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What are your favorite Jamie Lee Curtis movies and children's books?

Did you know that the two-time Golden Globe award winner, activist, and best-selling children book author has been writing books for over 20 years?

Jamie Lee Curtis Photo

April 2012 - Santa Monica, California - Jamie Curtis at the Santa Monica Red Cross Chapter Annual Red Tie Gala Show held at Fairmont Miramar Hotel. Photo by Kevan Brooks/AdMedia

Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the top-ranking authors for children books.

Born on November 22, 1958, she has demonstrated high versatility in all her works as an author and actress having participated in the film and television industry.

Her children's books address crucial childhood lessons and subjects in a more accessible and playful way.

Getting massive inspiration from her childhood experiences in addition to her children's and godchildren's, Jamie has managed to put up incredible stories that impact little hearts around the globe.

What was Jamie Lee Curtis first children book?

Her book from 1998, titled "Today I Feel Silly, and Other Moods That Make My Day," was ranked as a best-selling book by the New York Times.

Together with illustrator Laura Cornell, Curtis' books bring delight and wonder with a profound sense of children's senses to each page. The outstanding book is perfect for young children and for families to share together.

In the spirited and astonishing view of growing up, the book was inspired by her then four-year-old who always boasted that she wasn't little anymore.

Jamie Lee, together with Laura Cornell, captures an incredible journey of a simple little girl who looks back and celebrates her childhood at only four years old. 

Jamie Lee Curtis Children Books Table of Content


Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods That Make My Day

Jamie Lee Picture 1

Jamie curtis and Kelly Curtis arrive at the Los Angeles 'Hitchcock' Premiere at Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences on November 20, 2012, in Beverly Hills, CA. Picture by Carrie Nelson

Ranked number one on the New York Times bestselling list, "Today I Feel Silly, and Other Moods That Make My Day" is a whimsical and original tale that shows kids about different mood swings.

The illustrations match the buoyant and boisterous protagonist, making it easy to capture your young reader's attention.

By the end of the book, children understand how to identify, explore, and have fun with any mood--silly, cranky, sad, or excited!

Who are Jamie Lee Curtis parents?

Her mother and father are legends too.

Being the child of two legendary actors was enough to fill Lee Curtis with the acting bug. She was born to Janet Leigh of Psycho fame and Tony Curtis who starred in over 100 films.

Before her mother died, Jamie did have the chance to star alongside her mother in the film Halloween: H20 Twenty Years Later.

Interestingly enough, this film was made based on her recommendation of the 20th Anniversary of the original film rather than the studio approaching her.

How much is Jamie Lee Curtis Net Worth?

Since she jumpstarted her career path in 1973, Jamie has managed to accumulate a $ 35 million net worth. 

She made her debut into the film industry in the movie Halloween (1978). At the time that movie was a big hit, the film gained her massive recognition as a notable actress in the horror genre.

Subsequently, she starred in the second Halloween film in 1981.

As a teenager, she went to Westlake School and later at Beverly Hills High School. She graduated from Choate Rosemary Hall. While at Pacific University, she quit following her dream and acting career.

She is not only recognized for her numerous performances within the film industry but also by writing innumerable books.

Born in November 22 1958, to the renowned film stars Janet Leigh, and Tony Curtis, she has marshaled multiple works within the film that spans over numerous genres, such as comedy films.


It's Hard to Be Five: Learning How to Work My Control Panel

Jamie Lee Picture 2

Jamie Curtis with mother Janet Leigh, father Tony Curtis, and sister Kelly Curtis. Photo by Lawrence Schiller - Globe Photos, Inc.

Curtis creates a very positive message with "It's Hard to Be Five," which follows a sometimes-squirmy 5-year-old who finds it hard to focus on everyday tasks and what things a 5-year-old should do.

The illustrations are colorful and lighthearted as the reader follows a little boy through his triumphs and tribulations, learning about his "control buttons."

Families can use this book to talk about all kinds of issues, such as learning to ride a bike or how to tie your shoes. 

How did Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest meet?

The love story for most people start in a funny way and that of Jamie and Christopher guest is not an exception.

Well, how did Lee Curtis meet Christopher Guest?

Jamie Curtis was going through a Rolling Stone magazine when he came across a picture of three men. He pointed to the one at the far right and told her friend Debra Hill that man would be her husband.

She didn’t even know who the man was.

The photo was with Christopher in full costume and makeup to promote the film “This is Spinal Tap.” 

It was her friend who told her the man was Chris Guest and even gave her his agent’s number. Curtis called the agent the next day and gave her number for Chris to call her. That never came.

One day while Jamie is having dinner at Hugo's restaurant in West Hollywood, she finds herself staring at Chris who is three tables away.

They just waved at each other and Chris shrugged his shoulders and put up his hand while he was leaving.

He called her the next day and after four days, they went for their first date Chianti Ristorante on Melrose. The two had fallen in love within a month’s time.

He proposed to her two months after their first meeting. And just from a magazine picture, did the love of the two lovebirds originate.

As a married couple, Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest have adopted two children (Annie and Thomas).


I'm Gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem

Jamie Lee Picture 3

Lee Curtis with daughter Annie Guest and mother Leigh and husband Christopher Guest at Hollywood Walk of Fame 1998. Photo by Lisa Rose - Globe Photos, Inc

Every kid goes through a phase of finding their way and understanding who they are.

The book "I'm Gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem" focuses on the tales of a boy and a girl learning to like who they are and all that comes with their unique personalities.

Laura Cornell creates the perfect imagery of two children going about their day, including getting up and going to school, having lunch, and attending a birthday party.

At each event, the rhythmic progression of the boy's and girl's lines carry the reader through seamlessly, so the message is easy to receive and communicate with little kids.

This is the perfect book for families who want to help a shy child make friends in a new school or neighborhood. 

Jamie Lee Curtis Golden Globe Awards

Winning awards like two Golden Globe Awards, an American Comedy Award, or the People’s Choice Award doesn’t come as a surprise for a talented actress like Jamie.

Her roles have won her incredible awards and nominations as the best actress. What is perhaps surprising is that she was nominated for a Grammy award. However, the Grammy award wasn’t for singing.

Instead, Jamie Lee Curtis has penned several children’s books and she read them to be recorded on tape. Those recordings were enough to score her a nomination for Best Spoken Album for Children.


Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born

Jamie Lee Picture 4

Lee Curtis with father Tony Curtis and sister Kelly Curtis. Photo by Dallinger - Globe Photos, Inc.

Curtis turns her focus towards family values with a beautiful adoption story called "Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born." The book focuses on a young girl asking her parents about her birth.

As she was adopted, her parents have a lovely tale about meeting her and holding her for the first time in their arms.

With tender and heartfelt prose, the book quickly illustrates on every page what it means to be loved, even if you started somewhere else.

This book is best for parents who are trying to find a way to tell their kids about adoption and how it works. The story is so tender because it's close to home for Curtis, who wrote it for her child.

Jamie Lee Curtis horror movies

Her Halloween movie where she is playing the role of Laurie Strode saw her being a cast in other several horror films.

Despite being able to portray fear, has a famous scream and is arguably one of the biggest icons of horror, she doesn’t like to watch horror films.

While she has watched the films she has appeared in, she says the genre terrifies her and she doesn’t typically watch the films.

Does Jamie Lee Curtis play guitar

Well, the short answer is yes.

The stem of controversy undoubtedly stems from the movie “Freaky Friday,” where her character, Tess Coleman, plays one mean guitar solo at the end.

While she did fake the playing and a professional musician did the actual soundtrack, Jamie does know her way around the chords of a guitar.

To pull off the scene to a tee, she needed to learn precisely how to play guitar, an experience she termed as one of her favorite moments in the production.

She believes she was capable of doing the solo on her own despite the assertion of the directors who wanted nothing short of perfection.

Under the tutelage of a member of the band Orgy, her guitar skills, which were pretty rusty at the start, improved a great deal.

Her husband Christopher Guest, who is an experienced guitarist, also helped her prepare for the Freaky Friday movie, as he chipped in with a few pointers of his own. 

In a nutshell, Jamie Lee Curtis can play the guitar.

While she is not at an expert level yet, her skill would still pass as pretty good even by the harshest critic.


Big Words for Little People

Jamie Lee Picture 5

Jamie Curtis picks up her son, Thomas Haden Guest, at school. Pic by StarMaxWorldwide

What are some of the first big words that you learned?

The new children's book "Big Words for Little People" rhymes about some of the words that children learn as they grow up. For example, one line talks about the word "privacy" by rhyming it with a tale about needing to "pee."

This book is perfect for younger children around the age of 5 to 7. Some other words taught in the book include consequences, cooperation, appropriate, patience, family, love, respect, and others that children may not understand at first.

However, Curtis cleverly creates sensible rhymes to learn what each word means while managing to keep the tone lighthearted and fun.

If you have a growing second grader with a widening vocabulary, this book will help you explain some of the most challenging words. 

She Is Also An Inventor

U.S. Patent # 4,753,647 is held by Jamie Lee Curtis.

Her invention is described as an infant garment that is disposable and takes the form of a diaper, has pockets and makes cleaning up faster and easier. The product has never been released, however.


When I Was Little: A Four-Year-Old's Memoir of Her Youth

Lee Curtis Photo 6

Jamie, her Son, and daughter Annie arriving at the Los Angeles Premiere of Avatar Grauman's Chinese Theater Los Angeles, CA December 16, 2009. Photo by Carrie Nelson

This book is for your child, hitting that mark in maturity. "When I Was Little: A Four-Year-Old's Memoir of Her Youth" focuses on the spirited view of a little girl who is figuring out the world around her.

The girl looks back on her childhood after growing up so much in four and a half years.

Upbeat and colorfully illustrated, this children's book also tackles some of the delicate parts of growing up, such as changing car seats, seeing new "silly" hair wisps, and getting taller.

Every part of the book puts you in the perspective of a young girl who is confident and bubbly, which comfortably carries the story through each activity she appreciates as an older child.

This book offers a ton of wisdom and opens up discussions with kids about growing up and being able to do different things that they couldn't do before. 

Is Jamie Lee Curtis a Hermaphrodite

The simple answer is no. These rumors are just gossip.

There was an infamous rumor going round about Jamie Lee Curtis born with both sexes (a hermaphrodite) and therefore she had to undergo surgery in order to become a female.

There are two facts that support the rumor, one fact her names and the other fact is her adopting children. But adopting children doesn’t mean that a person was born a hermaphrodite.


Where Do Balloons Go?: An Uplifting Mystery

Lee Curtis Photo 7

Lee Curtis at the 16th Annual Dream Halloween Gala. Pi by StarMaxWorldwide

Curtis rhymes about the wonderful mystery of where balloons go in this beautiful children's' book.

It includes lines like "where do balloons go - when you let them go free? - it can happen by accident - it happened to me - do they tango with airplanes - or cha-cha with birds?"

Parents will love this tale as a gentle and fun exploration of a balloon's life. It's the perfect bedtime story for a young toddler.

As wayward balloons get into different shenanigans thanks to the narrator's imaginative mind, the reader gets to see balloons as they really could be in another universe, including a scene of balloons dancing together.

Bursting with vibrant colors and vivid scenes of fantasy, this is the best book to help kids daydream and tap into creative thinking. 

Jamie Lee Curtis Legs insured her for $2.8 millions

It’s no secret that Jamie Lee Curtis’ feet are insured. Over the years, she has been well known for her long legs and her legs have been featured in ads and on television.

So much so that In 1996 when she became the spokeswoman for all L'eggs products, a $2.8 Million life insurance policy was kept on them.

This policy began around the time L’Eggs had her as the spokeswoman for their line of products until 2006 when she decided to slow her acting career.

But before you write that off as being insane, there are other famous celebrities who have insured their legs or other body parts as well for million of dollars.

Perhaps the most mind blowing is that Mariah Carey who is rumored to have insured her legs for $1 Billion. Read more about 13 Celebrities that have insured their body parts worth more than your house

What was Jamie Lee Curtis first movie?

While the actor's exploits on the big screen reverberate the globe over, not many people are familiar with her first film that paved the way for what would be a sensational career.

Her first movie was "Halloween (1978 film) is an American slasher film directed by John Carpenter, where she played the character, Laurie Strode.

The film was a big hit, even earning the tag of the highest gross independent movie of its era as it accrued a staggering $ 70 million in revenue from a production budget of just $ 300,000.

In the movie, Jamie plays the role of a high school student who emerges as the last man standing after a catatonia-plagued serial killer goes on a murderous rampage.

The serial killer eventually foiled by his sheriff's father, who shoots him six times before his body mysteriously disappears.

Her performance in 1978's Halloween was nothing short of impeccable and proved to be the stepping stone to other successful roles in hit horror films, including the sequel to her first film.


My Brave Year of Firsts: Tries, Sighs, and High Fives

Lee Curtis Photo 8

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Curtis during Governor's Conference on Women and Families event that was chaired by Maria Shriver held at the Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA. Photo by Nina Prommer/Globe Photos

Released in 2012, "My Brave Year of Firsts: Tries, Sighs, and High Fives" is the 10th children's book from Curtis. The main character Frankie is an active child learning to do everything, such as riding a bike and raising a new dog. 

Frankie also has to make new friends and help out her dad while also discovering new things and what she likes about having responsibilities.

For families with young kids, this book helps kids feel more confident as they take on some new firsts. As the book starts, "The first time I rode a two-wheeler alone, I crashed, and my mom filmed it on her iPhone."

This line perfectly illustrates why Curtis easily mesmerizes children with her words and descriptive texts.

Most of the experiences in the book are things that most children do as they start to get taller and grow up, which is why it works well for teachers who want to help children learn about all the things they could do.

Jamie Lee Curtis alcoholic (addict) past problems

According to information published on Wikipedia website personal life entry, she started using pain killers after having a routine cosmetic surgical procedure. 

She was addicted to them but eventually she became sober.

She is also recovered from alcoholic. According to Jamie, recovering from alcoholism is the greatest achievement of her life.


Is There Really a Human Race?

Lee Curtis Photo 9

Lee Curtis poses for pictures during an appearance promoting her new children's book 'Is There Really A Human Race?' at Barnes And Noble Bookstore on September 5, 2006, in New York City.

The rhymes are elegant, and the characters are fun to follow in this existential children's book called "Is There Really a Human Race?"

The clever play on race leads into a larger metaphor for the children in the book and what type of futures they envision for themselves.

For instance, a witty text is partnered to brilliant graphics by Laura Cornell, depicting the characters as babies predicting what's to come.

One baby wears sunglasses and holds an Oscar statue, while another plays with the tasseled edges of a graduation cap.

One of the messages in Curtis' book is quite simple as she says that humans are supposed to make the world a better place.

As with other Curtis books, the clever rhymes and diverse characters make it fun for young children to consider their paths gently and kindly. 

Jamie Lee Curtis hair

There is something to note about Jamie Lee Curtis’ hairstyle. In 2008 she had appeared on the cover of AARP Magazine with gray hair.

She is one of the celebrities who prefer short haircut, hairstyle. She makes her grey hair look edgy! Don't you think so? At least I do...


My Mommy Hung the Moon: A Love Story

Lee Curtis Photo 10

Lee Curtis with Nicholas Curtis and Kelly Curtis at Tony Curtis Art Exhibition. Photo by Phil Roach-ipol-Globe Photos, Inc.

Moms are the best at everything; is that not true? In "My Mommy Hung the Moon: A Love Story," we follow the life of a mom who can do it all.

She can untangle kites, bake cookies, carpool with kids everywhere, and steal bases. Moms also have special powers to light up the sun with their love.

Curtis writes from her heart about being a parent, specifically a mommy, and how parents light up the world for their children.

Laura Cornell perfectly illustrates this in a scene where mommy bakes cookies in a "BIG MOMMA BATCH," and all the cookies take on different shapes and other wild characters like Mount Rushmore and ET.

The image is genuinely hilarious and brilliantly showcases what it's like for children to love their parents. You can see how much positivity the book brings to your family while reading with the kids. 

Jamie Lee Curtis is a godmother

Friends with his parents, Jamie was asked to be the Godmother of Jake Gyllenhaal when he was born.

She accepted. Jake’s Godfather, interestingly enough, is Paul Newman.

What is Jamie Lee Curtis Workout Routine?

Lee Curtis is an assertive and talented actress who likes doing Pilates exercise routine to meet her fitness goals.

The mat-based exercise routine helps her fire up her core and get a full-body burn in a short time. Pilates workout has helped this 5 foot, and 9-inch actress to remain fit and is the secret to her superb figure.

By doing Pilates, Lee can control her breathing and improve the alignment of her spine. She complements her exercise routine with a balanced diet. She does portion control and watches all she eats.

According to her, Pilates is effective in improving flexibility, abdominal, and postural strength.

She says that neck, joint, or back pain is not a thing to worry about when you regularly engage in Pilates.

This is why she is a die-hard enthusiast of Pilates. Curtis advises other women to make healthy choices and stop doing what’s harmful. By walking more and eating less, Jamie has managed to stay fit.

How Did Jamie Lee Curtis Become Famous?

Jamie Lee Curtis young photo by Globe Photos, inc.

Fans across the world are not only familiar with her on their movie and television screens, but also in the book writing industry. By looking back at her biography, we can reveal the attributes behind her fame.

  •  An early introduction to the acting industry

After reading through her life history, it is evident that her fame did not start yesterday! She was born in November 22 1958, and raised in a family where both parents were active in the show business.

As a child of famous parents, everyone wants to know her whereabouts, and this could be one of the reasons why quickly rose to fame. In other words, she was famous by association! 

  • Perfecting the skills of pretending

There are many actors and actresses starting from Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA and across the globe that have risen to fame just because of perfecting the ability of acting and looking like famous people and Curtis is only one of them.

At first, mimicking personalities was her weakness, but following the footsteps of her parents, she turned it into her strengths. In fact, at 19, she was playing a lead role in the Halloween film.

  • She is simple in style.

As an actor, too much style can negatively ruin your career. Curtis knew this, and she made it simple. Her popularity is writing, and the acting world can be attributed to the fact that she seems not to be looking to stand out.

She kept it simple, owning a pair of jeans and buying just a single dress each year. She even gave away some of the jewelry because she never needs or wore them.

  • Unveiling original writing pieces

Lee Curtis is one of the few celebrities cum writers who has managed to win over readers and critics alike. She achieved this tremendous applause because most of her writing work was purely original, targeting children.

Much of her inspiration in the writing industry came from filmmaking.


Although her schooling life went unnoticed, she has been in the spotlight from tender age while growing up in a famous family.she did a couple of things that made her recognized in the acting world.

Appearance in movies and television screens, as well as writing inspiring books for toddlers and children, made her stand out like a glowing star!

In addition to her children’s books published by HarperCollins, Curtis also wrote a unique one-of-a-kind book for Jay Leno. Showing creativity in more than just acting, Lee Curtis continues to produce quality stories for young readers.

Hopefully, Jamie Lee Curtis still has many more beautiful children’s books not yet penned and movies to be made during her lifetime.

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