17 Best WordPress Plugins That Will Transform Your Performance

 Written by Joshua Nyamache

| Updated on March 27, 2019

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You start a blog and you’re excited that you’ll share your ideas.

The thought that your ideas will get read by many people living in different parts of the world excites you even more.

You will enjoy all the attention from them.

And the best part is that you’ll make money online blogging to supplement your income. You’re smiling because you’ll put to an end some of your financial problems.

As you continue blogging, you find out that your blog is missing something.

Tasks that could be done with a single click on your mouse are taking you several hours to perform them.

You cannot perform some of the functions on your blog that your competitors are performing.

To make matters worse, your blog isn’t loading fast. As a result, your conversion rate is declining.

You can’t control spam comments that are being posted now and gain on your blog by spammers. They’re overwhelming you.

What exactly is your blog missing?

It’s missing important WordPress plugins.

The good news for you is that you can easily install essential WordPress plugins that your blog is missing to extend and expand the functionality of your blog.

17 Best WordPress Plugins For Business Blog That Increase Performance


There are over 40,000 WordPress plugins to choose from, not considering that there are premium options that are available.

You don’t have to install all of them on your blog. You only need to install essential WordPress plugins.

So here are 17 essential WordPress plugins for a business blog that will improve your performance, increase conversion rate on your blog and saves you time as well.

Note that I’m sharing with you the best WordPress plugins that I have used.

1.) Yoast Plugin

Yoast is one of the popular WordPress plugins you should install on your blog. Yoast plugin will help you:

I.) In optimizing your blog in the search engines (search engine optimization).

II.) To write better content.

While you’re writing an article for your blog, it is Yoast plugin that will make sure you choose a focus keyword. It checks keyword density in your article to ensure that you distribute the focus keyword in the right density.

Yoast plugin has an option of integrating the latest Facebook Graph and Twitter metadata. This makes your blog to be more social media friendly.

The primary feature of this plugin, however, is on page analysis.

Yoast Chart Plugin

It’s a very helpful tool to bloggers because it helps them to control the indexing of their blog posts in the search engines.

As such, you can make your blog post you don’t want to be indexed by the search engines not to be shown in the search results indexed by the search engines.

Increase the performance of your blog when it comes to ranking in search engine results by installing Yoast plugin.

2.) AddThis Plugin

AddThis Plugin

You can’t avoid adding social sharing buttons on your blog posts. You need them on your blog posts to encourage your readers to share the content of your blog.

When your readers share your blog posts on the social media sites, they are helping you get more traffic. It is for this reason you need to install this plugin.

One of the features that impresses many users about this plugin is its ability to offer basic analytic data that allows you to see how many shares you have and from which networks.

This WordPress plugin makes it possible for your readers to share your content to over 200 bookmarking and social networking sites.

3.) Broken Link Checker Plugin

Broken Link Checker Plugin

Broken links or dead links will affect the performance of your blog. It takes time to go through every blog posts to check for links that are not working.

With Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin, you’ll save time by not doing the tedious work of checking for broken links.

This WordPress plugin helps you to:

I.) Automatically check for broken links.

II.) Automatically check for images that are missing.

III.) Prevents the search engines from following the links that are broken in your blog posts.

The plugin will then notify you if it finds any broken link.

Broken Link Checker makes it easy to go directly to the blog post where the link is broken to fix it.

4.) Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads Plugin

One of the smartest things a blogger can do is to build an email list. An email list will help you to improve the performance your blog by increasing the conversion rate.

By using Thrive Leads plugin you will be able to build your mailing list quickly.

Thrive Leads is designed to allow you to add an engaging opt-in form in any strategic locations on your blog whether it’s the front page, blog posts or your landing page.

5.) Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 Plugin

As a blogger, you need feedback from your readers. You need to create forms on your blog. This is where the Contact Form 7 plugin becomes useful.

The Contact Form 7 allows you to:

I.) Customize form fields.

II.) Customize mail content.

III.) Create and manage multiple contact forms.

This plugin is simple but it is flexible. It is currently available in 64 languages.

6.) Easy Digital Downloads Plugin

Easy Digital Dwnloads Plugin

You won’t escape selling your own digital products or promoting other people’s digital products on your blog.

Easy Digital Downloads plugin is the best solution for you to sell digital products and other intangible products that can be downloaded on your blog.

It is one of the best WordPress plugins for business blog that you should install.

7.) WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart Plugin

PayPal is the most trusted way of transacting online. This is the reason you should install WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart plugin on your blog.

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart plugin allows you:

I.) To add an “Add to Cart” for the products you’re selling on your blog posts.

II.) To sell products on your blog.

III.) To display shopping cart on your blog posts.

This is one of the plugins that helps you to turn your WordPress blog into an e-commerce blog.

8.) Akismet Plugin

Akismet Plugin

Spam comments can overwhelm you. They waste your time deleting them from your blog posts.

Save time by installing Akismet WordPress plugin.

It’s one of the best WordPress plugins for business blog.

It is the most downloaded wordPress plugin.

Just take a look at the graph providing the statistics of downloads history of this plugin.

Akismet Plugin Download History

Here is how Akismet WordPress plugin will help you:

I.) It automatically checks all comments posted on your blog posts to filter spam comments.

II.) Shows URL in the comment body in order to reveal to you the links that are misleading.

All comments have a history for users to view, and it shows which comments were automatically flagged and cleared by Akismet.

9.) Content Upgrades Plugin

Content Upgrades plugin

This is one of the best WordPress plugins for business blog that will increase the performance of your blog. By using this WordPress plugin you will:

I.) Create content upgrades for readers to subscribe for it.

II.) Increase your conversion rate.

Use this plugin to turn your readers into email subscribers.

It is a great plugin to boost your conversion rate especially if you are going the low-cost route. It directly integrates into your mailChimp or other popular email provider account.

10.) Amazon Link Plugin

Amazon Link Plugin

One way to make money online blogging is by promoting products on Amazon. You recommend your readers to purchase some of the products on Amazon website that will help them.

Amazon Link plugin will help you to put links of the Amazon products you want to promote on your blog.

The product can be represented or linked by an image, a text, a thumbnail or even a flash widget.

All the links of the products you’re promoting will have the Amazon affiliate ID that will allow you to collect your commission on any products that your readers purchase through the links.

11.) The Events Calendar Plugin

The Events Calendar plugin

Are you going to invite your readers to participate in your events like conferences? The Events Calendar plugin is best for you to use.

This WordPress plugin will help you:

I.) Create and manage events with ease.

II.) Make it easy for your readers to sign up for your events.

III.) To receive registration details from your readers.

IV.) To send a confirmation email that is automatic.

This plugin doesn’t use the shortcodes like the most event plugins. It is very easy to use.

12.) TablePress Plugin

TablePress Plugin

There are occasions you need to convey information to your readers using tables. You probably know how difficult it can be to create an HTML table from scratch.

TablePress is the best WordPress plugin that will enable you to embed feature-rich and beautiful tables into your content.

Table data can be customized and edited in an interface like the spreadsheet, and no coding will be required.

It is one of the best WordPress plugins for business blog you should install.

13.) EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin

EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin

You don’t want the images to slow the loading of your blog. By optimizing your images, the performance of your blog will improve.

By using EWWW Image Optimizer plugin, you will:

I.) Reduce your file sizes for images.

II.) Automatically optimize the images you upload to your blog.

III.) Your blog posts will load faster.

The reason you often get bloated page size is due to un-optimized images. This plugin allows you to strip away the junk data that can be on images without affecting the image quality.

14.) WPBackItUp Backup & Restore Plugin

WPBackItUp Backup & Restore Plugin

One of the best WordPress plugins for business blog is WPBackItUp Backup & Restore.

It is very easy to lose all your entire blog to hackers. All the data and content on your blog will just disappear like that.

The good news for you is that there is a way on how to restore all the data and content if your blog gets hacked.

This WordPress plugin ensures that you have a complete backup of your entire blog. All the backups will be stored by this plugin to a folder on your server.

15.) W3 Total Cache Plugin

W3 Total Cache Plugin

This is one of the best WordPress plugins for business blog that will improve the performance of your blog. The benefits you get from using this plugin includes:

I.) Conversion rate improves.

II.) Increased visitor time on your blog.

III.) Your blog posts will receive more views.

IV.) Saving bandwidth up to 80% through HTTP compression of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and feeds.

V.) Transparent content delivery network integration.

The speed it takes for a blog to load is very important.

In order to make sure that your blog scales and at the same time sustain massive loads of traffic without any crash, you can use the W3 Total Cache plugin

This is the WordPress plugin that is designed to improve user experience and the loading speed of pages.

16.) CoSchedule Plugin

Coschedule Plugin

This is the WordPress plugin that enables you to automate social media publishing to your blog. You create a queue of messages to be send to your social networking sites.

Once you publish a new blog post to your blog, this plugin will automatically send the messages you queued to social networking sites to promote your blog post.

Instead of doing things the manual way by sending messages to many social networking sites to promote your blog posts, this WordPress plugin will save you a ton of time by posting messages automatically.

With this Plugin, you schedule posts and social media updates on the same editorial calendar. Use this plugin to drive more traffic to your blog from social networking sites.

17.) WP-Optimize By xTraffic Plugin

Wp Optimize By xTraffic Plugin

This is the WordPress plugin that is powerful and useful. You should install it in order to improve the performance of your blog.

It’s one of the best WordPress plugins for business blog you can’t ignore using.

This WordPress plugin will help you to:

I.) Automatically link to your blog posts having content that is related (internal link building).

II.) Optimize your blog images.

III.) Make your blog to load faster from 200% or even more.

IV.) Optimize your blog traffic by creating a list of related blog posts.

WP-Optimize By xTraffic plugin, you improve your blog loading performance thanks to boosters like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Best WordPress Plugins

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