Jennifer Aniston Movies And TV Shows – 17 Surprising Facts To Know Today

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| Updated on March 25, 2019

Jennifer Aniston Movies And TV Shows
Discover 17 Facts About Jennifer Anniston. America’s sweetheart

Ever since Jennifer Aniston first appeared in a wedding dress on the monster hit comedy Friends, which happens to be one of my favorites Jennifer Aniston Movies And TV Shows…

Jennifer has been America’s sweetheart.

With so much interest in Jennifer Aniston as an actress, along with so much to learn, we’ve put together a list of 17 surprising facts about Jennifer Aniston you may want to know today

Hopefully what you read here will help put to rest some of the unpleasant stories out there.

Like rumors!

Is Jennifer Aniston Pregnant?

Despite dismissing these claims, rumors keep swirling around the Internet that the actress might be pregnant; As a matter of fact “Jennifer Aniston pregnant” is one of the most searched phrase  about Jennifer Aniston.

And these rumors never stop coming.

Recently, rumors of Jennifer Aniston attempting to get pregnant through In vitro fertilisation (IVF) and her wanting to adopt a baby. These are just a few of Jennifer Aniston’s trending topics on the internet that never seems to go away.

Chelsea Handler who is one of the friends of Jeniffer Aniston at one time was quoted saying that being friends with her can be a burden because whenever she goes, people keep on asking her about Jennifer Aniston’s wedding.

Without further ado, let get to it!

17 Surprising Facts about Jennifer Aniston

1.) Her Name Isn’t Jennifer Aniston

America’s sweetheart hasn’t always been known by the name Jennifer Aniston. Born to Days of Our Lives actor John Aniston and actress Nancy Dow, her birth name is Jennifer Joanna Anastassakis.

The Greek last name proved too hard for audiences to pronounce and when her father was on the hit soap opera, he changed his stage name to Aniston, so his daughter chose to pursue acting with the same last name.

2.) She Is Part of a Royal Family

Despite being born in Sherman Oaks, California on February 11, 1969 and living in Pennsylvania, New York and then living a year abroad in Greece growing up, you might be surprised to find that there is foreign royal blood in the actress.

It also isn’t on her father’s side of the family. Instead, Jennifer is a descendant of The House of Stuart of Scotland (link to Scottish independence) through her mother’s side of the family.

3.) Some of Jennifer’s Artwork is in the Metropolitan Museum

At the age of 11, she was getting a reputation for her acting in school. However, the talented actress proved to have another talent she was holding back on.

One of her paintings at the time was submitted to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and was placed on their walls.

4.) Jennifer Aniston Married-YouTube Video

How did Jennifer Aniston comment on rumors of her getting married?

Jennifer Aniston wedding on 29 July 2000 was a lavish one (Malibu wedding). Who did she marry? She married actor Brad Pitt but their marriage didn’t turn out to be a successful one.

They separated and their divorce was finalized on 2 October 2005. There were allegations trending on the media that Brad Pitt was cheating on Jennifer Aniston with actress Angelina Jolie.

There were speculations on the media that Jennifer Aniston didn’t want to have children with Brad Pitt and that was the reason why they separated. But Aniston has denied this as being the reason for their separation.

Brad Pitt has admitted that he felt wasting his life doing drugs while he was married to Jennifer Aniston. Brad Pitt and Jenniffer are gifted actors. Here are the top 10 Jennifer Aniston Movies And TV Shows to proof her talent.

5.) Jennifer Aniston Kids

She does not have any kids yet but has expressed her thoughts of having children, “… I’ve always wanted to have children, and I would never again give up that experience for a career.”

All the baby talk annoys Jennifer Aniston. She doesn’t want to be asked again about kids. Perhaps it’s because she has already said enough about her having kids but interviewers keep on asking her the same question employing different tricks.

Any person just like Jennifer Aniston will get bored being asked the same question over and over again. Don’t ask Jennifer Aniston about having kids again!

6.) She Didn’t Benefit from Nepotism

Despite her parents being established in Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston chose to do things the hard way and make it on her own. She worked as a waitress and a telemarketer as she auditioned for parts.

Her goal was to be able to stand up for herself when she was doing interviews, letting people know she worked just as hard as anyone else who becomes an actor.

7.) Jennifer Aniston Twitter

When Jennifer Aniston complained how she was forced to eat a big Mac  in 2013, she was hit back by some of her fans on Twitter and other Twitter users. Below are some of their tweets:

“Isnt she a smoker? Jennifer Aniston and a Big Mac did not play well together (sic).”

“Jennifer Aniston is as dumb as rocks. Complained about eating a Big Mac, yet she smokes and drinks.”

“I love you Jennifer Aniston, but you’re testing my devotion with your Big Mac comments.”

This is what she had said before she got hit back on Twitter, “The only thing around was McDonald’s. I think I ordered a Big Mac. Wow, my body did not react well to that! It was like putting gasoline in a purified system”

Jennifer Aniston real Twitter name is @TheJenAniston.

On 6th November 2009 she had tweeted, “i will quit twitter….sorry guys it just isn’t fun anymore” She has more than 77,000 followers.

8.) Jennifer Aniston Instagram

She has more followers on Instagram than on Twitter. She is only following 22 people while 111,739 people are following her (on 10th October 2014).

Jennifer Aniston official Instagram is

9.) Jennifer Aniston Diet

Being voted as the “Sexiest Woman of All Time” in 2011 by readers of Men’s Health Magazine, Jennifer has shared her body health secrets.

Jennifer Aniston diet is not pureed baby food but her diet is organic and natural foods. She also does a lot of exercises including Yoga.

10.) She Almost Quit Acting in 1993

Despite having some minor success on television with Molloy, a show she loved being on, her experience with acting early on wasn’t always a pleasant one.

In 1993, she agreed to star in the horror flick, Leprechaun. Her experience was so bad, that she was close to throwing in the towel.

However, a part came available for her on a new sitcom and she decided to give it one more chance. That part was the 1994 series, Friends.

11.) She Found Her Footing in Friends

Friends proved to be a positive experience for Jennifer Aniston as she had the chance to expand her acting experience by playing the character, Rachel Green. A role she was originally told she was 30 pounds too heavy to play.

However, as she was auditioning for the role of Monica Geller, the producers told her there was no way that part was right for her and told her that they had to have her in the role of Rachel.

12.) Jennifer Aniston Haircut Became Famous

Her famous hairdo was an accident. When cutting Jennifer Aniston’s hair, Chris McMillian admitted the first time he was under the influence of drugs.

Jennifer Aniston’s haircut would become the “Rachel” and millions of women around the globe would seek this unique hairstyle.

13.) She is Really Best Friends with Courtney Cox

The pair seemed inseparable on the show Friends for good reason. In real life, Jennifer and Courtney are best friends.

14.) She Set Records on Friends

Jennifer Aniston made a statement during her time on Friends. She became one of the highest paid women in television, opened doors for other actresses and went on to win Emmy and Golden Globe awards during her time on the show.

15.) She Was the First Woman to Win GQ’s Man of the Year

In November 2005, she shocked readers of GQ Magazine when the publication decided to make her the Man of the Year for 2005.

16.) Jennifer Aniston Movies and Tv Shows

Jennifer Aniston movie, “We’re the Millers” became a financial successful one. It is available in the format of Amazon Instant Video and also DVD.

Playing the role of Rachel in Friends program (show), she gained world-wide reputation. Friends television show was a success.

Other Jennifer Aniston movies and Tv shows include:

1.) The Switch

2.) Horrible Bosses

3.) Marley & Me

4.) The Break-Up

5.) Just Go with It

6.) Bruce Almighty

7.) Along Came Polly

8.) He’s Just Not That Into You

9.) The Good Girl

10.) Love Happens

17.) Jennifer Aniston Net Worth

With no any doubts, Jennifer Aniston net worth source is from her career as an actress. She is one of the top ten riches actresses.

Jennifer Aniston is also the co-founder of a production company known as Echo Films. She founded the company together with Kristin Hahn.

Jennifer has her own perfume known as Jennifer Aniston (for women). Jennifer Aniston net worth is estimated to be about $150 million.

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