7 List Building Tips: How To
Build An Email List From Scratch And Start Email Marketing Campaigns In 2024

What is blocking you from building a 10,000+ email list?

How To Build An Email List From Scratch And Start Your Email Marketing Business...

Creating a robust list of email subscribers is the cornerstone to effective email marketing. Without a list of subscribers, you can't reach out to anyone. 

With an old or outdated list, you can't reach the right people. Success in email marketing requires a healthy, robust, and reliable list of email contacts.

  • Building a list of email subscribers will help you:
  • 1. Create multiple streams of passive income,
  • 2. Improve ROI on your products and services,
  • 3. Be able to launch other media channels quickly.

Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. Most online entrepreneurs continue to struggle to build a robust list of email subscribers. 

List Building 101: Learn How To Create An Email List Of 1,000 - 10,000+ Subscribers

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If you're just getting started with your online business, building a high-quality email list as soon as possible might be one of the most intelligent decisions you make.

As a business owner, the data you get from owning a hipper-targeted email list of email subscribers interested in your products or services is the crown jewel of digital marketing.

Because one single email subscriber is so valuable to any online business, we've compiled a list of seven list building tips that will help you launch your email marketing campaign the right way.

Discover how to build your email list on a small budget and build relationships with education-based email marketing that drives sales.

Want to build a list of 1,000 - 10,000+ subscribers?

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Offer Subscriber-Only Content
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Offer Subscriber-Only Content

People are inherently attracted to exclusivity. Therefore, you can create demand for your content by making it limited. There are many ways to do this. 

You can publish content on your website that is only accessible to members only. You could start a private Facebook group or create a private Twitter account.

Create unique content for these private groups that people can't get anywhere else. These groups can be great, not only for your business but also for your email list. 

When people sign up for the group, you can ask them for their email addresses. Therefore, as your group grows, so will your email list.

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Free Product Or Service Trials

People love free stuff, especially when someone is already interested in your product or service. Free trials are an easy and low friction way to do two things. 

First, you get people to make a low-commitment decision to engage with your business. Micro-commitments often make it easy for one to convert into a long-time paying customer.

Secondly, by asking for an email address, you will also start collecting emails of everyone who signs up for the free trial.

These signups are highly qualified contacts. By signing up for the free trial, they have already confirmed interest in your business.

Drip email campaigns are an excellent idea for engaging with your prospects and free trial subscribers.

Moreover, interaction at this stage helps them get the most out of your product and service. This engagement will also make a free trial subscriber more likely to upgrade and become premium members.

Free Product or Service Trials
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Offer Discount and Coupon Codes

Offer Discount And Coupon Codes

Everyone loves to save money.

An easy way to collect email addresses from potential customers is to offer them something valuable in return.

What better value than to give them a discount coupon code in exchange for signing up to your list. Not only will you get a qualified email, but you may also get a customer.

This strategy is one that many online businesses utilize. It works like a charm, especially for eCommerce websites. 

Many online shopping cart platforms integrate with website forms that offer coupons to automate the process entirely. That way, each customer can get a unique code just for them that you can track.

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Newsletter Sign Up Form

Newsletter Sign Up Form

One of the most basic and obvious ways to start collecting emails is to ask for them! You can put a newsletter sign-up form on your website's homepage. 

Find a prominent position above the fold or put it in the footer on your site. That way, you can immediately begin to convert some of the traffic and build a list of subscribers.

Once you have email addresses signed up for your newsletter, the best way to keep them is to keep delivering valuable content. But don't send too many emails. 

People don't want spam. Make your newsletter a valuable product, and you will continue to have an interested and engaged audience.

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Ebook Or Whitepaper Downloads

Depending on the nature of your online business, you may have written content like ebooks or whitepapers. 

These are valuable resources that visitors are willing to give up their email addresses to access the downloads.

Collecting emails gives you a way to send the ebook to the customer and gives you a way to stay in touch with them. You might even want to follow up to see how they liked the content.

Ebook or Whitepaper Downloads
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Host an Online Event or Webinar

Host An Event Or Webinar

Hosting a free online Webinar or event is an excellent, low-friction way to collect email addresses.

The free event or webinar's goal should be to demonstrate or teach people about something they are interested in and find valuable or helpful in your niche market. 

To attend the webinar, visitors have to register. In the registration form, you can ask for their email address.

Most webinar software automatically sends registrants a calendar invite with your links to the webinar event. 

They also integrate with most email marketing companies and autoresponders to automatically add your registrants to a segment of your email list that you assign to the webinar.

Most webinars typically have an offer at the end of the event. After the event, you can follow up with your webinar registrants and guide them through your email marketing strategy and sales funnel.

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Create an Online Quiz

Create An Online Quiz

People love self-discovery. 

What better way to lead new visitors to your website into self-discovery than to make use of a quiz?

This strategy helps you in two ways simultaneously. 

Not only do you collect email addresses, but you also gain valuable insights about your customers. You might learn demographical data, behavioral data, or personal preferences. What you ask about is entirely up to you.

You can send out quizzes on social media like Facebook or Twitter. Also, you might want to add an incentive for people to take the quiz.

 In doing so, you might create scarcity or exclusivity and demand by limiting the quiz to the first 100 people, for example. 

How you decide to set up and run your online quiz is all up to you!

  • Ask for an email address
  • Build relationships
  • Offer solutions

No tricks. After doing this email marketing thing for a while, I have concluded that asking for an email address the right way, in exchange for something valuable, is the key to a successful email marketing campaign. No gimmicks.

Segment your list to make your messages valuable and enjoyable to your audience.  

Your goal is to send the right email message to the right segment of your list at the right time.

It takes time to build relationships using education-based email marketing campaigns, but trust me, once you do, it's going to be the easiest way to make automated sales on the fly.

Offer solutions to your email subscriber. Never, ever sell.

How To Build An Email List From Scratch

There you have it. Email list building 101 for beginners.

If you're in affiliate marketing, a product creator, coach, or consultant, or you're just getting started, you can use the above seven ways to build an email list from scratch.

The top digital marketing agencies and business owners know that "the money is in the list," so ask yourself, "what is one subscriber or email list worth to you and your business?" and then take action. 

Ready to build your email marketing business?

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What Is Blocking You From Building Your 1,000 - 10,000+ Email List?

Why do some digital marketing gurus and list-building business owners seem to build a massive list of emails while other online entrepreneurs struggle to get their first 1,000 email subscribers?

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