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Did you know that more than 90% of online entrepreneurs who start a side hustle to earn extra money online fail within their first 120 days?

So why is it that so many small businesses fail within a short time frame? Well, I'm glad you asked. There could be hundreds of reasons, but for the sake of time...

  • The top three reasons why new online businesses fail are:
  • 1. Scarcity of tools and resources.
  • 2. Lack of entrepreneurial mindset.
  • 3. Insufficient skill set and experience.

Online businesses are very competitive and require a unique set of knowledge, skills, and experience to succeed. Like any other brick-and-mortar business, they also need top-notch tools, resources, and workforce. 

7 Timeless Business Principles Every Online Entrepreneur Need To Know About Today

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In the modern digital era, bloggers, freelancers, affiliate marketing work from home moms and dads, and other independent small business owners face a unique set of online challenges.

The changing digital environment demands that you keep pace, adapt to new systems and technology, and the need to innovate to remain solvent in an increasingly competitive digital marketplace.

Building a successful business is feasible for anyone willing to dedicate the effort necessary to succeed while following timeless entrepreneurship principles that lead to long-term growth.

Although the business world is continuously evolving, the same 7 business principles outlined below have consistently created market leaders throughout modern history. 

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Balance Good Ideas With Relevant Actions
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Balance Good Ideas With Relevant Actions

Experienced business owners and beginners alike need to be effective in balancing good ideas with relevant actions. Flawed online business opportunities will produce undesired outcomes when put into action.

It is also true that a great business idea that is not being implemented or put into action will again fail to deliver results. 

The goal here is to implement the 80/20 rule. 

Use your time wisely pursuing income-generating activities worth your time. Always delegate other types of work to specialists or freelancers.

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Learn, Adapt, Change, and Innovate

The willingness to learn, improve, and change is an essential core skill to adapt to a rapidly changing online environment.

Online entrepreneurs must be open to learning new ways and have the willingness to get rid of old tools, habits, and systems. 

For example, increasing return on investments may require that the business owner start tracking customer engagements over time, using new tools, various marketing and sales funnels, and a unique skill set.

Learn, Adapt, Change, and Innovate
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Effective Time Management Skills

Learn Effective Time Management Skills

Business management skills come with practice. 

Understanding the value of time also requires a considerable amount of time to learn about time management skills. 

Effective time management requires patience and commitment.

Many small business owners seek to achieve a particular outcome within a specific time frame based on an unrealistic assumption of what is required to complete a particular milestone.

Intelligent time management helps one reach their goals faster by learning how to manage the time necessary to complete a specific plan.

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Create a Small Business Plan

Create a Small Business Plan

Plan for the long haul. 

The purpose of short-term goals is to get to the long haul.

A small business plan will give you the perspective necessary to stay in business regardless of the current ups and downs for any given business cycle. 

For instance, in an online business, a small business plan will include a marketing plan that involves driving high-quality traffic to a website. The marketing plan accounts for SEO practices, customer outreach, and website sales funnels.

Planning can also mean that you have a backup system if your online business comes under a financial strain when your product or offer does not convert into sales.

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Define a Successful Outcome

Success for a small online business is likely to have a different definition than the one used by a multi-national corporation. 

It's beautiful to define your idea of a successful business in terms of your business type, processes involved, and your desired outcomes.

Some business owners are solely concerned with the outcome instead of the processes used to get to the outcome result itself.

For example, the ratio of income-to-expenses is a solid indicator of the business's financial condition, but that might not be the only marker for a new online business that may incur high expenses and little to no income.

A well-established entrepreneur may have a high income-to-expense ratio, but the owner may have less time available for family time, pursuing hobbies, or other interests. 

Time and money often compete for the top priority spot for new and successful digital entrepreneurs, so it's critical to understand what level of value you give to each to define what a successful outcome means to you.

Define a Successful Outcome
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Stay Connected In Your Niche Market

Stay Connected In Your Niche Market

Over time, there is a tendency for online entrepreneurs to become detached from the audience and customers in their respective niches.

Automation makes it possible for successful entrepreneurs to set up online sales funnels and marketing campaigns that are easy to walk away from after testing, fine-tuning, and refining. 

Serious business professionals need to be aware of this trend and take a proactive approach to stay in contact with their niche market. 

Customers in any given niche are often eager to express their views and opinions of a product or service when given the opportunity. 

It’s up to the savvy businessperson to identify existing, new, and missed opportunities by listening to customer feedback and staying engaged in their respective niche market. 

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Iterate and Track Improvements

Iterate and Track Improvements 

Every time something goes wrong with your business, this becomes a significant opportunity to make improvements. 

Iteration is a principle that requires you to identify a particular problem and create an action plan that will address the issue directly. 

For example, if you suddenly realize that your email marketing campaigns have inconsistent messaging, the problem will not go away just because you’ve become aware of its existence. 

You have to follow through with a corrective course of action to get the results you want to see. 

You might want to understand what caused the problem initially; addressing the source will prevent the same problem from appearing later. 

  • Find a niche market,
  • Provide high value,
  • Become irreplaceable.

Finally, you have to keep repeating this procedure. 

Sometimes you might have to learn a new skill. For instance, to be irreplaceable, you might first have to learn how to set up effective email campaigns and then practice and become very efficient in running profitable email campaigns.

In other cases, it might be wise to implement the 80/20 rule and hire a digital marketing agency or freelancer to solve and implement the underlying problem.

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The Internet is a powerful dynamic tool for getting news and information, education, entertainment, and working remotely.

It can also be an incredible way for digital entrepreneurs to manage or start a new side hustle that will earn extra cash on the Internet.

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