business.
  • And last, once you've decided on a niche, get in and stay focused. Be persistent and consistent. The NorthStar guiding principle for affiliate marketing is to stay in the game until you win the game.

Give it all your energy. 

You're in it to win and start making money online no matter how long it takes. Going all in is what it would take to beat and overcome the stiff competition that's waiting for you.

Wealthy Affiliate Review: How Wealthy Affiliate Can Help You Find A Profitable Niche Market
Make Money Online Niche Market
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Choosing a niche tends to be...

  • An overwhelming,
  • Confusing and, Stressful activity.

Most people tend to choose a well-aligned niche that focuses on their interests and what they are passionate about in life. If your goal is to make affiliate sales and start to earn affiliate commissions, you want to choose a profitable niche that is easy to monetize.

  • But then, how do you choose a profitable niche?

To find a profitable niche and avoid choosing the wrong niche, you need to understand how to perform keyword research to do marketing research. The Wealthy Affiliate course has a whole classroom devoted to helping you: 

  • Learn more about keyword research, competition niche, and market research.

A well-informed and prepared affiliate marketer can ultimately earn a lot of affiliate commission, even in a crowded niche market. The Wealthy Affiliate community members can help with everything you need to be a successful online entrepreneur.

For instance, you want to know the pros and cons of different service providers or the best niche selection tips for beginners. Questions are answered in near real-time and can be very helpful and convenient.

No matter how competitive a niche market is, even if it's filled to the brim with dozens of big players, a well-trained, experienced, and determined online entrepreneur can overcome all odds.

The key to success in any market depends on how you define and position yourself within a niche. The niche selection training modules inside Wealthy Affiliate can help people in that regard.

  • Starting your own successful business can be a daunting task.

The affiliate marketing course aims to ease first-time entrepreneurs who want to start making money online by teaching and providing expert tips, a knowledge database, and an active Wealthy Affiliate community and support. To get started...

Wealthy Affiliate Log In

In the search box type in "how to find a niche market" and you would get results like...

Wealthy Affiliate Find a Niche Market
And here is what other members have to say:

"What is a Profitable Niche - Tips for Choosing a Niche..."

Core Training Lesson Screenshot 1

What is covered in this article...

  1. Page 1 – What is a niche and why should it be narrow
  2. Page 2 – What are popular niche markets
  3. Page 3 – Popular Evergreen / Sustainable niche markets
  4. Page 4 – Popular Hobby / Passion niche markets
Core Training Lesson Screenshot 2 by Boomergp08

Wealthy Affiliate

Premium Member

"How to Find a Niche for Your Blog - 3 Easy Ways..."

Core Training Lesson Screenshot 3

What is covered in this training...

  1. Watch Replay: Coming Up With Niche Ideas/Idea Generation
  2. Watch Replay: Understanding Keyword Research
  3. Watch Replay: Finding & Leveraging Lucrative Affiliate
  4. Watch Replay: Researching Products & Services in Your Niche
  5. Watch Replay: Advanced Audience & Customer Research
Core Training Lesson Screenshot 4 by Kyle

Wealthy Affiliates

Founding Member

Start Your Free, No Risk, 7-Day Trial!

Join Wealthy Affiliate and Start Your Journey to Online Success Today.

2. Install The Best WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

Gone are the days when you needed to hire professional C++ coders to build you a professional website.

Today, there are highly customizable CMS solutions like WordPress you can use to create a blog. For example, setting up a blog with WordPress takes a matter of minutes, literally.

When creating a website using WordPress, sooner or later, you’ll need to buy WordPress plugins that you can use to customize your blog and improve your blog pages and posts.

The challenge that do-it-by-yourself aspiring web developers face is that if you are not careful, you’ll end up spending money and time installing useless WordPress plugins that will end up slowing down your site.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty challenging to find a single WordPress plugin solution that will fit all your needs and offer you all the features you are looking for to create your blog.

To leverage the best out of your WordPress blog:

  • You will need to install several plugins.
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How The Wealthy Affiliate University Will Help You Choose The Best WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

Core Training Lesson Screenshot 5
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Ask. And get help!

Within Wealthy Affiliate University...

  • There is a whole classroom devoted to everything WordPress.

If you are looking for a particular plugin, then make sure that you head over and log in to your Wealthy Affiliate premium member's area, ask a question, read relevant blog posts, start a live chat, or send a private message to one of the premium members.

Once you log in to the Wealthy Affiliate membership area, look to the right on top of the header section next to the logo, you can go ahead and type your questions.

  • For example, you may want to type "what are the best WordPress plugins?"

You will get answers and related blog post to the question you asked as shown in the screen below...

Wealthy Affiliate Best WordPress Plugins

3. Select And Customize Professional WordPress Themes

If you are like me and care about looks, I must admit that selecting the best WordPress theme for your website can be one of the most challenging, overwhelming, and daunting tasks. It can also, at the same time, be one of the most natural choices you can make.

  • Until...wait a minute,

You come face to face with the fast-moving and evolving internet ecosystem.

And then you realize that the WordPress theme you choose can break or does not offer a positive, user-friendly experience as far as how your WordPress theme is responsive and interactive with your visitors.

Who wants to sit around and browse a broken site because of the device they are using!

  • And because of that...

Jangling through hundreds of readily available themes to find a WordPress theme that perfectly suits the needs of your blog can be a tall order for new businesses.

Before you head over to Google and search for “the best WordPress themes,” and be surprised with the results you get and the number of pages you have to sort through to find the WordPress theme you like.

  • In fact, at the time of writing this post, I just made a quick Google search.
Wealthy Affiliate Best WordPress Themes Middle
  • Do you see the number of pages that came back?

No wonder a vast majority of internet entrepreneurs and new affiliate marketing give up altogether and opt for the long and expensive option of hiring a professional coding company to the job on their behalf!

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Wealthy Affiliate Reviews: How To Find The Best WordPress Themes For Affiliate Marketing
Core Training Lesson Screenshot 6
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The WordPress classroom inside Wealthy Affiliate can assist you in narrow down the search for themes. Here’s how: head over to the Wealthy Affiliate members area and...

Wealthy Affiliate Log In
  • Type “WordPress theme” in the search box and then hit search.

You’ll see results similar to the one shown on the screen below. You can then click and view the training you want from the list and learn more about WordPress themes.

Wealthy Affiliate WordPress Themes

4. Find The Best Web Hosting Company For Small Business

Website hosting is a monthly recurring expense.

If not checked and controlled, hosting costs can quickly run into hundreds or even thousands of dollars in annual expense. But, of course, that will not be an issue if you already know how to earn money online. On the other hand,

Suppose you are starting your online business, and you’re like most small businesses with limited financial resources when choosing the right hosting plan. 

In that case, you have to balance between...

  • Security issues, speed, and uptime, and the budget you have available to you.

There are hundreds of free hosting websites and domain name registration services that you can use at a bare minimum. However, this kind of service comes with a catch.

In most cases, you end up parting away with your privacy, freedom, and some level of control. Therefore, small business owners should avoid this type of website hosting at all costs. Learn more about the best web hosting for small businesses.

  • On the other hand, there are thousands of cheap website hosting services.

Just between us, you should be aware of the hidden costs that are associated with cheap hosting plans. If you go over the limit set forth, you end up paying additional fees.

You may think you are saving a few dollars per month, but other charges add up pretty quickly, and eventually, you end up paying dearly. 

  • The best website hosting providers are not cheap.

A good hosting package will cost you money, and rightly so.

The best website hosting companies promise, and they deliver to you the best hosting support system. There are no downtime issues as they provide 99.99 percent uptime, highly scalable systems, their security is superb, and so on.

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How Wealthy Affiliates Can Save Money On Website Hosting Cost When You're On A Tight Budget

Global Full-Width Divider DownArrow1

Selecting the right website hosting service is a delicate choice for new online marketers.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership users get access to WordPress hosting, ideal for most people new to affiliate marketing and are on a tight budget.

I recommend using their hosting website for a short-term basis, and here is why….

You can host up to 50 authority sites; Wealthy Affiliate hosting is a very cost-effective way for newbies and professional affiliate marketers to test and validate if a specific niche idea is worthy of pursuing further.

When you upgrade from free Wealthy Affiliate membership to Wealthy Affiliate premium membership, you have to think long-term because once you identify a viable, profitable niche that’s ready for scaling, you may want to move your website to a more robust and scalable hosting company.

  • But until then...
  • Why waste your money when you can host up to 50 authority sites for only $49
Wealthy Affiliate Provides Website Hosting

5. Build Your Own Successful Niche Website

A well-designed and planned website is an irreplaceable asset for any small online business. An optimized and robust website is typically the most reliable platform for:

  • Generating revenues, building credibility, maintaining client relationships

 While at the same time keeping pace with the ever-increasingly mobile customers.

There are many challenges when it comes to developing an excellent website that converts.

Building a website is not just as simple as buying a domain name, installing WordPress, publishing a few pages, and slapping your product reviews. 

Much more goes to developing, building, and marketing a successful website than simply presenting a sales pitch for products or services and then having fun while waiting for the passive income to start rolling in as some sleek marketers portray in their advertisements.

An optimized website aims at:

  • Converting visitors or potential customers into leads and then sales.

A professional website's main job is to welcome your visitors warmly and then guide them smoothly through the sales funnel and ultimately direct them to the checkout portal. It should also provide an option to capture data for further follow-ups and communication.

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How Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Course Will Help Marketers Build A Well Optimized Affiliate Website
WA Training Website Builder
Global Full-Width Divider DownArrow1

If you are new to affiliate marketing,

Wealthy Affiliate teaches a comprehensive online entrepreneur certification course to help new affiliate marketers learn how to build their niche site.

Why would you like to test the infamous trial and error technique in the world and probably end up failing? To get started and access wa community,

Wealthy Affiliate Log In

On the next page, click anywhere in the box where it reads “Building Your Own Niche Traffic Producing Website.”

Wealthy Affiliate Build Website

You’ll then arrive at the next page, where you can choose from a list of 10 lessons that will walk you through the process of how to build your niche traffic-producing website without doing any guesswork on your part.

WA Website Builder

6. Achieve Maximum Success Through Content Creation

Unfortunately, most people, especially small business startups, do not know that written content is one of the most important components of a sustainable online business.

In this day and age of DIY site creation, most small business owners can quickly launch an e-commerce website with an endless count of products or services.

However, while the ease of use is unprecedented and convenience is unparalleled, a pretty-looking website cannot compare to a high-quality, trustworthy site.

In this type of business, publishing mediocre content that is unoriginal, irrelevant, thin, thoughtless, aimless, and overly promotional is the fastest way to jeopardize the time and effort you've spent building a thriving online marketing business.

Poorly written content will not engage your visitors and generate good sales for you.

High-quality content plays a significant role in:

  • Connecting,
  • Engaging and,
  • Establishing trust and authority.

You may be perplexed how writing quality content for an online marketing site is unique from other types of content writing styles, such as newspapers. The content strategy creation for an online website is indeed an art on its own.

  • Online readers often prefer to skim the texts.

Most readers prefer scanning content very quickly to find results.

  • If what they find is poor quality content, they quickly exit and move on.

In the digital economy, the creation of content has to be optimized more than ever. So you have to work to get the most that you can from every bit of content you put out there.

There are many "boxes to check" in the content publication process, and as a result, it can be tricky to figure out which things are essential and which are not. 

You'll find the most important things to focus on when outlining and building your content in the seven tips that follow. If you stick to these seven tips, you'll have no problem making content that gets and keeps the attention of your target audience.

Global Full-Width Divider DownArrow1

The Top 7 Content Creation Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Online Business Income


Focus on Solving a Problem

The basic functionality of any content online has two parts. First, you have to catch the attention of the target audience. Second, you have to keep it long enough for them to consume the content you're offering.

For most people, the easiest way to get that initial hook of their attention is to focus on solving a problem.

In this sense, you also need to remember that they may or may not be looking to solve that specific problem at that particular time. 

That is why it's so essential to make the problem you're focusing on extremely clear so that it will snap them out of whatever else they were doing for a few moments.

From there, you can run the thread of solving that problem throughout whatever content you're providing. 

Once they're on the hook, you can keep them reading and viewing your content if you focus on solving the problem in this way.


Use Headline That Catch Your Audience's Attention

As human beings, we have a short attention span until something catches our focus. That is why the headline of your content is the most important part in a lot of ways. 

The headline is the initial hook, as we mentioned above, that grabs the reader's attention.

  • There is no substitute for this.

 You may have the most incredible piece of content in the world, but very few people will end up reading it if the headline doesn't grab their attention first.

Use your headline properly by illustrating the potential reader's benefit by viewing what you have created. 

While you're at it, search Google to make sure that your headline is unique as well. That helps avoid any confusion or claims of copying a competitor when your content is shared on social media.


Create Your Content in a Way That It's Worth Sharing

Getting shares is a crucial part of legitimate online business if you want to carve out some serious attention for yourself and your content. One of the easiest ways to get these shares is to make your content worth being shared in the first place.

Again, solving a problem and having a great headline work pretty well here. However, it's just as essential to make it easy to share the content as well.

Having buttons, widgets, and whatever else that make sharing simple increases social engagement for apparent reasons. 

With that said, avoid the temptation to put sharing buttons at the bottom of your content.

Instead, it would be best if you had them near the top and around the middle as well since a significant number of people won't read all the way through but will still want to share what you've created.


Target Long-term Traffic by Creating Evergreen Content

Content creators generally have to choose between two modes of focus. On the one hand, you can create something that may get a lot of attention for a short period.

On the other hand, you can put together content that receives a moderate amount of attention forever.

  • The latter is where evergreen content comes into play. 

That is the key to maintaining sustainable free traffic over time without having to dangle a trendy headline in front of your audience constantly.

With that said, do not be afraid to update your evergreen content occasionally.

Adding more details or keeping things fresh with new information will only help to boost the power of what you've already built.


Make Your Content Easy to Read

It's stressful when we try to make our way through content that's difficult to read—because of this, making your content easy to consume is a key part of keeping people reading what you've created.

One of the most straightforward approaches to this is to break the content up. 

  • Use small paragraphs with short sentences,
  • And use a lot of headers.

Anything that you can break up into a set of bullet points will also be helpful since it's easier to consume.

Outside of the issues of formatting, there's also the issue of the specific language you use. 

Unless you have a particular audience who will be receptive, you should avoid using too technical language.

In many cases, industry jargon has its place, but it shouldn't be the default mode to write and publish good content.


Make Things Visual as Often as Possible

Everyone has heard the phrase that a picture is worth a whole lot of words. But, in this case, it's worth even more than that because it can be the difference between someone consuming your content or not.

When presenting any data, you should have some image or visualization of that data available. What's more:

  • You should get creative with it. 

For example, don't bore your readers with a simple pie graph. 

Instead, make these things visually appealing, and you'll start to see them used as the featured image when your content is shared more on social media.

If you have information that isn't readily displayed visually, 

  • That's completely fine. 

However, you should still include relevant images to avoid wearing out your readers with too much text.


Structure Your Content With Upgrades in Mind

While your content should always be helpful on its own, you should consider always holding something back that you can use as leverage for email sign-ups with a simple call to action at the end of what you've put together.

For a simple example, suppose you've created a piece of content that consists of nine ways the reader can solve a specific problem. 

In the end, you may offer another five tips if they sign up for your newsletter with their email address.

That is an upgrade on your existing content, and the best part is that it doesn't take away from the value of what you initially provided.

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Combining these seven tips will put you in a great position to get the most from your written content. You'll be able to not only get the attention of your audience but also keep it long enough for them to engage with what you have put together.

That is the fundamental idea behind any content-driven approach to getting readers. 

Along these lines, putting together the strategies we've presented here will drastically increase your chances of success online with affiliate marketing and how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Review: How To Publish Great Content On Your Blog And Increase Affiliate Commissions

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7. Search Engine Optimization Guide For Beginners

So you have just launched your affiliate WordPress blog, and you want to get traffic.

Somewhere or somehow, you learn about Search Engines and how SEO is one of the best online business marketing techniques for building a robust reputation and a primary source of sending a ton of free traffic.

  • It sounds terrific. Great!

On your marks and go, you dive in and employ all sundry white hat and black hat SEO techniques that will guarantee your pages to rank on the first page of the top search engines queries.

  • And then wait a minute, one thing becomes crystal clear!
  • You work hard. Yet, something goes wrong!

At the end of the day, your pages are nowhere near the top 10 search engine results.

You lose much time and money, and for what? Nothing, not even a trickle of traffic, and if you are unlucky, your niche site gets de-indexed, and it's pushed to the dark corners of the world wide web where no one dares go!

No matter how well optimized your blog; it's tough to get an automatic instant stamp of approval and immediately rank your blog on the first page of relevant search queries.

Your blog still needs to earn trust and respect because SEO is an advanced online business marketing skill. It would take time for any given niche site to be ranked high in the search queries.

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Wealthy Affiliate Reviews: How To Master Search Engine Optimization Techniques To Rank On The First Page
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