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The world around us has continued to change drastically over the past few decades.

More people are now working longer hours, each weak for less pay to make ends meet.

With prices skyrocketing, rising taxes, and inflation rates on an upswing all around us, most people are barely getting by with meager incomes and shrinking savings account balances at the end of the month.

  • Most people feel like they're working harder for less, trapped and, unable to meet their financial goals.

Unfortunately, it seems like the American Dream is rapidly becoming a reality of the past for most ordinary people. The rich are getting richer, working fewer hours, while everyone else fights an uphill battle, working long hours and living from one paycheck to another, unable to make ends meet.

How are the rich getting richer?

There are several reasons why the rich get richer. Some of the reasons include but are not limited to; the rich:

  1. Have more access to education and opportunities that help them increase their wealth.
  2. Can often buy assets and investments that provide them with a steady income stream.
  3. Often have more connections and networking opportunities that help them get ahead in their careers.
  4. Can afford to invest in property, stocks, and bonds, which often appreciate value over time.
  5. Are often better at managing their money, which allows them to keep more of it over time.

Some people think that the rich get richer because they have some secrets, that they're taking advantage of the rest of us. And while it's true that some people do become rich through illegal activities or by taking advantage of others, most wealthy people become wealthy through hard work and intelligent investment.

  • The fact is, when you have more money, you can make more money. 

When you're rich, you can afford to invest in things like stocks, real estate, gold, and silver.

Rich people can afford to hire and pay the best lawyers and accountants to help protect their wealth. Wealthy individuals can also afford to send their kids to the best schools so that they'll be successful too.

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Why Does The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Get Poorer?

The rich get richer because they have more money to invest and can afford to put their money into stocks, bonds, real estate, and other investments that will generate a return over time.

The poor get poorer because they spend most of their money on food, clothing, and shelter, which in turn leaves very little money left over to invest in assets that will grow in value over time. As a result, the poor tend to stay poor while the rich continue to get richer.

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Are precious metals like gold and silver worth buying?

How To Make Extra Money Online Buying Collectible Precious Metals Such As Gold And Silver...

While stocks, bonds, and other investments deserve a place in a well-diversified portfolio, no one should discount the benefits of investing in gold and silver.

Investing in precious metals such as gold and silver seems simple, straightforward, and much easier to understand, but the sheer number of investment options can easily overwhelm a novice investor.

What are the 10 most precious metals?

The following list of precious metals is considered among the most expensive and valuable metals in the world, worth a lot of money.

  1. Rhodium
  2. Platinum
  3. Gold
  4. Ruthenium
  5. Iridium
  6. Osmium
  7. Palladium
  8. Rhenium
  9. Silver
  10. Indium
What are the 10 most precious metals?
What are the 10 most precious metals?

Is precious metals A Good investment?

Precious metals can be a good investment, but it is essential to do your homework and research before investing in this market. Consider the factors that are likely to affect the price of metals in the future.

  • Learn everything you need to know and have a solid:
  • Understanding of the risks involved and,
  • Storage costs, and commission fees.

Some people believe that precious metals are a safe investment because they are tangible assets that can be stored and therefore provide a hedge against inflation. 

They are also less correlated with the stock market than other assets such as equities and bonds, making them attractive to investors looking for diversification. 

  • And while it is true that metals prices have historically been less volatile than other types of investments, 
  • There is no guarantee that this will always be the case. 

Recent events have shown that prices can swing wildly in either direction, so it's important to prepare for short-term and long-term fluctuations if you want to have success in this type of investment.

  • So, what is the best way to buy collectible precious metals? Keep reading »

Timeless Reasons Why Investing In Gold And Silver Makes A Lot Of Sense

For centuries, many countries worldwide have accepted gold and silver as currency, jewelry, and as a form of other decorative items because they are rare, durable, and hold their value over time.

Why do investors invest in gold and silver?

Investors invest in gold and silver because they are safe investments that hold value even in tough economic times. Over time, both metals have retained their value better than most other investments. 

Here are some key reasons why investors still consider gold and silver to be wise investments:

  • Gold and silver are rare metals that are not affected by inflation.
  • Gold and silver are durable, meaning they won't rust or tarnish over time.
  • Gold and silver have held their value over time, making them a stable investment option.
  • Gold is non-corrosive, meaning it doesn't react with other elements, making it a safe investment option.

Are precious metals a good investment right now?

Investing in collectible precious metals can be a wise decision right now because the global economy is always constantly changing, and there is a lot of uncertainty about the future. 

  • That is why it's also essential to consult with a financial advisor to get advice specific to your situation.

Precious metals carry several distinct advantages over the mainstream investment instruments that other investments can't match, and they provide an unprecedented level of stability and security. 

  • When the market slumps, as it does from time to time...

You don't want to be caught flat-footed. Therefore, you should consider adding silver, gold, and other precious metals to your portfolio.

Do you want to discover how to invest in gold and silver?

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1. Valuable Commodity

What is a valuable commodity

A valuable commodity is anything with high demand and is in short supply. The most obvious example of one of the most valuable commodities is oil. Oil is a valuable commodity because there's only so much of it on Earth, and it's needed to produce gasoline, plastics, and many other products. 

Other examples of the most valuable commodities in the world include precious metals (gold, silver, platinum), gemstones (diamonds, rubies, sapphires), and certain agricultural products (coffee, cocoa beans, sugar, corn).

  • Why is gold and silver so valuable?
Gold and Silver Valuable Commodity
Gold and Silver Valuable Commodity

Gold and silver have been viewed as valuable commodities for centuries because they are scarce, durable, and difficult to produce. In addition, gold and silver are easily converted into cash, making them a liquid assets. 

As a result, investors often invest in gold and silver as a hedge against inflation or to protect their portfolios during times of economic volatility.

Why do investors invest in gold and silver?

Investors often invest in gold and silver as a way to store value. Additionally, gold and silver are rare metals with a low supply relative to other metals, making them appealing to investors looking for a stable investment that is less likely to be impacted by inflation.

  • Investors will continue to enjoy a long-term upward price.

Since it takes a lot of time and effort to extract an ounce of gold, the scarcity of these precious metals will make it more valuable. After all, accessible ground reserves are dwindling while the demand for silver and gold remains steady. 

Why do investors invest in gold and silver?
Why do investors invest in gold and silver?

2. A Safe Haven During Time of Crisis

Historically, investors have used silver and gold to hedge against the risk of inflation. When the local currency loses value, it's normal for people to look towards tangible assets such as gold.

Investing in either silver or gold is suitable both in the Bull and Bear market.

  • People hoard metals when business activity slows, and the economy takes in more debt.

These hoarding habits were always imminent during crises such as the Great Depression bubble, Dot-com bubble, COVID-19, and other major financial debacles

Research shows that investment in silver and gold works equally well during deflation and inflation. As a result, you can safely invest in these metals during good times and in crisis.

3. Protection Against Geopolitical Uncertainty

Geopolitical uncertainty is a significant cause of volatility and economic instability in the global markets.

It can also cause investors and businesses to delay or cancel investment decisions or a reluctance to make long-term commitments, leading to slower economic growth.

  • Additionally, geopolitical uncertainty impacts corporate earnings and increased volatility in commodity prices, leading to heightened demand for safe-haven assets, for example, silver and gold. 

Finally, geopolitical uncertainty causes people to flee certain countries, leading to refugees and immigrants seeking asylum in other countries, which can strain resources and create social tension.

  • Recent technological advancement and the interlinked global is changing the investment landscape.
Protection Against Geopolitical Uncertainty
Protection Against Geopolitical Uncertainty

Due to an interconnected economy, changes in one part of the globe will likely affect other world regions. For example, global commodity markets showed unprecedented volatility during the coronavirus pandemic.

Prices of oil plunged, and the equity market provided a fledgling performance. In contrast, the prices of gold and silver remained steady.

There is clear evidence that silver and gold deliver consistent returns during geopolitical risks and geopolitical threats of global nature. In contrast, most other assets are always prone to price fluctuations.

4. Safe Physical Assets

Valuable metals are real money that you can hold in your hands without worrying about any risk of depreciation. Unlike stocks, ETFs, and digital currencies, it doesn't have counterparty risks.

Due to these physical properties, investors never face the risks of defaults. It's also the primary reason investors use these assets to guard against risk for hundreds of years.

  • The long-term use of money also enhances their value.

For example, both silver and gold are used widely for coinage. Therefore, you can hold on to the inventory for a long-time and hope to reap financial benefits by selling them at a future date.

The fascination with gold is no more imminent than Fort Knox - a fortified vault holding more than half of the US gold deposits. 

For decades, the US Bullion depository has enjoyed a mythical status, proving that bullion is regarded as the most precious asset by governments worldwide.

A Safe Heaven During the Time of Crisis

5. Continuous Demand In China And India

Is China buying silver and gold?

China is buying large quantities of gold, silver, and other commodities like copper and aluminum.

  • The primary reason China is buying these commodities is to build up its reserves. 
  • Also in China, gold and silver are also a part of a lifestyle for more than 2 billion people. 

By having a large stockpile of these commodities, China can help ensure its economy remains stable in another global financial crisis. Additionally, by buying gold and silver, China hopes to increase the value of its currency and make it more resistant to inflation.

  • Rising real income and greater spending power of the Chinese people.

Pure gold and silver ornaments are used widely in major festivals. The Chinese people also purchase gold for weddings and gift-giving occasions. The deep-rooted culture of gold in China will play its part in boosting gold prices in the long term.

  • Why is silver and gold valuable in India?
Continuous Demand in China and India

Gold and silver are considered valuable in India because of the country's history and culture. Gold is a symbol of wealth and status in India, and the Indian people have been using these metals as currency for centuries.

Gold and silver are popular choices for jewelry and other decorative items.

In addition, there are many customs and religious rituals related to silver and gold that vary by region. For example, some families believe it is auspicious to give newlyweds a gold chain or necklace, while others think it's vital to present gold coins during special ceremonies.

As long as Indians and Chinese people maintain their lifestyles and continue to demand and use these precious metals, the prices of gold and silver will continue to rise in the foreseeable future.

India and China Buying Silver and Gold

6. Liquid And Portable Asset

You can easily store, transport, and trade physical metals.

Investors love gold bars and silver bullion because anyone can easily convert them into cash. Then, when needed, you can take the gold to a goldsmith or an outlet and receive some money in return.

  • Other types of investments may not offer such flexibility. 

For instance, it usually takes investors up to three days to convert their stocks into cash. So, people can sell their stock quickly, and their broker will only need a few days to settle the transaction and send the money to their designated account. 

Likewise, people can easily buy and sell physical assets at a current market rate. It's also easy to gain maximum monetary benefit from price fluctuations because you don't need to give commissions to trade.

  • Trading gold is almost always commission-free. 

Unlike other assets, it's easy to transfer these metals and take advantage of the price differential in different countries. As a result, you can often buy low and sell high. 

Under the scenario, make sure you're aware of the laws and tax regulations. You may also want to research the maximum limit you can take with you without filing a report.

7. Long-term Positive Forecast

Is gold and silver a good long term investment?

Gold and silver are finite resources. Therefore, most experts believe that their prices will likely go up as global economies continue to falter due to changes in global economic conditions, geopolitical events, and the supply and demand for each precious metal. 

  • On the other hand, other experts believe that gold and silver will eventually lose their value altogether as new forms of currency emerge.
  • At this point, it's impossible to say for sure what will happen in the long term.
Long-term Positive Forecast
Long-term Positive Forecast

However, both gold and silver are excellent hedges against inflation and economic uncertainty, so they may be a wise investment for those interested in protecting their wealth over the long term.

Like all other investments, there may be a few bumps along the way. 

What is gold and silver long term forecast?

Here's a look at some of the factors that could influence gold and silver's long-term forecast:

  • Production costs: The cost of mining gold and silver has been increasing in recent years, which could lead to higher prices for these metals in the future.
  • Global economic conditions: The global economy has a significant impact on the price of gold and silver since both metals are considered safe havens during times of financial volatility.
  • Government policies: Central banks worldwide have been buying up large amounts of gold in recent years, which could drive up the price of gold in the future.

Expert's prediction, price charts based on technical analysis, and most signals offer conclusive evidence that most precious metals are likely to provide excellent and stable returns for years.

Remember that savvy investors tend to buy gold and silver after doing their due diligence, studying and understanding the risks involved, and taking action before the buying frenzy begins.

  • Invest in Precious Metals
  • Buy Gold and Silver
  • Access Dealer Direct Prices

Savvy investors evaluate precious metal investment options according to the premium and spot price. They also only do business with reputable and reliable sellers.

It takes more than scarcity and even high demand in the short term to turn physical assets investments into a good investment in the long term. 

That is why becoming a smart physical metal investor requires one to acquire new knowledge and a deep understanding of how gold and silver are bought and sold in the market. 

How To Buy Collectible Gold And Silver

With uncertainty of today’s everchanging global economy, precious metals are a popular investment tool for savvy entrepreneurs. 

There is only so much gold and silver on earth, and the demand is high for products made from these precious metals. 

Before you venture into the market and start buying physical metals such as gold and silver, you need to watch this video presentation...

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