12 Facebook Tactics That Drive More Traffic To Your Blog That Converts

 Written by Joshua Nyamache

| Updated on March 28, 2019

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Do you want to learn how to write Facebook posts?

The best Facebook posts that you’ll publish, then sit back waiting for them to:

1.) Get shared many times.

2.) Receive many likes.

3.) Receive many comments.

4.) Receive many click-throughs to your blog.

Let’s face the truth. . .

You won’t drive traffic to your blog if no one is interested in reading your Facebook posts.

Since no one is reading your Facebook posts, they greatly suffer from lack of comments, likes and click-throughs.

In short, you’re posting content that doesn’t interest Facebook users.

Hey, come to think of it! Would you read content that is boring enough to make you fall asleep?

I know you won’t!

Now you want to ask me, “How do I create the best Facebook posts that will get shared many times in order to drive more traffic to my blog?”

I have compiled 12 Simple Facebook Tactics that will help you to drive more traffic to your blog.

They are the tactics you can start using today to create the kind of Facebook posts that will make people to click-through to your blog.

Use these simple tactics to seduce Facebook users and win more clients.

Before we even discuss these tactics in details, let me walk you through what has already been reported online about Facebook that makes it to be a social networking site that is very important.

Facebook being the second most accessed website in the United States, it has over 2 billion registered users of which 1.55 billion are active users as of September 2015.

A study by Pew Research Center indicates that as of September 2014, 71% of online adults are using Facebook. It also reveals that Facebook users are more politically engaged.

Information published by Facebook Newsroom reveals that there are “934 million mobile daily active users on average for December 2015.”

In 2014, WhatsApp that has now over 900 million registered users of which 900 million are active users was acquired by Facebook.

More than 300,000,000 photos are being uploaded per day to Facebook by users.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, reported that users view more than 4 billion videos daily.

Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, reported that “75% of those video views occur on mobile devices.”

A study by Syncapse found out that 49% of the 2,000 survey respondents cited that the reason they become fans on Facebook is to support the brand they like, while 41% of the respondents said that they wanted to receive regular updates from brands they like.

Becoming Brand Fans On Facebook

Statistics by DMR shows that 33.8% of internet users in the U.S clicked a Facebook like button on blog posts they enjoyed reading.

DMR’s statistics also reveal that 26.7% clicked the Facebook share button on blog posts they enjoyed reading.

Do you realize now that you can’t ignore to use this social networking site?

12 Facebook Tactics That Drive More Traffic To Your Blog That Converts

Apart from creating the best Facebook posts, you’re going also to learn other simple tactics that you didn’t know.

They’re simple to use yet not so many bloggers are using them.

Use these 12 Facebook tactics so that you drive more traffic to your blog.

1.) Create A Facebook Fan Page

You want to use Facebook to drive traffic to your blog. One of the ways you can optimize your blog in the search engines is by creating a Facebook Fan Page for your blog.

For sure, you can drive organic traffic to your blog through your Facebook Fan Page.

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

The most important reason you should create a Facebook Fan Page is that you’re going to use it to gather vital information. You’ll then use that information to create your campaigns.

How To Create A Facebook Fan Page For Your Blog

Before you create a Fan Page for your blog, the first step you should take is to create your Facebook account if you haven’t created one yet.

After you create an account, the next step is to log in to your Facebook account.

From your account, click the setting gear. From the drop-down options that will be shown, click on Create Page.

You’ll have these six options to select from.

Options To Create FacebookFanPage

Select the option you prefer that suits your blog.

As an example, let’s select “Local Business or Place.”

Click it and this page will be displayed after few seconds.

Local Business or Place

The next step is to fill all the information. Here you should all the information you’re asked.

Next step, click get started.

You’ll be directed to this page.

Facebook Fan Page Profile

5 Tips For Creating A Facebook Fan Page For Your Blog

I.) About

The information you write here is going to show up in the search engine results. In fact, it is the one that is going to optimize your blog in the search engines.

More important, the information you write will tell Facebook users what your Fan Page is all about.

Fill in the category that is appropriate for your blog.

You’re given 155 characters to use. Tell people what your blog is all about. Give Facebook users a reason why they should visit your blog and also become your fan.

Fill in the URL of your blog.

Fill in the name of your blog to be the Facebook address for your Fan Page. This way, people will easily associate your Facebook Fan Page with your blog. It will also optimize your blog in the search engines.

II.) Profile Picture

The profile picture you should upload to your Facebook Fan Page should increase brand awareness for your blog.

Upload the logo of your blog to be the profile picture.

When you publish content to your Facebook Fan Page, Your blog’s logo will be displayed as an icon.

III.) Add To Favorites

Here you just click “Add To Favorites” button.

You can skip this option if you don’t want to add to your favorites.

IV.) Preferred Page Audience

This is the option where you’ll connect to people. The people you would most like to connect with.

You can skip this option.

V.) Improve Your Facebook Fan Page

Once the Facebook Fan Page for your blog is created, you should edit it so that you add a cover photo, contact information and a call to action.

Upload the logo of your blog to be the cover photo.

Add contact information to make it possible for people to contact you.

The Facebook Fan Page for your blog should have a call to action. It is the one that will get clicked by people viewing your Facebook Fan Page so that they take an action that you want them to take.

Convert Facebook users to be your blog’s subscribers by using a call to action button.

This is how you’ll drive traffic to your blog using your blog’s Facebook Fan Page.

2.) Make Sure You Have Shareable Content On Your Blog

The fact is people are willing to share content they have enjoyed reading on blogs with their friends, colleagues, relatives or other people they know.

One way to drive more traffic to your blog is by making your content sharable on the social media sites.

How are you going to do this?

By creating the kind of content that people will find it difficult to resist sharing on the Facebook and other social networking sites.

Content that is sharable is the one that:

I.) Tells an interesting story. The story is entertaining to read.

II.) Teaches people how on to do something. It promises a benefit.

III.) Appeals to people’s emotions.

IV.) Engages people.

V.) Creates curiosity.

VI.) Is easy to skim.

You should also know that controversial content tends to be shared several times on Facebook. It spreads very fast like wildfire.

3.) Add Facebook Share Button

You should make it easy for people to share your blog posts by adding a Facebook sharing button to your blog posts.

When people share your blog posts on Facebook from your blog, they’re spreading an e-word-of-mouth about your blog and its content.

As they share your blog posts, they’re driving more traffic to your blog.

4.) Always Include A Hashtag

In 2013, Facebook had announced that it was introducing clickable hashtags in order to help Facebook users to follow topics they’re interested in.

When you’re creating the best Facebook posts, you should ensure that you include a hashtag that is relevant to the topic of your posts.

Your content will reach the people its targeting when you include a hashtag in your posts. This is how you should get your best Facebook posts read by many people.

Some of the people reading your best Facebook posts will click-through to your blog.

Always use hashtags to drive traffic to your blog.

5.) Use Facebook Groups

There are many Facebook groups with members who are very active.

Facebook groups are online communities that people join to have a discussion and on the process they get help from members.

Join relevant Facebook groups as a tactic to drive more traffic to your blog.

You can even start a Facebook group for your blog. Use it to grow your blog’s audience.

You should be active participating in topics that group members are discussing. Ask group members questions that will make them to ponder for answers.

If you find that your blog post will provide more clarity to a topic that people are disagreeing on, then you should share it. Group members will click the link to read that blog post.

6.) Use Facebook Advertisements

You shouldn’t ignore to use Facebook Adverts. It is the best tactic you should use to drive traffic to your blog. Facebook Adverts will drive traffic to your blog very fast.

The good thing about using Facebook Adverts is that you tailor your campaigns to meet the interests of the right people you’re targeting.

Your Facebook Fan Page should provide you with insight information. The information will help you to know how you should tailor your advertisements.

As such, you can create advertisements that are targeting people by age, sex, location, interests etc. This makes your advertisements to be relevant.

For instance, from our Facebook Fan Page insight information, I know that I should target more men than women.

Bloglingo Data

From the above statistics, you can see that 81% men like our Facebook Fan Page while 19% of fans are women.

With Facebook Adverts, you won’t deliver an advertisement that people don’t want to see.

Another good thing about Facebook Adverts is that you can easily reach people who access Facebook using their mobile phones and tablets. More than 900 million people visit Facebook each day using their mobile phones and tablets.

When you’re creating your advertisements, ensure that you include a call to action. It should not cause people to lose interest.

When AdRoll Company did ran campaigns with a call to action buttons on Facebook, they found out that advertisements with a call to action button received higher click-through rate compared to advertisements that didn’t have a call to action button.

Facebook Adverts

Although advertisers preferred using “Shop Now” call to action button, the “Learn More” call to action button did perform better.

7.) Email Your Facebook Fans

The best way to convert your Facebook fans into buyers and customers is by sending them a message to inform them updates about your offers.

It’s not by accident that people decided to be your Fans on Facebook.

The reasons people become your fans on Facebook is because they either want to support your brand since they like it or they want to receive regular updates from you.

How To Get Email Addresses From Your Facebook Fans

There is a way you can use to get the email addresses from fans. For instance, you can:

I.) Request them to give you their email addresses.

II.) Direct them to download your free digital product. They must fill in their email address in order to download the free digital product.

III.) Direct them to a page in your blog from where they’ll subscribe your blog.

Always update your Facebook fans with news about your products and new offers.

8.) Post A Survey

One way you can use to drive more traffic to your blog is by asking your Facebook fans to participate in your survey.

Facebook users will love to share their opinions when they’re requested to do so.

There are applications like fbsurvey.co you can use to create a survey and publish it to your Facebook Fan Page.

Once the survey is complete, you can then inform your fans to visit your blog to view the results. Of course, you’re going to give them more information based on the results of the survey.

You’ll analyze the results of the survey, bringing out its implications.

9.) Post Interesting Videos

This is another powerful tactic that you can use to drive more traffic to your blog using Facebook.

The reality is that each day more than 4 billion videos are viewed on Facebook. The 75% of those views happen on mobile devices.

Of course, people want to view videos on Facebook that are short, entertaining and inspiring.

This is where you need to be very creative in creating videos that will get shared many times on Facebook.

Tell interesting stories on Facebook using videos.

For sure, you’ll always have something interesting that you can turn into a video that is relevant to the topic you’re blogging about.

Below is an example of a video that had gone viral on Facebook.

Dog Teaching Baby How To Jump!

Dog Teaches A Child How To Jump

If for example the topic you’re blogging is about dogs, you can create an interesting video just like the above video that was posted to Facebook by Willy Foo.

Notice that this video has received more than 17 million views.

The title you use for your video matters a lot. Make sure that you use titles that create curiosity in people to click the video.

10.) Post Quotes From Experts In Your Niche

Connect with your audience in a way that inspires them and also advices them.

You’re not just going to post plain text quotes on Facebook and wait for people to start clicking through to your blog. They’ll never click-through.

There is more you should do for you to drive traffic to your blog from Facebook using this tactic.

You’re going to customize your quotes.

Look for inspiring quotes from experts in your niche or influential people in your industry.

You should then write the quotes on pictures that will capture the attention of people.

Link the quotes you post on Facebook to your blog posts that are relevant.

The pictures you use should be interesting enough to make people click-through to your blog.

It’s all about you being creative to customize quotes that inspire people while advising them so that you drive traffic to your blog using Facebook.

11.) Engage Your Fans

For you to drive more traffic to your blog through your Facebook Fan Page, you should engage your fans.

You should be an active Facebook user.

4 Ways To Engage Your Facebook Fans

The following are four ways you can use to engage your Fans on Facebook.

I.) Ask Questions

The best way to start a conversational with a person is by asking him or her a question.

But you’re not going to ask a question that will make your fans to feel intimidated. Avoid asking questions that will invade the privacy of your fans.

Ask questions your fans in a way that is friendly.

Here is an example how Coca-Cola Company engaged their fans during Christmas by asking them this question.

Coca Cola Advert

Ask questions that will encourage your fans to engage with each other and also with you.

When you ask questions your fans, you’re likely to learn more information about them like their interests.

II.) Comment On Your Fans’ Profile Updates

Another way you can use to engage your fans is by posting comments on their Facebook profile updates.

Let your fans know that you read their Facebook updates.

When you comment on the updates posted by your fans, you’re likely to influence them to visit your blog. Some of your fans will even subscribe to your blog or purchase the products you’re selling.

III.) Post Engaging Images

According to an article written by Rebecca Corliss that is published by Hubspot, Facebook posts with photos attract 104% more comments, they receive 53% more likes and they also receive 84% more link clicks compared to average Facebook post.

Facebook Posts With Photos

Note that, “The average post included text, link, and photo posts. Text and link posts are those published through the “Status” option on a page’s composer. They can take the form of text-only posts or link-based posts that pull in an image thumbnail.”

By posting images that attract the attention of your fans, you’ll engage your fans. Some of your fans will share your images, comment on your images and like your images.

In the process, you’ll grow your blog’s audience.

IV.) Post Political Opinions

You’ll always come across political news in your industry or the niche your blog is targeting.

A study has revealed that politics engages Facebook users.

You’ll engage your fans more by posting satirical political pictures.

You should find political topics that are trending on Facebook so that you comment on them. Such topics will help you to gain exposure for your blog since the logo of your blog will be shown as an icon alongside the comments you post.

Some of the Facebook users will become your fans when they read your comments you have published on topics trending on Facebook.

12.) Post On Facebook A Free Stuff

Companies that acquire new customers understand that every person wants something for free.

It is a tactic that you should use to create the best Facebook posts that will drive more traffic to your blog.

Give your fans on Facebook a free stuff that they can download right away from your blog.

Some of your fans are likely to tell other people they know to visit your blog to download the digital product you’re giving away for free.

Use your blog’s Facebook Fan Page to offer something of value, whether it is a trial version of your product, an ebook or a discount coupon that allows your fans to get a good deal on a product.

Conclusion On How To Create The Best Facebook Posts

This is all about content marketing and Facebook is one of the best ways to take the content you have published on your blog to the right people who need it most.

By using your blog’s Facebook fan page to post the best Facebook posts that contain interesting and valuable information related to the product or service your blog is marketing, then you’re educating people that your blog is targeting and they’ll be inspired in such a way that they’re compelled to share your content with others.

Keep in mind that the best Facebook posts that are interesting at the same time educating people are the ones that get shared most.

How to create the best Facebook posts

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