Nick Vujicic YouTube Video About Overcoming Hopelessness That Will Inspire You Today

 Written by Joseph Nyamache

| Updated on March 30, 2020

Nick Vujicic YouTube video reminds each one of us that, there is something unique and amazing about those people who inspire others even when there is nothing worthy inspiring other people about

Motivational Speaker Nick Vujicic YouTube Video

Did you know that over a billion people around the world face starvation, over 120 million people are still slaves in this day and age and that on average, over 100 million people will commit suicide by the end of this year?

With all bad news happening around the world, there is no doubt that people need hope and that is exactly what Nick Vujicic speech will attempt to do, to give people hope!

Nick Vujicic’s journey of overcoming hopelessness was not easy.

Just like any other disabled person, his journey was full of many obstacles but he managed to turn hopelessness to opportunity and become one of the most sought-after motivation speakers of our time.

From billionaires to well-established managers in the corporate world to individuals who don’t know if they will have a meal on the table today, there is one common thing that ordinary people are all looking for and that is hope.

In this life, we all have a choice; to cry foul for what we actually don’t have or to be thankful to God for what he has given us. That was the most difficult thing that Nick Vujicic had to overcome.

The greatest and most precious thing in this world is love.

When people feel that they don’t have love, or if they lose hope then they slowly start to lose strength to continue living. The world needs hope and love.

There are people in our lives who never see anything good in us. Regardless of what you do, they always think that you are not good enough. They always try to pull you down. on your low moment, they will bring you even lower.

You may think such people are the biggest discouragers in your life but that is not the case, your biggest discourager is yourself. It takes a few seconds for someone else to tell you something that will make you feel low, but you will never forget what that particular person has said for years.

Words are powerful and can quickly influence your thinking and believes.

According to Nick Vujicic YouTube video, when he was 8 years old, Nick contemplated committing suicide because he didn’t have hope but, now things have changed and he now has hope.

So what changed, what made Nick overcome hopelessness and instead have hope?

What changed is that he started having faith. He encourages other people to have faith and never give up on their dreams.

There is something special and priceless worth learning from people who “know how to inspire others” where others see no future or anything significant and worth fighting for.

Overcoming Hopelessness | Nick Vujicic YouTube Video

Video Summary: Overcoming hopelessness | Nick Vujicic | TEDxNoviSad

Faith is the key to happiness and success

Nick referred to faith as ‘believing in something you could not see’. He said that words can do so much, but hugs can do much more than words. But when hugs don’t do anything, faith kicks in.

For him, words and hugs were not enough but he had faith.

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Nick Vujicic Youtube Video About Overcoming Hopelessness

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