Is This The Best Valedictorian Speech Ever? Written And Presented By Valedictorian Carl Aquino

 Written by Joseph Nyamache

| Updated on November 5, 2019

Carl Aquino high school Valedictorian speech to graduates of West Hall High School class of 2010 is by far one of the best Valedictorian speech of a lifetime that will change the way in which you view time

The Best Valedictorian Speech Ever By Carl Aquino

This an interesting yet a life-changing speech written and presented to graduates of West Hall High School by Valedictorian Carl Aquino. It starts with the mike being shifted in such a way that it makes a funny squeaky sound that has the audience in splits.

The young man then thanks his aunt and uncle and grandparents and officials. Thereafter, he introduces Nathan Turner who plays the guitar.

This sequence of events sets and elevates the mood of the audience.

He then uses the Rubik cube to show you that you have to do things in a planned manner. He says that his sophomore year was a blur…

Carl Aquino then waits for the guitar to set the mood once more.

He goes on to say how he managed to solve many problems in his sophomore year. Then things started to get more difficult and the nice part is that you get to go to the prom.

But you need to be careful about each move – if you don’t want to end up back at square one. His final year he says was no better. You spend years trying to find the perfect girl but finally, after searching you think you’ve found the perfect one.

You really want to propose but you’re nervous because she is out of your league.

When you finally propose, she says that she needs time to get back and that is what is applying to college, it feels like that. He stops his high school Valedictorian speech by showing that he has solved the Rubik cube.

This is really a hilarious speech that says a lot in a very short time.

The Best Valedictorian Speech Ever That Will Change Your Life?

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Will Anyone Ever Deliver A Commencement Speech Like This One

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