Is Wealthy Affiliate The Best Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners?

Since 2005, the Wealthy Affiliate marketing course has been helping affiliate marketers  just like you from over 193 countries  around the world. 

Wealthy Affiliate was started by Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim with the primarily goal of bringing together a group of like-minded entrepreneurs and individuals who wanted to make money online.

Over the years,

Wealthy Affiliate has evolved to become one of the the best affiliate marketing course for beginners and the leading affiliate platform that give you everything you need to start a successful affiliate marketing business.

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The Wealthy Affiliate Review Guide

Wealthy Affiliate program offers a comprehensive set of tools, videos,  content, in-depth lessons, tutorials and how-to guides for all level of affiliate marketers.

When you sign up for free, you also get access to an active community of internet marketers who can lend a hand 24/7, especially when you need that kind of help the most.

750 is the average number of training updates done per year inside the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Today,  once you create your free account, you too can be counted as one of the new 10,000 online business owners who join the Wealthy Affiliate every single month!

What Is Wealthy Affiliate All About? The 4 Pillars Of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Choose A Lucrative Niche
1.) Choose A Lucrative Niche

Learn how to turn your hobby or any idea that excites and motivates you into a lucrative business.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Create Your Own Website
2.) Create Your Own Website

Creating your own website with wealthy affiliate state of the art system is simple and intuitive.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Attract Potential Customers
3.) Attract Potential Customers

Learn how you can attract highly targeted visitors, potential customers or new clients .

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Optimize Sales And Revenue
4.) Increase Sales And Revenue

Discover how to find different products and services that will earn you more revenue.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Wealthy Affiliate Program?

Starter Membership

It will cost you $0/month for as long as forever. Starter Membership comes with 2 websites and free hosting.

For the first 7 days, you have access to 1-on-1 Coaching and live help to get you started.

Premium membership

It will cost you $47/month, and you're free to cancel anytime, no questions asked.

There is a 59% discount for the first-month payment if you join Wealthy Affiliate during the first 7 days of your free trial.

Annual Upgrade Option

Wealthy Affiliate annual membership plan costs $359 dollars per year.

The annual plan will save you $205/year. You get access to all tools, training, and free web hosting for up to 50 websites.

Wealthy Affiliate Review:  Is It The Best Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners?

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam? To Answer Your Pressing Questions, We Have Published This Comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate Review

  • What This Review Is About: Wealthy Affiliate Program
  • Why You Need It: The Best Affiliate Marketing Course
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Everything you need to know to turn your passion into a profitable affiliate marketing business

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Get a Free Trial and test drive Wealthy Affiliate University for the first 7 days before you join

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Ease Of Use

Complete and up-to-date affiliate marketing course for beginners and super affiliate marketers

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Wealthy Affiliate offers different levels of support like private 1-on-1, live Q-and-A, chat sessions, etc

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What We Like
  • There are no up-sells or any other hidden fees other than your monthly subscription
  • A modern, up-to-date structural approach to online training. Information is organized in a systematic way
  • You get access to the right training at the right time when you need it
  • Newbie friendly, Starter Membership get 2 free websites and hosting
  • Premium Members get state-of-the-art Cloud Hosting for 25 websites
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What We Don't Like
  • Not a one-off, one-time purchase
  • To get access to all tools and training, you have to upgrade to premium membership plan by choosing either a monthly or yearly subscriptions
  • It is not a set-and-forget system. You have to work to make it happen
  • Not a push button cash machine to make money
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Wealthy Affiliate Summary
  • Wealthy Affiliate is not going to make you an overnight millionaire. Heck, you won't find and learn everything about affiliate marketing but, compared to other affiliate marketing courses...
  • Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing course for beginners to learn affiliate marketing
  • Carson Lim, Kyle Loudoun, and their team are genuinely lovely people who are passionate and genuinely want to help other aspiring digital marketers succeed

1. Find A Niche Market And Buy Your Own Domain Name

Wealthy Affiliate Find a Niche Market 1

There are tens of hundreds of niche markets available for you to choose from.

Unfortunately, because the internet allows virtually everyone to jump on board and start selling their niche products and services online, the barrier of entry to affiliate marketing is somehow low, and it keeps getting lower...

That means regardless of the type of niche market you choose,

You're going to face a stiff-cut-throat competition.

So get used to it.

Most internet marketers, who spend their time trying to find a niche market that is not saturated, without doubt, end up reaching a dead end.

They become frustrated.

Consequently, most affiliates end up spending and wasting a lot of time searching for profitable niches with low competition. Finally, they end up quitting!

So if the most profitable niches are competitive, what in the world are you supposed to do?

Simple: First, identify and fill a void in a niche market you’ll be able to compete.

Secondly, do your research well. Know your strength and weakness. Know the limits of your business resources like capital, inventory, advertising budget, the time you have available for your business, and much more.

And last, once you've decided on a niche, get in and stay focused. Be persistent and consistent. Give it all your energy. You're in it to win because that is what it takes to beat and overcome the stiff competition that’s waiting for you.

  • Wealthy Affiliate Review: how Wealthy Affiliate Can Help You Find A Niche Market

A well-informed and prepared digital marketer can ultimately earn a lot of money, even in a crowded niche market. The community in Wealthy Affiliate can help with everything else that you may have missed.

For instance, you want to know the pros and cons of different service providers, or what niche is lucrative at the moment. Questions are answered in near real-time and can be very helpful and convenient.

No matter how competitive a niche market is, even if it's filled to the brim with dozens of big players, a well trained, experienced and determined digital marketer can overcome all odds.

The key to success in any market depends on how you define and position yourself within a niche. The Wealthy Affiliate program can help you in that regard.

Starting your own online business can be a daunting task.

Wealthy Affiliate aims to ease first-time entrepreneurs into the process of making money online by offering expert tips, a knowledge database, and an active support system.

For instance, you want to know the pros and cons of different service providers, or what niche is lucrative at the moment. Questions are answered in near real-time and can be very helpful and convenient.

No matter how competitive a niche market is, even if it's filled to the brim with dozens of big players, a well trained, experienced and determined digital marketer can overcome all odds.

The key to success in any market depends on how you define and position yourself within a niche. The Wealthy Affiliate program can help you in that regard.

Starting your own online business can be a daunting task.

Wealthy Affiliate aims to ease first-time entrepreneurs into the process of making money online by offering expert tips, a knowledge database, and an active support system.

Wealthy Affiliate Log In

In the search box type in "how to find a niche market" and you will get results like...

Wealthy Affiliate Find a Niche Market

What Is Wealthy Affiliate by Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

What Is Wealthy Affiliate All About?

Internet marketing niche is currently inundated with countless numbers of get-rich-quick schemes and membership websites that dangle the promise of riches without working for it.

So what is Wealthy Affiliate all about?

Wealthy Affiliate is a top-notch community for helping you create and transform any passion or hobby you have and then turn it into a profitable and successful online business.

It’s a community membership site that was founded in 2005.

Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim commonly know as Kyle and Carson are the founders of Wealthy Affiliate company.

Wealthy Affiliate platform is the best affiliate marketing course for beginners and helps connect thousands of businesses and aspiring online entrepreneurs.

Most affiliate marketing courses teach you to start your affiliate business by selecting from a list of pre-selected niches.

Wealthy Affiliates has a different approach.

 It shows you how to start affiliate marketing business based on your interests, hobbies, or passions.

Wealthy Affiliate Join Today

2. Install The Best WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

Wealthy Affiliate Best WordPress Plugins 2

Gone are the days when you needed to hire professional C++ coders to build you a professional website.

Today, there are highly customizable CMS solutions like WordPress you can use and do it by yourself. Setting up a blog with WordPress takes a matter of minutes literally.

When creating a website using WordPress, soon or later, you’ll need to buy WordPress plugins that you can use to customize your blog. It’s quite challenging to find a single WordPress plugin solution that will fit all your needs and offers you all the features that you are looking for.

To leverage the best out of your WordPress blog, you will need to install several plugins.

The challenge that do-it-by-yourself aspiring web developers face is that if you are not careful, you’ll end up spending money and time installing useless WordPress plugins that will end up slowing down your site.

  • How Wealthy Affiliate Will Help You Choose The Best WordPress Plugins

Simply ask. And get help!

Inside Wealthy Affiliate University, there is a whole classroom devoted to everything WordPress.

If you are looking for a particular plugin and you are not sure, you can head over and log in to your Wealthy Affiliate membership area and ask a question, live chat or send a private message to one of the members.

Once you login to the membership area, right on top of the header section next to the Wealthy Affiliate logo, you can go ahead and type your question like for example "what are the best WordPress plugins?"

You will get answers and related blog post to the question you asked as shown in the screen below...

Wealthy Affiliate Best WordPress Plugins
What Exactly Is Wealthy Affiliate Course All About

What Exactly Is Wealthy Affiliate Course All About?

Apparently, nothing is more frustrating than paying for something only to realize that it doesn’t add any value to your business. Is that not right?

Wealthy Affiliate is a training course that does not promise you, that you’ll get rich overnight; instead, it equips you with skills.

Depending on how smart you work and your effort, you may or may not get rich. But you’ll make money online if you implement what you’ll learn inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is different from other training courses that demand monthly subscription memberships fees from their members but do not offer support when you need it most.

Wealthy Affiliate guarantees a break-through in online marketing. It will enable you to change your life by turning your passion into a successful affiliate marketing business.

Building a website or blog has been made Simple within Wealthy Affiliate. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to get traffic to your website or blog using the most current traffic techniques.

Wealthy Affiliate Starter plan will cost you zero dollars.

When you upgrade to a premium account, you’ll have access to premium tools, training, and support that will get your online marketing business up and running.

Wealthy Affiliate Join Today

3. Select And Customize Professional WordPress Themes

Wealthy Affiliate WordPress Themes 3

If you are like me, and you care about looks, I must admit, selecting the right WordPress theme for your website can be one of the most difficult, overwhelming, and daunting tasks.

It can also, at the same time, be one of the most natural choices you can make.

Until...wait a minute,

You come face to face with the fast-moving and evolving internet eco-system.

And then you realize that the WordPress theme you choose can break or does not offer a positive, user-friendly experience as far as how your WordPress theme is responsive and interactive with your website visitors.

Who wants to sit around and browse a broken site because of the device they are using!

And because of that...

Jangling through hundreds of readily available WordPress themes to find a WordPress theme that perfectly suits the needs of your blog can be a tall order for new business owners.

Before you head over to Google and search for “the best WordPress themes” and be surprised with the results you get and the number of pages you have to sort through to find the WordPress theme you are looking for.

In fact, at the time of writing this post, I just made a quick Google search.

Wealthy Affiliate Best WordPress Themes Middle

Do you see the number of pages that came back?

No wonder a vast majority of new digital marketing small business owners give up altogether and opt for the long and expensive option of hiring a professional coding company to the job on their behalf!

  • Wealthy Affiliate Reviews: How Wealthy Affiliate Is Going To Help You Find The Right WordPress Theme

Wealthy Affiliates WordPress classroom can assist you in narrow down the search for WordPress themes.  Here’s how: head over to the membership area and...

Wealthy Affiliate Log In

Type “WordPress theme” in the search box and then hit search. You’ll see results similar to the one shown in the screen below. You can then click and view the training you want from the list and then learn more about WordPress themes.

Wealthy Affiliate WordPress Themes
Why Being a Member of Wealthy Affiliate Makes Sense

Why Being A Member Of Wealthy Affiliate Makes Sense

Wealthy Affiliate is more than just a product.

It basically resembles a university for online entrepreneurs with a series of high definition video tutorials or text-based training suited for both experienced and upcoming online marketers.

Online marketing system changes fast.

Don’t be surprised to find out that what worked last year doesn’t work today.

However, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate program, Carson and Kyle, are well-informed to changes happening in online marketing. They provide timely advice and training that is relevant.

Wealthy Affiliate program features an online community with over 580,000 members.

If you’re looking for means to generate money online, Wealthy Affiliate marketing training course will provide you with the necessary guidance and tools to help you succeed.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate will make a lot of sense to you.

Wealthy Affiliate Join Today

4. Find The Best Web Hosting Company When You're On A Tight Budget

Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting 4

Web hosting is a monthly recurring expense.

If not checked and controlled, web hosting costs can quickly run into hundreds or even thousands of dollars in annual expense. Of course, that will not be an issue if your online business is earning lots of money for you.

On the other hand,

If you are starting out, and you’re like most small business owners who have limited financial resources when choosing the right web hosting plan, you have to balance between security issues, speed, and uptime and the budget you have available to you.

At a bare minimum, there are hundreds of free web hosting and domain name registration services that you can use. This kind of services comes with a catch.

In most cases, you end up parting away with your privacy, freedom, and some level of control. This type of web hosting must be avoided at all costs by small businesses.

On the other hand, there are thousands of cheap web hosting services.

Just between us, you should be aware of the hidden costs that are associated with cheap web hosting plans. If you go over the limit set forth, you end up paying additional fees.

You may think you are saving a few dollars every month, but other charges add up pretty quick, and eventually, you end up paying dearly.

The best web hosting providers are not cheap.

A good web hosting package will cost you money and rightly so.

They promise and they deliver to you the best technical support, there are no issues of downtime as they provide 99.99 percent uptime, highly scalable systems, their security is superb, and so on and so forth.

  • How You Can Save Money On Web Hosting When On A Tight Budget

Selecting the right website hosting service is going to be a delicate choice for you.

Wealthy Affiliate offers WordPress hosting for their premium membership users. Wealthy Affiliate hosting is ideal for small business owners who are new to internet marketing and are constrained by a tight budget.

I recommend using their hosting for a short term basis and here is why….

You can host up to 50 websites, Wealthy Affiliate web hosting is a very cost-effective way for newbies and professional affiliate marketers to test and validate if a specific niche idea is worthy of pursuing further.

When you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate web hosting, you have to think long term.

Once you have identifies a viable, profitable niche that’s ready for scaling, you can always move your website to a more robust and scalable web hosting provider when it's ready.

But until then...

Why waste your money when you can host up to 50 websites for only $49

Compare Wealthy Affiliate Managed WordPress Hosting Plan
Who Is Wealthy Affiliate Membership For

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate Membership For?

Wealthy Affiliate caters to all levels of internet marketers. Whether you sign up as a beginner or someone with an existing online business, there is something here for everyone.

The training is highly recommended for beginners.

It also offers advanced training that even a very seasoned marketer will find some golden nugget that will sharpen their existing skills.

Now if you have been struggling to grow your online business. . .

Then this is the right training course for you to join.

Wealthy Affiliate is friendly to those with a limited budget. The target audience of this training includes people who want to make money online, website owners, and bloggers.

If you have always had a desire to build your own website or improve your marketing experience and money is tight...

Wealthy Affiliate will help you discover your niche and hold your hand through the entire process from brainstorming to creation to earning profits.

Wealthy Affiliate Join Today

5. Achieve Maximum Success Through Content Creation

Wealthy Affiliates How To Publish Great Content 5

It is unfortunate that most people, especially small business startups do not know that written content is one of the most important components of a thriving online business.

In this day and age of DIY site creation,

Most small business owners can quickly launch an e-commerce website with an endless count of products or services. While the ease of use is unprecedented and convenience is unparalleled, a pretty website cannot compare to a high-quality, trustworthy site.

In this type of business, publishing poor quality content that is unoriginal, irrelevant, thin, thoughtless, aimless, overly promotional and overly optimized content is the fastest way to jeopardize your efforts in building a thriving internet marketing business.

Bad content will not engage your visitors and generate for you reasonable sales.

High-quality content plays a significant role in:

  • Connecting, 
  • Engaging and,
  • Establishing trust and authority.

You may be perplexed how writing quality content for an online marketing site is unique from other types of writing like, for example, newspapers. Content creation for an online website is indeed an art on its own.

Online readers often prefer to skim the texts.

Most readers prefer scanning content very quickly to find results.

If what they find is poor quality content, they quickly exit and move on.

  • The Wealthy Affiliate Reviews: How Wealthy Affiliate Can Help You Publish Great Content

Since your aim is to convert visitors into leads and then sales...

The Wealthy Affiliates site content writing platform can help you streamline your writing for ultimate efficiency by setting goals and organizing all your writing projects from one central place. With Wealthy Affiliate site content platform, you can:

  1. Simplify your writing,
  2. Improve accuracy and,
  3. Increase efficiency

To get started...

Wealthy Affiliate Log In

And then on the left navigation menu, click on websites, and then the site content.

Wealthy Affiliate Content Creation

After a quick walk-through tour, you can start writing your content from a blank or pre-defined template.

Wealthy Affiliates Content Creation
Wealthy Affiliate Training and Tools

Wealthy Affiliate Training And Tools

Once you join Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll be given the keys to a set of tools and training courses. Each training module is well organized and systematically covers only one business aspect.

Campaign creation and management have been made easy by Wealthy Affiliate.

You’ll have access to Keyword and market research tool to ensure that you determine the chances of your website or blog ranking on top search engine result pages.

When you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate premium membership...

You’ll immediately be enrolled for an online entrepreneur certification training which will take you step-by-step on the fundamentals of running a successful online business.

The certification has 5 levels, namely;

  1. Getting started, 
  2. Building your own traffic producing website,
  3. Making money online, 
  4. Mastering social engagement and, 
  5. Achieving maximum success through content creation. 

You'll take each level at your own time and pace that works for you. Besides the 5 levels, there are many training courses and tools offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

Why not join by signing up for a free account to see all the tools and training?

Wealthy Affiliate Join Today

6. Build Your Own Niche Traffic Producing Website

Wealthy Affiliate Build Your Own Niche Traffic Producing Website 6

A well designed and planned website is an irreplaceable asset for any small online business.

An optimized and robust website is typically the most reliable platform for generating revenues, building credibility, maintaining client relationship while keeping pace with ever-increasingly mobile customers.

There are many challenges when it comes to developing a good website that converts.

Building a website is not just as simple as buying a domain name, installing WordPress, publishing a few pages, slapping your products or services and then having fun while waiting for the money to start rolling in.

An optimized website aims at converting visitors or potential customers into leads or sales.

A professional website main job is to welcome your visitors warmly and then guide them smoothly through the sales funnel and ultimately direct them to the checkout portal.

It should also provide an option to capture data for further follow-ups and communication.

  • How Wealthy Affiliate Will Help You Design A Well Optimized Website

If you are new to affiliate marketing,

Wealthy Affiliates offers a complete online entrepreneur certification course that will teach new internet marketers exactly how to build their own niche traffic producing website.

Why in the world would you like to test the infamous trial and error technique and probably end up failing? To access Wealthy Affiliate University,

Wealthy Affiliate Log In

On the next page click anywhere in the box where it reads “Building Your Own Niche Traffic Producing Website”

Wealthy Affiliate Build Website

You’ll then arrive at the next page where you can choose from a list of 10 lessons that will walk you through the process of how to build your own niche traffic producing website without doing any guesswork on your part.

Some of the lessons you will learn in this course include:

Wealthy Affiliate How To a Build Website
Pro and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate Membership Course

Pro And Cons Of Wealthy Affiliate Membership Course

Like any other online training course, Wealthy Affiliate program comes with its good and bad sides. Listed below are the pros and cons of joining Wealthy Affiliate training course.


  1. An easy-to-follow system with up-to-date training lessons,
  2. High definition video training on various topics,
  3. Free domain and cloud hosting for your WordPress blog,
  4. Fully interactive classrooms with tasks to complete,
  5. Over 580,000 members to interact with and share your learning progress


  • The interactive chat for support tends to be very busy,
  • You can’t access the advanced training as a free member,
  • Premium membership is a monthly or annual recurring cost

​Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

The learning curve of some of the lessons and how to properly use some of the tools can be steep.

Some members complained about losing access to the tools they were using during the free trial.

This happens at the end of the 7 days free trial of Wealthy Affiliate because access to some tools and resources is revoked if you fail to upgrade to premium membership.

Wealthy Affiliate Join Today

7. Search Engine Optimization Guide For Beginners

Wealthy Affiliate Search Engine Optimization 7

So you have just launched your WordPress blog, and you want to get traffic.

Somewhere or somehow you learn about Search Engine Optimization and how SEO is one of the finest marketing techniques for building a robust reputation and a primary source of sending a ton of free traffic.

It sounds good. Great!

On your marks and go, you dive in and employ all sundry Search Engine Optimization techniques that will guarantee your pages to rank on the first page of the Search Engines.

And then wait a minute, something awfully goes wrong!

You work hard.

At the end of the day, your pages are nowhere to be found on the Search Engines.

You lose time and money, and for what? Nothing, not even a trickle of traffic and if you are unlucky, your site gets de-indexed, and it's ushered to the dark corners of the world wide web where no one dares go!

No matter how well optimized your blog is for the Search Engines; it’s tough for the Search Engines to automatically give you an instant stamp of approval and immediately rank your blog on the first page of their results.

Your blog still needs to earn the trust and respect of the search engines because Search Engine Optimization is a progressive marketing tool. It will take time for a given site to be ranked high in the search engines.

  • Wealthy Affiliate Reviews: How Wealthy Affiliate Can Help You Master Search Engine Optimization

Wealthy Affiliates helps its members to have the right SEO mindset and expectations.

Even though you can set short-term goals in your SEO efforts, you should correctly understand that all Search Engine Optimization campaigns are primarily long term, and they are not guaranteed to succeed.

Because of SEO changes so much, so fast, and it’s an ever-moving target...

The best way to master and learn Search Engine Optimization techniques is to snoop around, test and keep up to date with the latest SEO tactics that are working now, not 6 months ago. To get started, why not:

Wealthy Affiliate Log In Logo

Ask any SEO question you have, a problem your experiencing or a Search Engine Optimization tactic you want to learn more about. For example, you can ask, “how does search engine optimization work?”

You will then be presented with a list of training courses, previously asked questions and blog posts from which you can select by clicking to learn more about Search Engine Optimization as shown in the image below:

Wealthy Affiliate Search Engine Optimization Techniques

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam - Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

By now you're probably asking yourself "is Wealthy Affiliate a scam" and you wonder if it worth your time and investment?

To answer your question, let us start by saying that Wealthy Affiliate offers two membership options. There is the Basic (free membership) and Premium (paid membership).

When you are comparing the two options, it’s surprising to see that Basic membership to Wealthy Affiliates gives new starters such a wealth of benefits.

Wealthy Affiliate Basic membership comes with 2 free blogs and cloud web hosting for free!

It allows new members to ease into the program and taste the quality of the program. The 7 days free trial gives you some time to test drive their system and decide whether it's a good fit. 

When you upgrade to Premium membership, you get access to more powerful training and tools that are necessary to create a successful business online.

Paid membership to Wealthy Affiliate comes with even more power. You get free web hosting for up to 50 websites (25 of those websites will be under your own registered domain name, and the other 25 are sub-domains within the platform)

You will also get help from Premium members who are experts in their own respective field.

Now that you’ve read this Wealthy Affiliate review this far, you’re probably asking yourself is Wealthy Affiliate worth it, and how much does it cost to join Wealthy Affiliate program?

Wealthy Affiliate Join Today

8. Master Social Marketing And Engagement Like A Pro

Wealthy Affiliates Social Engagement 8

Right now, influencer marketing is huge. Big and small business owners are using this digital marketing technique to get more traffic, engagements, and increase sales.

So what is influencer marketing? According to Wikipedia and I quote:

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential customers and orients marketing activities around these influencers.

Social marketing and engagement are one of the most successful online marketing strategies if you know how to find the right authority figures that your potential customers have a big attraction to and follow in your niche.

Influencers play a significant role in a brand’s marketing mix by engaging the target audience with the intent of making a sale and improving business performance.

However, it is not always easy to take on this marketing strategy.

One of the biggest challenges you may encounter is how to find a fast and straightforward way to identify the right authority figures in your niche to work with.

For instance, if you are offering a gender-related product, you will have to look specifically for influencers that have sway over those demographics.

If you fail to identify the right influencers, your social engagement and marketing campaigns will cost you time and money and will definitely fail!

  • How Wealthy Affiliate Can Help You Master Social Marketing And Engagement

Influencer marketing works best if you are able to identify the perfect authority figures to work with. You must also understand your target audience.

For instance, you have to know what they like most, what motivates them, what they dislike, their demographics, brand affinity, and much more.

To narrow down to marketers who hold a big sway over your audience. Wealthy Affiliate social marketing and engagement course has at the moment 9 lessons to help you out.

To get started...

Wealthy Affiliate Log In

And then scroll down and click on “mastering social engagement” to view the course.

The social engagement training course will help you understand:

Wealthy Affiliates Social Engagement Course
Why it’s Important to Choose a Profitable Niche

How Wealthy Affiliate Training Will Help You Choose A Profitable Niche

Choosing a niche tends to be...

  • An overwhelming, 
  • Confusing and,
  • Stressful activity.

Most people tend to choose a niche that is aligned with their interests and one that they are passionate about.

If your goal is to earn money online, then definitely you want to choose a niche that is profitable and one that is easy to monetize.

But then, how do you choose a profitable niche?

In order to find a niche that is profitable, you need to understand how to use keywords to do market research.

To help you out, Wealthy Affiliates has a whole classroom devoted to helping you learn more about keyword, niche, and market research

Wealthy Affiliate Join Today

9. How To Run A Successful Local Marketing Business

Wealthy Affiliate Local Marketing Training 9

Local marketing also is known as the neighborhood or local store marketing, is a type of marketing strategy that only targets local population around a business facility in a specific geographical location.

Since the inception of trade...

Small business owners have been doing local marketing for a long, long time!

  1. With the inception of the internet, 
  2. Changing customer behavior and,
  3. The complexity of doing business,

These days,

Relying on the old forms  of marketing strategies that used to work like a well-oiled machine back in the day has now become a free ticket to a dwindling customer base and revenue.

Modern-day consumers have become extremely dynamic in the way they search for particular products and services and in the manner in which they make buying decisions.

It goes without warning that:

Consumers are constantly changing as far as their taste, preferences, and needs are concerned. The unpredictable and constant changes make it extremely hard for small business owners to identify the path and reach of their local target audiences.

  • Wealthy Affiliate Review: How Wealth Affiliate Training Will Make You A Better Local Marketing Expert

Marketing a small local business in today’s world requires a calculated move and upfront local strategy. Because of the complexity of today's local marketing,

Most small business owners would rather spend their time working on other aspects of their business other than prospecting for customers or clients. In fact, they would gladly pay you to prospect clients and customers on their behalf if they know you can deliver results.

No wonder there is such a strong demand for local marketing experts.

Before you jump into the local marketing bandwagon and get yourself sued, you have to acquire the right marketing techniques for local marketing, if you want to deliver unprecedented results for local businesses.

Wealthy Affiliate local marketing training can help become one of the most sought out local marketing expert. To get started, simply...

Wealthy Affiliate Log In Logo

In the search box type in “local marketing training”

You will then see similar results like the one shown below. Why not click the one that interests you and be on your way to become a local marketing expert in your area.

Wealthy Affiliates Local Marketing Training
Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

I don’t know about you but,

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably wanted to keep your money safe and away from scammers.

That’s why before I signed up for the premium Wealthy Affiliate program, I joined their free 7-day trial and I must tell you during that time, I did a lot of snooping around...

I also Googled for the phrase “is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?” And I must tell you, the snooping around and Googling left me more confused, undecided, and overwhelmed.

So here is my 10 cents advice...

Stop searching for Wealthy Affiliate scam, instead if you're a member head over to my Wealthy Affiliate login page and log in to your account...

Do the following 3 things:

  1. Attend a live event (Scheduled every Friday)
  2. Join a live chat (Yes, there are people in there chatting)
  3. Go to the help center and ask a question (You'll get an answer, incredibly fast!)

By the end of your 7 days trial, 

You'll know if Wealthy Affiliate is a scam or legit.

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10. The Good, Bad And Ugly Facts About Video Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate Online Video Marketing 10

They say a photo is worth a thousand words!

Can you imagine the value and the powerful nature of high-quality videos?

Ask me, "what is the best digital marketing strategy?" and I will tell you, its video marketing! A video is a remarkably powerful online marketing tools suitable for small business owners.

If implemented correctly, a video can educate and engage the target audience, which ultimately drives conversions.

This forward-facing online marketing technique has since become an integral path in the consumer journey, where an engaging video is seemingly integrated into small business marketing campaigns.

You will not have erred if you say video rules the online business-marketing world today.

According to the statistics from some reliable sources,

87 percent of online marketers are already using video marketing. Studies reveal that using the word ‘video’ as part of your subject line increases click rates by about 65 percent, open rates by 20 percent, and decreased unsubscribe rate by 25 percent. It sounds good, right?

  • Wealthy Affiliate Review: How Wealthy Affiliate Course Can Help Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy.

While it may be an effective marketing strategy, most people don’t know how to do it right.

Let the truth be told, the technical aspect of video creation and distribution is incredibly complex. That notwithstanding, solving these technical issues are not a core competence of most of the small business owners, and for that reason,

Wealthy Affiliate can help improve your video marketing skills.

Wealthy Affiliate Log In

And then on the left navigation menu, click on the classroom icon.

Wealthy Affiliate Classroom Icon

Then scroll down the page until you find the “video marketing classroom.”

At the time of this posting, the video marketing classroom has 15 training videos, 5 in-depth courses and tutorials, and 1 webinar, as shown below. Why not select one from the list, click on it and start your video marketing training today…

Wealthy Affiliates Video Marketing Classroom
Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

If you’ve been on the internet for a little while and you’ve been searching for legitimate ways to make money online,

Then I’m guessing by now... 

You must have wasted a lot of money, time, and energy on other online opportunities that over-promise but always under-deliver. 

For that reason,

I can’t blame anyone who is skeptical about Wealthy Affiliate. 

So is Wealthy Affiliate legitimate?

I like how Nicole, a premium Wealthy Affiliate member, sums it up:

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy affiliate is an awesome platform to learn how to build a website and create an online business that will succeed.

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11. Affiliate Marketing For Dummies - Email Marketing Best Practices

Wealthy Affiliate Email Marketing Course 11

Email marketing is undeniably one of the most effective online marketing strategies for small and medium business owners. It also happens to be one of the least challenging tactics to execute.

You probably already heard the online saying that “the money is in the list.”

The data you get to collect, keep, and optimize through email marketing is probably the most valued and irreplaceable asset of your online business.

Email marketing is the most powerful marketing channel you get to own 100 percent.

Let me say that differently...

Your email list is invaluable.

When email marketing is implemented correctly, the long term value of a single lead can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars over that leads lifetime.

  • Wealthy Affiliate Reviews: How Wealthy Affiliate Can Help Improve Your Email Marketing Channels

Any savvy digital marketer knows that they can literally double their revenue when they capture leads and let them go through their sales funnel by using email marketing.

Like any other marketing method, email marketing has its own fair share of challenges. More recently, one of the biggest obstacles has come into play, and it is the FTC compliant rules and regulations.

It is crucial that you keep abreast of the changing dynamics of email marketing best practices and that is where Wealthy Affiliates comes into play and here is how: Open Wealthy Affiliate login page in your browser and then...

Look for the quick navigation menu and then click on my training activity icon.

Wealthy Affiliate My Activity Icon

Type "email marketing" into the search box.

The auto-suggest feature will then return results simile to the one shown in the image below. Why not go ahead and choose any email marketing tutorial or video that interests you and you will be on your wail to master email marketing like a pro!

Wealthy Affiliate Email Marketing Best Practices
How Much Money Can You Make With Wealthy Affiliate?

How Much Money Can You Make With Wealthy Affiliate?

As you very well know, in order to have full access to Wealthy Affiliate training courses and tools, you will have to upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate premium members.

That means you have to either pay $49 per month or pay $359 per year.

Like most people, the next logical question you may be asking yourself is “how much money can you make with the wealthy affiliate system?”

If you’re going to be paying that kind of money to the Wealthy Affiliate program, then you must be asking yourself, "how much money can you make with wealthy affiliate?"

 The simple answer is it depends.

Andrew posted a really nice article inside Wealthy Affiliate member’s area, and I really encourage you to sign up for a free account to read what other members are saying.

This is how Andrew sums it up:

This really is an impossible question to answer as there are so many fact​​​​ors that comes into play.

The amount of money that you earn with Wealthy Affiliate is determined by the niche that you choose to base your online business on. Secondly, it's dependent on the audience that is going to be viewing your website.

So if you want to learn more about how to make money with wealthy affiliate, click the button below to continue...

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12. Why Your Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns Sucks

Wealthy Affiliates Pay Per Click Advertising 12

Unless you are living in a cave or you’re willing-fully ignorant about current marketing strategies, you already know by now how Pay Per Click advertising is an excellent way to drive more traffic to your business site.

The more the traffic you’re able to generate...

The higher the chances are of converting visitors to lead sales.

  • In 8 simple words, “traffic is the lifeline for your online business.”

Pay Per Click marketing can remarkably increase leads, sales, and ultimately, boost your business revenues. What good way is there to beat your competition than to earn a better ROI than your competitors?

If you're planning to use Google, Facebook, or any other popular paid advertising platforms,

Soon or later you will realize that the biggest challenge with paid advertising is the cost involved. Pay Per Click advertising is not cheap, and because of the money involved, Pay Per Click marketing is not for the faint-hearted.

  • Wealthy Affiliate Reviews: How Wealthy Affiliate Can Help You Run Better Paid Advertising Campaigns

Whether by design, ignorance, or both, most small business owners only know of Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Instagram as the only platforms for paid ads. 

No wonder these popular Pay Per Click networks are super competitive because everyone else is busy competing for the same leads from the same sources.

When it comes to paid advertising, you have to think outside the box if you want to improve on your ROI. You must up your game if you want to return a positive ROI.

You may be surprised to learn that there are proven Pay Per Click advertising tactics that are going to help you lower your PPC cost and return a better ROI. The only catch is that you need to learn how to optimize your PPC ads. 

Before you run your next Pay Per Click campaign, do your self a favor...

Wealthy Affiliate Log In

Go ahead and click on the classroom icon that you'll see on the left side of your screen.

Wealthy Affiliate Classroom Icon

As soon as you click on the classroom icon, you'll be taken to the next page.

Scroll down the page until you see the "Pay Per Click Marketing" classroom as shown by the image below. By the time you finish all the training, you'll have transformed yourself into a Pay Per Click Marketing expert in your niche.

Wealthy Affiliates Pay Per Click Advertising
Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories And Testimonials

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

If you take your precious time to read most of the Wealthy Affiliate success stories,

You’ll quickly discover a pattern, and that is for most people, the only secret to success is to do the following 5 things no matter what:

  1. Believe yourself,
  2. Never stop learning and training,
  3. Work smart and hard,
  4. Be consistent and focused,
  5. Don’t give up and quit!

Now without much ado, click the button below to read some of the most amazing Wealthy Affiliate testimonials and success stories that will inspire you today. You can thank me later!

We published the Wealthy affiliate review post with the sole purpose of helping you understand the 12 key factors you need to know about affiliate marketing today.

Unlike other fake reviews and misleading wealthy affiliate scam artist, we hope this post has helped you.

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