Pamela Meyer TED Talk Presentation About How To Spot A Liar That Left Her Audience Speechless

 Written by Joseph Nyamache

| Updated on November 5, 2019

Pamela Meyer, author of Liespotting gave a powerful TED talk about “how to spot a liar” In this video, her speech enlightens her audience about the different ways to read body language to spot liars

How To Spot A Liar | By Pamela Meyer

This is a very interesting video by Pamela Mayer about people lying and how to spot a liar.

In fact, Pamela Mayer starts her speech by pointing to her TED audience and accuses the person sitting to the left as a liar.

Then, she tells her audience that the person sitting to the right of you is also a liar.

Lastly, she tells the audience that the person sitting in the next seat is a liar.

The point, everyone is a liar!

This is such a bold statement from someone who is as respectable as Pamela Mayer. It’s easy to get upset as nobody wants to be accused of being a liar.

Pamela Mayer’s TED talk presentation is all about people lying. More importantly, she teaches you how to be a spotter of lies. During the talk, she even told her own misrepresentation to see who managed to see it and who didn’t.

Yet, the aim of Pamela Mayer’s speech is not to turn you into a liar-seeker, but rather to be a truth seeker. Watch for yourself and see if you can start picking up different ways on how to spot a pathological liar.

How To Spot A Liar | TED Talk By Pamela Meyer

Body language expert reveals nine ways to spot a liar
The big pause: Lying is quite a complex process for the body and brain to deal with. First, your brain produces the truth which it then has to suppress before inventing the lie and the performance of that lie.

This often leads to a longer pause than normal before answering, plus a verbal stalling technique like ‘Why do you ask that?’ rather than a direct and open response. Read more: Nine ways to spot a liar

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You Won’t Believe How This Speech Left the Audience Speechless

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