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4 Undeniable Reasons Why It’s Smart for You to Buy a Fully Managed WordPress Hosting Service for Your Blog

  • Speed

Slow sites get penalized by the search engines. They love ranking and sending traffic to fast loading sites.

  • Security

Get top tier protection and security tuned for WordPress blogs. Stop hacker and spammers.

  • Scalability

Keep your site up 99.99% and running 24/7,  regardless of the amount of traffic visiting your site.

  • Support

Need fast web hosting technical support? Get the time and attention you deserve when you need it.

“How To Find The Best WordPress Hosting Services For Small Business Blogs In 2019, Get Free Web Hosting Guide For Dummies”

Discover 4 Reasons Why This Is The Best WordPress Hosting Solution For Small Business WordPress Blogs

Is choosing the right WordPress hosting for your WordPress blog driving you crazy? Believe me, you are not the only crazy person in town and here is why, "choosing the best managed WordPress hosting service for your WordPress site" may seems simple at first but the truth is that choosing the right web hosting company for your site can be hard, confusing and frustrating.

Who else want to increase traffic to their WordPress blog by double digits, spend less money paying for that traffic and at the same time, spend less time on free traffic getting strategies that takes for ever and, that is if you are lucky enough. . .

  • Not to be slapped and banned by the search engines like Google!

Well, I'm here to tell you a secret I discovered and yes, it won't cost you a fortune.

Now, in order for you to understand, let me first explain something basic that most wordpress owners are completely unaware of. . .

So let's talk about site speed.

Did you know that the load time of your site has a direct impact on your traffic, search engine ranking and your profits?

For example, 1 second delay in load time will decreases your conversions by 7% because naturally people will rather hit the back button instead of waiting for your site to load. And because your pages loads slow and people are hitting the back button search engines like Google and Bing see that as a bad user experience,

  • They penalize your site.

Your blog receives less and less of their free traffic  and you end up spending more money on paid traffic that keep hitting the back button. You end up not getting as much sales as you desire or generate the amount of revenue that your business deserves!

Now, that is a big problem.

So how can you instantly increases speed, conversions and profits for your WordPress blog?

I'm glad you asked. The answer may surprise you. You simply do this one thing. Okay, I know, I know. Listen up now!

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There are 3 fatal mistakes that you must warn you about when it comes to choosing the best web hosting company:

Three Common Mistakes To Avoid
When Choosing WordPress
Web Hosting Company

Given the sheer amount of WordPress hosting companies in existence today that offer slightly different web hosting features, hosting packages and pricing levels, choosing the right web host for your WordPress blog can be, confusing, frustrating and complicated.

Now, because choosing a good WordPress hosting company to host your blog is important,  I have put together a 4 point WordPress hosting comparison guide to act as your checklist as you go along searching for the best hosting for your WordPress blog.

There are plenty of WordPress hosting companies out there on the internet that pad their offers with lots of appealing words like "top rated WordPress hosting" "fastest hosting for WordPress" or "the cheap WordPress hosting"  and the list goes on and on. . .

All those features and benefits matters but, the most important thing that matters the most is that a WordPress hosting company isn't worth much if it doesn't provide the benefits and features that your blog really need.

We all know that a well optimized blog can help you drive traffic and increase awareness of your goods and services, acquire new customers, help you expand into new markets, and convert your small shop into a brand Goliath in your niche.

However, without a competent web hosting company, you don’t have a strong pillar that is critical to a successful website. There is nothing worse than signing up for a free WordPress hosting account or a cheap WordPress hosting plan that won’t keep your site 99.9% online, takes ages to fix problems, fails to secure your website or overcharges its customers for additions.

  • Why do folks commit these three web hosting mistake?

I believe part of it is because people overlooking to read the terms of service. I can’t blame them. The length of ToS is almost unlimited, making it difficult for people to read all that is written. A vast majority of people while choosing a hosting service don’t read terms of service and face problems when they try to opt out of the contract.

Most hosting companies have a nasty habit of highlighting a few points that favor their company. It is therefore important to read every point in carefully. Be sure to understand their refund policy, termination procedure as well as agreement.

  • Mistake #1: Settling for a free WordPress hosting solution

Cost shouldn’t be the criteria for selecting a web host. That being said, choosing a free WordPress hosting company is the number one mistake that most people make. Often times, most companies offer free services in order to attract new customers.

It's common for such free web hosts to go down unexpectedly and this could land you in trouble. Cheap or free hosting companies are also notorious for putting third party adverts on your business portal and this could annoy your visitors. You are also limited to what you can do and some scripts malfunction when using free hosting services.

  • Mistake #2: Shopping for cheap WordPress hosting companies

While not all cheap WordPress hosting companies are incompetent, most of them offer cheap web hosting plans to attract new customers. Don’t sign up with new web hosting companies that haven’t build credibility unless you are sure their services are really practical for you.

Before you enter into contract with a cheap WordPress hosting company, look at its customer base, its uptime and backup features. It is also important to entrust your website to the provider who has been in business for a while as this will give you confident in their ability to deliver quality service.

  • Mistake #3: Over reliance on unsubstantial WordPress hosting reviews

A vast majority of WordPress hosting reviews and testimonials online are posted by affiliate marketers who stand to benefit from recommending certain companies. Most of these reviews are simply a list of web hosting companies they claim to be the best hosting companies for WordPress. While some are honest in their recommendations, it is ridiculous to base your purchasing decision solely on their unsubstantial WordPress hosting reviews without you, doing your own due diligence to confirm their assertions.

Rather, base your buying decision on a wide array of other sources like authority blogs, web hosting directories as well as web hosting forums in addition to these reviews. Read comments written by the actual users of the service as they are more reliable.

4 Shared Qualities Of The Top Rated WordPress Hosting Companies

Let me now list and briefly explain 4 characteristics that the top WordPress hosting companies have in common. Hopefully, this 4 qualities will guide and help you make a more information decision when choosing a good WordPress host for your site.

  • There are four qualifications a good and well managed WordPress hosting company must have and these are:
  • 1

    WordPress Hosting Speed Comparison / Page Load Time

Online consumers are fickle creatures. Think about your own browsing habits. If you land on a page that takes more than a few seconds to load, how long will you wait around? If you’re like most internet users, you’ll quickly hit the back navigation button and move on if a site isn’t moving fast enough for you, right?

How Slow Loading Pages Affects Your WordPress Site

Once someone reaches your website, you want them to stick around for a while. If your site loads too slowly, guests will grow impatient and move on before they ever see what you’re offering. You may have brilliant content and outstanding deals, but none of that will matter if folks aren’t able to access it quickly.

A good WordPress hosting company will make speed a priority.

As you evaluate WordPress hosting plans and prices, keep in mind that your blog needs a fast WordPress hosting service. If web hosting provider doesn’t provide top of the range-high-speed servers, move on.

And don’t just take their word or persuasive sales letter or video. Ask other bloggers and  webmasters by searching, joining online forums or reading WordPress hosting reviews on the internet to find out what the experts are recommending as the top WordPress hosting sites.

  • 2

    The Most Secure WordPress Hosting Solution

The internet isn’t a safe place. The online world is fraught with high-tech bandits who are eager to get their hands on your customers’ private information. Consumers are growing increasingly wary due to recent reports of massive online attacks on various large sites. Today, most customers will scrutinize a site’s security before transacting any type of business. Obviously, this directly impacts the success of your business.

How reliable and secure WordPress hosting service affects your site

If you conduct any kind of e-business, this factor is of paramount importance. If you want to securely process payments and keep information and data secure, you absolutely need a secure server from which to operate. Without this, your clients simply won’t feel confident enough to share their personal and financial information.

As you search for the best host for WordPress sites, pay close attention to web hosting companies that provide managed WordPress hosting offers that tout encryption capabilities as well as the possibility of securing a dedicated servers.

  • 3

    Ability To Scale Up WordPress Web Hosting Account Without Being Shut Down

Some companies host numerous accounts on a single server. If you share a server with too many other sites, your website will start to load too slowly.

If your site is still small, you might not experience this problem; however, as your business grows, you may start to run into trouble. In this case, you should have the option to upgrade your hosting account.

Unfortunately, some WordPress hosting companies won’t scale up your account without shutting down your site. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a day oor more. This is extremely important to avoid

How this Affects Your WordPress Blog

You need space to grow without worrying about downtime, because downtime = lost business. Ask the hosting company about how they handle upgrades, and try to select a WordPress hosting company that can ramp up your account without shutting you down.

  • 4

    Expert Support From Top Rated WordPress Hosting Companies

This is arguably the biggest deciding factor for many people. If your site goes down unexpectedly, you need to be able to get help immediately. You can’t afford to wait around for a response in two business days.

Before you decide to sign up for a cheap WordPress hosting company, try a little test run with their tech support line. Give them a call and see how long it takes to reach a real person. Make sure that the hosting company provides in-house support and that their support team is knowledgeable, helpful and reliable.

How  the level of WordPress hosting support affects your WordPress site

If you can’t get reliable support, you could be losing valuable business hours. If your site is down or you’re running into technical issues, you need a WordPress hosting company with a support team that is acts fast and takes your problems seriously.

A good idea is to pick up the phone and call their support line. I believe that there are some aspects that can be outsourced but If you find that a hosting company’s tech support has been outsourced to another country or company, it’s a good indication that they aren’t making customer support a priority.


If you are like me, it may be tempting to choose WordPress hosting companies that offer free WordPress hosting. If you opt for such a company, then you must understand that there are severe limitations that may negatively affect your blog.

Chances are that your site will be utilized to display adverts which may annoy your visitors. Also, the traffic that you are going to generate over the years will be siphoned off and directed to places you may not very well be comfortable with. In a worse case scenario, some of these free WordPress hosting sites may not offer what they promised.

Remember also that there are a myriad of technical facets to hosting a blog. Often you want help setting up an account, creating e-mail accounts, installing scripts, databases, just to name a few. All these tasks require a knowledgeable technician.

This is why it's important to sign up for a WordPress managed hosting service that will take care of such hosting problems in the background for you or is readily available whenever your blog is having problems and you need technical assistance.


Which is the Best Web Host for WordPress Sites in 2019?

In order to answer your question, allow me to introduce Joseph.

You see Joseph loves WordPress blogs and here is why, Joseph sends traffic to his WordPress blogs. The visitors arrive, read his blog content and they like it. They sign up for his newsletter and become raving fans.

Because Joseph has the right offers and his raving fans have certain needs, wants and problems that needs to be solved, they buy and buy and buy!

Joe makes money. Problem solved for raving fans. A win – win, scenario right?

So everything was working fine until that day, when suddenly there was a problem. A big problem.

    • Visitors stopped arriving. The search engines stopped sending traffic. And his raving fans stopped buying.
    • His hosting account was shut down and his wordpress blog was gone. Just like that!

Joe was worried. Luckily for Joseph, his friend Joshua knew exactly what to do to fix the problem. Joshua made one small tiny change and within 24hours. His WordPress blog was up and running, visitors started arriving, the search engines started sending more traffic. and his raving fans started buying over and over again.

Listen now, you are about to discover how one small change to your self hosted wordpress blog has the potential to increase your traffic by double digits, make your blog the darling for the search engines like Google while keeping the bad guys away.

Sounds good? If you want the ability to increase traffic to your blog by double digits, generate more leads and sales and keep WordPress hackers away then simply sign up today and I will see you on the next page

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